Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Hard Disk Drive Instantly

If you have observed that your PC has become slower than before, then this can happen due to many reasons. One of the reasons includes optimizing your hard disk and checking it for errors and fragments. This task can be done either with the help of the inbuilt tools provided by Microsoft in the Windows OS or can be effectively performed by a third-party tool known as Disk Speedup. This guide explains both methods leaving the choice up to you to decide.

What Are The Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Hard Disk Drive Instantly

There are two ways to speed up your hard disk and I have explained both the methods in detail below:

Method 1: Windows Default Tools

The first method to manage your hard disk is to use the inbuilt tools provided by Microsoft to all Windows OS users. Here are steps to improve hard disk performance:

Step 1: Open This PC to view your hard disk partitions.

Step 2: Make a right-click on any partition that you wish to manage and choose Properties from the context menu.


Step 3: Click on the Tools tab in the Properties window.

Step 4: Now click on the Check button, under the Error Checking section and then click on Scan Drive in the prompt box that appears.


Step 5: The scanning process will take a few minutes and will provide the status of your hard disk.


Step 6: Now click on the Optimize button under Optimize and Defragment Drive section.

Step 7: A new window will open where you have to select the hard disk partition and then click on the Analyze button.


Step 8: You will now get the percentage of fragmentation on your hard  disk. If the fragmentation percent is more than 20%, then you must click on the Optimize button.


Step 9: Now you will have to wait until the defragmentation and relocation process completes.


Step 10: Exit the program and close all windows. Restart your PC and you will find that your files and apps open and respond faster than before.

How Can Disk Speedup Assist You In Resolving Hard Disk Issues?

With a few mouse clicks, anyone can solve their hard disk difficulties with the Drive Speedup application.

Step 1: Download Disk Speedup from the official website or the Download button below.

Step 2: After the application has been installed, click the Start Scan Now option to begin disk defragmentation.


Step 3: Select the Clean tab at the top of the screen, then check the boxes beside Junk Files, Temporary Files, and Empty Folders. Then click the Clean System icon in the right bottom corner.

Step 4: Go to the Duplicate Files tab and choose the Select Location Now option. Select the directories where you believe duplicate files may exist.


After defragging your drive, deleting duplicates, and cleaning rubbish files, you have free storage space that you never had before.

Disk Speedup: An Amazing Utility For Hard Disks


Defragmenting Hard Disks: Data is scattered over the unoccupied clusters of your hard disk when it is stored on its clusters. Defragmentation is the process of gathering useful information as well as empty clusters in a separate area.


Removes junk files from your computer: Many temporary files are created or copied when you use specific software on your computer. Junk files are created when temporary files become obsolete and take up needless space on your hard drive.

Remove Duplicates: Another issue that many PC users face is the existence of multiple copies of many files created by the system or downloaded by the user.

Other problems with hard disks: Various hard disk issues include bad sectors and storage blocks that have been destroyed. The Disk Doctor module can help you find and fix bad sectors on your hard drive.


The Final Word On Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Hard Disk Drive Instantly

The default tools in the Windows Operating system does help you to defragment your hard disk and check for errors but it does not remove junk or duplicates from your hard disk. Removing unwanted files helps you to gain valuable storage space and improves the performance of your Hard Drive as there are lesser files to scan. Disk Speedup is a must-have a tool that lets you keep your hard drives optimized and deliver optimum performance at all times.

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