Different Junk or Temp Files You Can Consider Deleting

You should clean Junk files time to time to maintain optimum system performance. Basically, junk/temporary files are created by programs or processes to store values or information temporarily while a task is being completed. This is a continuous process which can create large number of junk/temporary files that occupies much space on your system. However, some users are not aware of files which can be considered as junk or temporary.

Here, you will see the files which you should consider for deletion regularly.

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What are different junk files types which you can delete?

All the files which are created by some process and further if these files do not required any more on computer, then it should be considered as junk files. Different operations which are performed in PC creates some temporary files, however, they are created at different locations and by different process. So here you will know about the junk files which you can consider for deletion.

1. Thumbnails


Thumbnails are basically created to get the fast image preview, therefore, you can consider it for deletion. However, it will be recreated once you again open the images on your PC. So, you can delete the thumbnails if you have a powerful computer but low on space. Else if you have slow PC then you can leave it, as while again accessing images it will add extra process in system to recreate thumbnails, which can slow the PC for some time.

2. Temporary Internet files

Temporary Internet files

Temporary Internet files are created by websites which are accessed on a web browser, this helps websites to get loaded quickly. However, they are just temporary files which are not used again once you end the session of internet browsing. So, this should be cleaned time to time.

3. Downloaded Program setup files

To install a program every user required of its installable setup file. However, after successful installation these program setup files are left behind on the system which are useless and should be deleted timely, which can save lot of space.

4. Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

When you delete any file by just pressing Delete button or by selecting Delete after right click, then that file gets moved to the recycle bin of your PC, this simply means that the file still occupies space on your system. Generally, users forget to delete files from Recycle bin, therefore, you should empty the Recycle Bin folder regularly.

5. Temporary Files

Temporary Files

Temporary files are most commonly known junk files of a computer which are created in Temp folder. They are created by applications to hold values temporarily for further processing. However, once you stop using application these temporary files still  remain on PC. Therefore, you should clean them regularly.

So, these are the most common junk file types which you can choose to delete regularly.

One Click Solution for Junk Cleaning

You may feel tired or bored while deleting junk files manually. So, you can clean the junk files as well as other errors like registry errors and malwares all together in one click by simply giving a try to Advanced System Optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer is all-in-one optimization suite that includes different modules to help you in get the best system performance. You can download it from here.

So, clean the junk files time to time, as it will not only save disk space but also improve system performance.

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