How To Recover Space On Your Computer with Disk Speed Up?

Digital Storage Space is one thing that we are all short of! No matter how many hard drives you purchase or collect different pen drives, there is always a dearth of storage space. Struck by this universal problem, I decided to find a resolution for this other than buying more storage devices and came across Disk SpeedUp. This is an application that is promoted as a maintenance tool for Windows but in reality, it helps to free up space on your hard disk that you never knew was unnecessarily occupied. Let us embark on a journey on how to find disk space on Windows 10 with Disk Speedup.

How Does Disk Speedup Work on Windows PC

Disk Speedup is an amazing application developed by Systweak Software that acts as a maintenance tool for your Windows OS. It is easy to use and improves the speed and performance of your PC. Here are some of the modules of Disk Speedup that will explain how to find space and recover space that was occupied without your knowledge.



The Defragmentation module of Disk Speedup helps you to defrag your hard disk. This process, in simple words, helps to collect all the empty clusters in your hard drive and place them together. This frees up empty clusters blocked among large chunks of data and allows you to store data on them. Hence you can recover space that could have been utilized but as blocked.

Defragmentation also decreases the loading time of the apps and improves speed as all the related data is now moved from its original locations and placed closely.

Junk Removal

Junk Removal

The Junk Removal tool in the Disk Speedup tool is another important method to recover space. It assists the user to remove the junk files (cache, cookies, files used during installation), temporary files (files created while the app is operational), and Empty folders (created for a purpose but discarded later). Once these files and folders are removed, users gain the storage space that was once consumed by them. By eliminating these files, the speed and performance of your computer improve automatically.

Duplicate files

The next module of Disk Speedup helps to find duplicate files on your computer and delete them. There is no point in maintaining multiple copies of the same file. Users do not purposefully create these multiple copies but rather are created by apps that do not use the original files as a precautionary measure and create duplicates of all the files they use. This helps in recovering the massive space occupied by duplicate files.

Hard Disk Issues

Hard disk

The final module of Disk Speedup helps fix bad sectors on your hard disk and ensures that you do not lose your valuable data. This module does not help recover any space but is equally important as it ensures your files are not lost due to hard disk issues.

How To Recover Space On Your Computer with Disk Speed Up?

Now that you know how Disk Speedup can recover space on your Windows PC, it is time to learn about the quick and simple steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download and Install Disk Speedup from the button provided below:


Step 2: Once installed, click on the Start Scan Now button to begin disk defragmentation,


Step 3:  Now click on the Clean tab on the top and check the boxes next to Junk Files, Temporary Files, and empty folders. Then click on the Clean System button on the right bottom corner.


Step 4: Now click on the next tab labeled as Duplicate Files and then click on Select Location Now button. Choose the folders you suspect of containing duplicate files.

Duplicate Files

Congratulations, with your drive defragmented, duplicates removed and junk files cleaned, you now have the free storage space that you owned but never had.

The Final Word On How To Recover Space On Your Computer with Disk Speed Up?

The Disk Speedup is a remarkable tool that comes under the category of must-have tools for your Windows PC. Disk Defragmenter increases the life of your HDD, cleaning junk files helps to speed up your system and by deleting the duplicate files, your computer will have fewer files to process and thus increase performance. In other words, these three tasks not only help you gain storage space but also help in other indirect benefits. Hence, Disk cleanup is one software you should immediately opt for. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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