How To Type Special Characters, Emojis, Accents In Windows 10

If you are wondering how to write in Spanish using the Windows keyboard, you will find the solution here. Often we feel the need to check other symbols or languages but are not able to find them on our keyboards. But did you know that you will not require any of the translators online but use the Windows PC? Here in this post, we will tell you how to use the Windows keyboard symbols functions. Along with the Accent shortcuts on Windows which is unknown to many but widely useful.

How To Type Special Characters, Emojis, Accents In Windows 10

There are several Windows keyboard shortcuts which are not commonly used. In this article, we will tell you how to use them and to find out how to use Spanish accents on Windows. Let’s begin with the use of these inbuilt tools and settings on Windows computers.

1. Character Map

Microsoft comes with multiple useful features on Windows. You might not have heard its name before, but you surely will love to use symbols from keyboard on computer with its help. It’s easier to locate the signs and symbols rather than searching from the fonts. Character Map is a utility tool and comes inbuilt on your system. It can be used to enter special characters on your documents, web pages etc.

To open it, go to Start Menu and type Character Map on the search bar and press Enter. Open it from the search results.

character map in windows 10, accent shortcuts windows

When the Character Map opens, you will see several symbols on the small tab. It includes Font which can be changed with the drop-down list.
character map drop down list in windows, symbols from keyboard on computer

It can be used to copy any symbol; you need to look for it from the list and double click on it or click on Select.

Once the desired symbols are entered, you can click on Copy to use them elsewhere.
desired symbols in windows, Spanish accents on windows

You can now paste it with CTRL + V command on the desired document. This is a handy tool as it contains several symbols for different languages.

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If it gets overwhelming for you to look through the pool of symbols, use the Search for the tool. Type the special character’s name or a word depicting it. For example, we have used the Delta, and upon pressing Enter, we will get the results.

search for the tool in windows, accent shortcuts windows

These can be a great help for the people who are writing scientific equations, papers on physics, mathematics. The tutorials or the documentation can be done quickly with these special characters on Windows.

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2. Touch Keyboard

To open a Touch Keyboard, the easiest way is to pin in on your Taskbar. For that, you will be required to check the Show Touch Keyboard button on Taskbar. Right-click on the Taskbar and the options will appear and then, click on the option. The Touch keyboard icon will appear on the right corner of the screen on Taskbar.
show touch keyboard button, type special characters windows

Click on the icon to open it. A large bar will appear on your screen which can be used in case of hardware troubles with the keyboard. The virtual keyboard will be on a large portion of the screen, making it easier to type.
large portion in screen, symbols from keyboard on computer in windows

Now, follow these steps to use the keyboard for typing the accent shortcuts on Windows.

  1. Here you can press the key longer on a letter, and it will show you the accented letters. One can select from them, and this is how you can type Spanish Accents on Windows.
    type Spanish Accents on Windows
  2. Symbols from a keyboard on a computer can be used by hovering the mouse over the bottom-left key.
    hovering the mouse over the bottom-left key in windows 10
  3. Click on the emoji bar to add the emoji from your keyboard on Windows.
    add the emoji from your keyboard on Windows

You can explore a lot that can be done with the help of the touch keyboard.

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Wrapping up

Windows offers several features which are lesser-known but very useful. Delight yourself with this newly learnt way and use Spanish accents on Windows now. It can be anything from symbols from the keyboard on computer or Windows keyboard shortcuts with a Character map.

We hope this article will be helpful to understand how to type special characters in Windows, accents Windows shortcuts. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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