How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation In Windows PC

Blog Summary – Do you also struggle with regular hard disk defragmentation? Read the blog to find out how we can schedule disk defragmentation for the Windows PC.

We often forget to run important tasks on the computer and one of them is disk defragmentation. In turn, it shows negative effects as it slows down the computer’s speed and performance. This is not favorable for the users and thus, we came up with a solution for you. Why not schedule a task to defragment the hard drive on a Windows PC? To do so, we will use Disk Speedup – a powerful tool used for Windows maintenance.

What is Defragmentation?

Defragmentation or defrag is a process that helps the data organize properly on the hard drive disk. This will benefit the computer to run the processes and commands at a faster rate. As the call to action will be performed quickly and the files and applications will open immediately. When a hard disk drive is filled with data, it often gets space in a jumbled fashion. This makes the time to open a file longer and often results in slowing the computer.

What is a disk defragmenter?

A tool that is used for defragmentation is called a disk defragmenter. It must have the capabilities to perform the task properly to organize the data on the hard drive. Windows comes with its pre-installed tool for this purpose but we use another to get more out of it. One of the best disk defragmenter software is Disk Speedup, and we are going to use it in this demonstration.

Disk Speedup is a useful utility for Windows as it can remove junk files, defrag computers and improve its performance. It consists of multiple tools to perform these actions. One of the features is scheduling the disk defragmentation. It can easily recover space by removing the junk, duplicate files, and bad sectors of the hard drive. This helps in removing the factors responsible for the lags, slow speed, and data loss.

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How to Schedule Disk Defragmentation In Windows PC

Using Disk speedup, you can easily schedule the task on your Windows PC. It will automatically run a scan for the hard drive as mentioned by the user at the set time. Make a choice from daily or weekly or just one for setting the automatic schedule.

Following the steps below you can schedule disk defragmentation –

Step 1: Download Disk Speedup from its official website or the download button given below-

Step 2: Run the downloaded file and give the necessary permissions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Launch Disk Speedup.

Disk Speedup

Step 4: Go to the Options tab.

Disk Speedup

Step 5: Click on Schedule from the left pane.

Disk Speedup

Note: You can only use the Scheduling feature with the full version of Disk Speedup. This requires you to make a purchase and get a license key to use it.

Step 6: Now, make your selection from the following – Set a schedule, Select schedule type, Select Date & Time, Select the drive to scan. This can be added as per your choice, mostly recommended for the time when you are not using your computer for work.

Now, click on the Apply button and you are done.

As mentioned by you, Disk Speedup will run a scan for the hard drive and disk defragmentation at the given date and time. It will help you to run your computer faster and the driver performance will also improve.

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Wrapping up –

This is the simplest way possible to schedule a time to defragment a hard drive on a Windows PC. Disk Speedup is the most efficient tool to be used for the Windows PC for the defragmentation process. Its features are useful for all of its users as it can automatically defrag PC for you. Plus, the schedule option helps you to run the process regularly Try it now for your computer, get it from the download button given below –

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