How To Use Netflix Parental Controls On My Account?

Netflix is one such platform that is loaded with TV shows, movies and a plethora of their originals. Who doesn’t want so much entertainment? And this is why kids are also dragging their attention towards here. Though various profiles are created in the beginning so every assigned user can choose their own set of contents, an in-built setting can again be used for further modifications.

Even before any show begins, a user has been acknowledged its genre like Violence, 12+, etc. but it is again parents’ responsibility to manage the accounts their kids are using. This is why we are focusing on Netflix parental controls here.Netflix Genre

 How To Setup Netflix Parental Controls (Step by Step)?

If you want to setup Netflix parental control on a particular profile, follow the steps mentioned below.

 Step 1: Log in to the account by entering your credentials. You will find all the profiles on the screen.


Netflix Login


Step 2: Select ‘Manage Profiles’ from the screen. Once done, you will find the edit tool on each. Select the one you want to put Netflix parental control. (For example, I am choosing second one or Akshay’s profile)

Netflix Profiles

Step 3: Scroll ‘Allowed TV programs and films and find options like ‘For Toddlers Only’, ‘For older children and younger’, ‘For teens and below’ and ‘All maturity level’. Select the one which suits your child the best.

Netflix profiles 2


Step 4: Alternatively, you can also find ‘Child?’ on the right of your profile’s name. Child here means ‘Only TV programs and films for children below 12 and under are available’.

Step 5: After selecting the appropriate range for your kid, select ‘Save’. And the profile is rigged with Netflix’s parental settings.

NOTE: The main account does not offer so many Netflix parental control options. You will not be able to find ‘Kid’ here. Only ‘All maturity levels’ and ‘For teens and below’ are present in the section. As per Netflix, you can “preserve access to your account page”.

Maturity level netflix


How To Setup Netflix Parental Controls? (Using PIN)

The above method revolved around Netflix’s parental settings for a particular profile but if you want to settle the whole system with a secure PIN, Netflix has the same facility for you. For the same, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Netflix account and reach the main screen.


Netflix Login


Step 2: Login to the main account and check the top right-hand side where your name is mentioned. Click on it and select ‘Your Account’ from the drop-down.

Step 3: Here, choose Parental Control under the Setting option.

Netflix Parental Control

Step 4: The next step will ask you to re-enter your password.

Parental control


Step 5: Once you re-enter the password, create a PIN. Click on Save. And it’s done! Click on the green ball below that decides the maturity level wanted.

Netflix control

Setting PIN

NOTE: Right below the PIN, you can find the protection level with the division of Toddlers, Older Children, Teens, and Adults.

You can also Restrict Specific titles as well by entering programs that you don’t want to come into your suggestions list.


Netflix Parental Control has become a new essential to the modern world. If you need extra support for the case, parental control software totally supports you. Do you need another tip?

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Porn block plus

Save your kids from exploring explicit content now, be it Netflix or other URLs they search on Safari!

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