How to Setup & Use Parental Controls on Windows 10

Setting up parental controls can be very beneficial when you want to keep your child safe from the digital world. Before giving your children access to use the Windows system, make sure to enable Parental Controls Settings to safeguard their systems. Wondering how to do that? Well, you don’t need to press a lot of keys & navigate to several options. Just simply configure the Parental Controls on your PC and restrict different types of applications, websites, and content they can use, browse, or are allowed to visit. Setting up Parental Controls on Windows 10 also lets you monitor the time they can spend while using the PC. Additionally, you can have detailed reports of their device activities without any hassles.

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What can windows 10 perental control do for you

Wondering How Parental Controls Windows 10 Can Help You?

Well, there are multiple reasons how Windows 10 can be a useful tool to monitor your child’s online activity without any hassles.

  • Set up multiple accounts for your children & track their online activities via Administrator account.
  • Keep a check on their browsing history & what type of content they’re consuming.
  • You can block inappropriate websites & apps.
  • Lets your children access the PC with limited and selected privileges.
  • Set time limits to make sure your kids use the system for a limited duration.
  • Manage online purchase & spending limits.
  • You can also enable Xbox Parental Control Settings as well.

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how to create a child account in windows 10

Before Enabling Windows 10 Parental Controls, You Need To Create A Child Account

Well, activating Windows Parental Controls is quite straightforward. There are a few prerequisites, you need to keep in mind:

  1. You must be logged in to Windows with your Microsoft account (not with the local account)
  2. Have a separate child account for them, so that you can manage it with Windows Parental Controls

After setting up a dedicated child account, you are all set to enable & use Windows 10 Parental Controls via Microsoft Family web portal. Follow the straightforward method to start managing your child’s Windows system usage.

STEP 1- Enter your credentials to log into Microsoft Family.

STEP 2- Go to the Start menu & choose Settings.              

STEP 3- When Windows settings open, head towards the Accounts and from the left panel, select Family & Other Users.

STEP 4- From the same window, you need to select Add a Family Member option. If you haven’t already created a Microsoft account for your kid, a window pop-up should pop-up.

Before Enabling Windows 10 Parental Controls

STEP 5- Now hit the ‘Add a Child’ option and select ‘The Person I Want To Add Doesn’t Have An Email Address”. If your kid does have an Email Id, you can enter it or click the Skip button.

STEP 6- From the Let’s Create An Account, you need to type the required details such as Email Account details, password, country, and so on. Hit the Next button and Confirm the process.

As soon as the Parental Controls for Windows 10/8/7 are set up, you’ll receive a notification.

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how to manage parental controls for windows10

Activate Parental Control Windows 10 Settings

After you’ve successfully added your Kid’s Windows account for configuring the Parental Controls Settings. Now it’s the time to personalize them for better safety.  To do so, follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Click on the Manage Family Settings to enable the Parental Controls Windows 10.

STEP 2- Turn on the ‘Activity Reporting’ option, enabling this will help you get alerts for your child’s online activities on your email account.

Activate Parental Control Windows 10 SettingsSTEP 3- You can see several options on the Activity page such as Website Blocking, Managing Purchasing, Screen Time, and so on.

You Can Configure The Following Windows 10 Parental Control Settings:

  1. When you open the Website Blocking option, you can check out the detailed report of your child’s online activity & from the same window; you can block unsuitable websites.
  2. From the same window, you can locate the option to block inappropriate content. Here you just need to toggle on the option to make sure your child doesn’t get exposed to unsuitable content while surfing.

Windows 10 Parental Control Settings

  1. A separate option is also presented to block specific website URLs that you do not want your child to access.
  2. Want to apply certain restrictions to using inappropriate applications or other useless content, then head towards the Apps, Games & Media

Windows 10 Parental Control Settings

  1. You can also take advantage of the option that allows you to set a certain age for apps & media downloads.
  2. To set up screen time on Windows 10, you can activate the Screen Time option by toggling on the button from the same window. Just set the time duration & PC usage for your child.

Windows 10 Parental Control Settings

  1. Well, you can even monitor & control the spending limit for online purchases. Wondering how? Head towards the purchase & spending
  2. Lastly, you can monitor and control Xbox Privacy You can certainly set whether your child can see other’s Xbox Live profiles, view, share or use videos on Xbox Live and more.


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