Can Windows 10 Explorer Help Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Are you struggling with a slow PC? Don’t have enough storage space?

Often, a lagging system is the result of too many unwanted files stored on the PC. But how do these files get into the computer?

Suppose you have a habit of saving everything on your system, and the chances of storing multiple copies of the same data rise. This not only clutters the system but also makes organizing data inconvenient. Hence, to help solve this problem in this write-up, we will explain how to search for duplicate files stored on your Windows 10. Moreover, we will also explain how you can find and delete duplicate music files, videos, photos, and more.

To learn all this, keep reading.

How To Find (and Remove) Duplicate Files In Windows 10

A computer throwing, low disk space message now and then, makes the simplest job feel like a real hassle. The most common reason for this is junk data and duplicate files. Hence, getting rid of clone copies, a replica of photos, videos, and more is important.

Deleting such data is not a problem but locating the files from tens of thousands of data stored on the system is challenging. Furthermore, as time passes differentiating between original and duplicate files becomes more complex.

Worried? Looking for a Quick Fix?

The easiest way to get rid of duplicates is to use Duplicate Files Fixer, our favorite tool that helps identify and remove duplicates in no time. Using this professional duplicate cleaning tool, you can scan folders saved on both internal and external storage. Moreover, the tool moves deleted duplicates in Recycle Bin giving you the chance to restore them (if required).

We like Duplicate Files Fixer because:

  • In just a few clicks scans added folder for duplicate content
  • Accurately detects clone copies for all file types
  • Uses advanced scan engine and intelligent algorithms to detect duplicate files
  • Automark feature to automatically select detected duplicates

In this post, we will discuss both manual and automatic ways to find and remove duplicate files on Windows 10.

How To Find Duplicate Content Using Windows Explorer?

You might wonder how to find duplicates with File Explorer. Over the years, Windows has been through many reinventions. The most refined version of it came out in 2015 – Windows 10. Utilizing its latest features and options, you can quickly identify duplicates and free up valuable space. To use them to find duplicate duplicates with File Explorer, keep the following points in mind.

  • Change View: To effortlessly find duplicate files, Windows Explorer 10 File Explorer provides a Preview pane and different viewing options –

Extra Large Icons

Large Icons

Medium Icons

Small Icons



Tiles, & Content

Using these options, you can sort data and determine duplicates.


  • Group by and Sort by Manually sifting through the files to know about duplicate data is not easy. Therefore, to simplify things and get information about identical or duplicate data, you can use Group by and Sort by option. This will arrange data by Name, Creation Date, Type, Ascending, Descending, and other categories.



  • Use Search Feature: If you know the filename or extension, this feature is your get-to-go option. Using it, you can easily look for the file with the extension or name. This way you can know if duplicate copies of the searched file exist or not.

search tools

That’s how you can easily locate duplicate content on Windows 10. But if you want to get rid of duplicate photos will File Explorer help?

How To Find Duplicate Photos Using File Explorer – Windows 10

Search Option

Like you used the search box to find specific files, similarly can use Windows Explorer’s search feature to find images.

Note: The built-in search feature on Windows 10 File Explorer is simple. However, you can use the Advanced Search option if you want to do some advanced search like scanning compressed files or by content.

Advanced Search option

This feature offers different customizable filters that will help find specific photos. Also, you can use the Kind option and other filters to get more detailed results.

kind option

This is a perfect way to find duplicate images and other repeated content stored on your Windows.

tipsAdditional Tip

How To Organize Images and Files on PC

  • Never save files or pictures on the desktop. The best way to organize data is to save them at the location where they belong right away. The same goes for the Download folder, when a file or image is downloaded, save them to where they belong. This helps keep data managed.
  • Sort files every week and never leave things for a later time.
  • Avoid creating too many files or folders as this results in file duplication. Try to save similar file types at one location.
  • Organize data by name, creation date, type, and other attributes.
  • Put files in one and images in one folder. Never save different file types in one folder, this creates confusion.

By keeping these things in mind, you can easily manage data and stop cluttering your system.

Quick and Effective Way to Find and Manage Duplicate files in Windows 10

With the Duplicate Files Fixer, you can search for duplicate files stored in the folders saved on both external and internal drives. This method is straightforward as the user just needs to add a location to scan and the tool takes care of the rest.

Let us understand how it works in a better way.

1.  Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer

2. Run the installed duplicate cleaner on your Windows

3. Click the Add Folder or Drag & Drop the files or folder to scan.

Add Folder

4. The added folder and files will appear in the left pane like this.


5. Now that all the desired folders are added click Scan for Duplicates and start the scanning process.

Scan for Duplicates

6. Wait for the process to finish

7. Once done, Duplicate Files Fixer will categorize them under different sections and groups. You can either click the All Files tab to see all the detected files or can click each section to preview and remove duplicate documents, photos, music, videos, and other files.

remove duplicate

8. You can now use the Automark feature to select duplicates to be deleted automatically. This will keep one copy in each group unchecked.

Automark feature

Note: Using Selection Assistant, you can decide how the Automark feature should work on your Windows machine.

Selection Assistant

9. Thereafter, click Delete Marked to remove selected duplicates from your Windows machine.

10. You’ll now get a warning message asking for confirmation. Click Yes to proceed. Selected duplicates will be moved to Recycle Bin if you have not changed the settings.


11. Wait for the process to finish.


You will then get a summary of scan results indicating duplicate files found, duplicate files deleted, and unique files retained.

duplicate files

That’s all you have removed duplicate data from your Windows machine.

Why Should You Use A Duplicate Files Fixer?

Certainly, you can find different duplicate cleaning utilities in the market, but we recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer due to the following benefits it offers:

  • Doesn’t discriminate between file types – This best duplicate cleaning tool scans your system for pictures, video, documents, archive files, and other repeated data.
  • No scanning limit – There’s no restriction on the file or folder size that can be scanned using Duplicate Files Fixer.
  • Advanced scan setting –Search for duplicate files based on creation date, modification date, size, etc. Also, you can exclude specific files from being scanned.
    Advanced scan setting
  • Automark duplicate files –Automatically selects detected duplicates for cleaning without making you wonder which to delete and which to keep.
  • Intuitive duplicate cleaner –Simple, easy-to-use software with tips to guide users at every step.
    Intuitive duplicate cleaner
  • Accurate identification –Lists duplicates accurately and shows a graph with a summary of file types detected in the right pane.Accurate identification
  • Multi-platform compatibility –Runs on all Windows Operating System, including Mac and Android

Still, thinking? Take the free trial of Duplicate Files Fixer and get rid of duplicate files in no time.

So, why waste time? Use this comprehensive and intelligent utility to remove unwanted files stored on your hard drive.

Get a Clutter-Free PC

Today, in this post, we discussed problems caused due to duplicate files and what can be done to remove them. It is possible to find duplicates with File Explorer on your computer. If you want to DIY, you can use Windows Explorer but remember, it is not the accurate way. Hence, if you want a concrete and effective way, use Duplicate Files Fixer – the ultimate solution to find and remove duplicates without any problem. This trusted utility works on Windows, Mac, and Android and helps recover storage space by deleting clone data.

We hope the article helped you learn how to find duplicates with file explorer. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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