What Is Disk Defragmentation And How Does It Work

Disk defragmentation is certainly a mystery for  novice Windows users. But it is considered as a the most important part of disk optimization. Some users hesitate to try because they doubt if it will help them or not.

If you are going to try disk defragmentation then there are plenty of things you should keep in mind. Make sure that you do not turn off the system during defragmentation and if there’s possibility of power failure then you should make sure that system gets uninterrupted power supply. But before proceeding further for disk defragmentation let us understand what is it and how it works.

What Is Disk Defragmentation?

If we go by meaning then fragmentation means breaking up. So, we can understand that Defragmentation means to fix the broken pieces of data or in other words we can say that organizing the un organized data is known as Defragmentation. If your hard disk will have well organized data on it then it will certainly perform well.

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Why Do We Need Defragmentation?

So far you have understood that what is disk defragmentation. So now why do we need it on our computers. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose there is a hard drive on which files one next to another. Now imagine you delete a 1-MB file which is in the middle neatly stored group of files. Now you attempt to save a 2-MB file on your hard drive. Your system will now look for free space to save the file. Now it will find 1 MB from the file you have recently deleted and look for another 1 MB block if there is another 1 MB block available then it will be broken into two pieces and if there are two blocks of .5 and .5 MB then it will be broken into 3 pieces and so on. When next time you try to run the file saved into pieces your computer may respond slow because it takes time to combine pieces of the file. So, we can understand that defragmentation is required to ensure smooth and fast function of your computer.

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How Can You Defragment Your Disk?

There are some ways by which you can manually defrag your hard drive. We are listing two simple methods here.

  1. Type defragmentation in the start menu search box and open defragmentation tool. After this choose your operating system drive (Mostly C) and click on “defragment disk”. This will analyze your disk and defragment it.
    disk fragmentation program

Schedule defragmentation2. You can directly right click on the drive which you want to defragment from Windows explorer and navigate to properties then click on Tools tab you will find Defragment now button click on it to initiate defragmentation process.
Defragment now

Using A third-Party Application:

As we have discussed earlier in this article you should be careful while defragmenting your disk so if you want to try defragmentation manually then you should go for Disk Speedup from Systweak you can download this software from the given link.

This application not only defragment your disk neatly but it can also be used to fix other errors on your disk. In some simple steps, this application allows you to get the best out of your computer.

So now you can boldly go for the disk defragmentation because till now you have understood that what is disk defragmentation and how you can easily defragment your hard disk to boost the performance.

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