How To Use Parental Control On iOS 12

When iOS 11 came, a lot of features were introduced. Some of the changes were appreciated and some were criticized. It was reported that parents expected to get more control over their kid’s iPhone use.

Apple takes care of its customers and this time with iOS 12, it will give better parental control on iPhone to manage kids’ screen time and more.

If you want to manage your kids’ screen time and keep a track of what your kid is up to while using iPhone, read on!

In this post, we will talk about how to control Screen Time, App Limits, and Downtime with new iPhone parental controls.

Let’s get started!

Screen Time:

Screen Time enables you to get your iPhone’s usage complete analysis. You get the information such as app usage on daily basis along with the usage time. The information is displayed in a dashboard. On the dashboard, app type, most used apps, normal use time, pass bedtime usage, longest sessions and more.

Screen Time also has digital health utility which you can monitor on your iPhone. The analysis will be synchronized on both kids’ and parents’ iPhone so that you can keep an eye on usage.

In addition to this, Screen Time enables you to select which apps your kid can use. From the Screen Time settings, you can choose “Always Allow”. You can create a list of permitted applications from your kid’s iPhone. You can add or remove the items anytime you want.

Well, this is not the only way you manage your kid’s phone usage, with iOS 12, you get two more options, let’s have a look!


Whether it’s your kid or someone else, we forget the limits & time as we get hooked on our smartphone, disturbing the daily routine.

With iOS 12, you get to control and manage when your kid should stop using their iPhone and off to bed. Downtime is the feature that could be used to prevent your kid from using all or some applications and functions on their iPhone.

The feature is similar to Do Not Disturb. You can adjust the starting and ending time limit for Downtime. When Downtime is enabled, the kid can only access the apps that you approve and also for a set time. To stop your kid from accessing an app, you need to tap “Block At Downtime”. You can also prevent your kid from using iPhone throughout Downtime. If they need more time, they need to seek permission before accessing the iPhone. All these settings can be found under Screen Time with the heading “Downtime”.

App Limits

iOS 12 brings App Limits which keeps a check on your child’s iPhone activity. You can set a daily usage limit for your child’s applications to ensure they don’t use an app more than the allocated time. As they reach their set time, they will get a notification that they are reaching their time limit. So that if they are in a group chat on Facebook, they can wrap it up on time.

Once they have exceeded the usage limit, a blank screen will come up to remind you that the kid has reached the daily usage limit.

You can set App limits from Screen Time. You modify the limit and monitor the number of times your kid has crossed the limit. This feature will keep your kids’ usage in check and prevent from getting distracted from the real world.

So, these are parental controls on iPhone that benefits the parents and helps them scrutinize what their kids are up to. This will also help the parents protect their kids from social media evil.

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