Microsoft Finally Makes Passwords Obsolete | Go Password free – Here’s how

Passwords happen to be the primary way to secure our data, yet they are the reason behind security breaches. Looking at this, Microsoft is all set to change it with the Microsoft Authenticator app. Using this app, you will be able to remove passwords from the equation. The app will produce a unique numbered login code every second, which will help sign in without remembering passwords. Also, the risk of someone having access to the passwords or being able to crack them will be eliminated.

Is this the only reason, or there’s something more?

Well, it seems like Microsoft is always paying attention to the user’s pain point, and to solve the familiar problem of needing to remember passwords, this step is taken. In addition to this, due to the coronavirus pandemic as people are working from home a sudden increase in the number of cyberattacks has been noticed. So, to defeat the hackers Microsoft is aiming to go passwordless. Alongside this, by using password managers like TweakPass you can add an extra layer of security to other accounts.


Using this excellent password manager, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Generate random passwords
  • Save passwords in a secure encrypted vault
  • Access passwords from any and everywhere
  • Takedown notes
  • Store social security numbers, card details, and other information securely
  • Offers browser extension for easy access
  • Remember only one master password

To learn more about the tool and what it offers read the detailed review of TweakPass.

When was the announcement made & what all services will go passwordless?

Announced on Wednesday, Microsoft has finally introduced a passwordless account option for all users, using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneDrive. Earlier the option was available only for corporate accounts.

How will Microsoft make passwords go away?

To kill passwords Microsoft will use its Microsoft Authenticator app, which will give the ability to enable the second layer of a two-factor authentication system, without a password. Once you have the Authenticator app, you can use it as the primary sign-in option. Thereafter, you need to confirm your identity via an app prompt on your smartphone and that’s it you will now be able to log in without a password.

Is there something under the hood?

The new feature seems to be a response to the newly streamlined Google Authenticator app that makes signing easy. However, the question, by eliminating passwords, what is Microsoft trying to achieve bothers me.

Is the company bringing this new feature just because they said they will? Or do they want to make the login process simpler? Or there’s an ulterior motive? 

Well, there’s no clear-cut answer to this.

The worst part about this step is that logins will now be dependent on smartphones and instead of both passwords and secondary authentication only one will be enough. In no manner, this looks like a more secure way to log in.

With that being said, the company should look into this from a different perspective. There’s room for improvement and it should be paid attention to, otherwise, anyone having access to a smartphone will have access to the account.

Is there an alternate way to remember passwords and make them secure?

Yes, the best way to secure things is to use both passwords and authentication apps.

However, if remembering passwords is bothering you, don’t worry, you can try  TweakPass password manager. Using it, you can create strong passwords and can save them in a vault. This means you will not have to worry about remembering passwords. All will be done by TweakPass, the best password manager. All you’ll have to do is remember a single master password. This will not only help keep accounts secure but will also allow using authenticator apps for security purposes.

Let’s say you have more than one online account and remembering passwords for all isn’t easy. Also, you can’t save passwords like that or note them on sticky notes or in a notebook, right?

In such a scenario what are you supposed to do?

This is when a password manager comes to play. But how secure are they? How do they work?

Let’s try to answer some of these questions.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a secure program where you can save all your sensitive data and can access it from anywhere. To use it, you just need to remember a master password, and the rest of everything is being taken care of.

Benefits of Using a Password Manager

  • To protect online accounts it helps generate random strong passwords.
  • No need to remember multiple passwords, only the master password is what you need to remember to access other passwords.
  • Secure encrypted vault to store information.
  • Browser extension for easy ease of access.

Are Password Managers Secure?

Unlike unencrypted password managers, encrypted ones are secure and they are an intelligent alternative to save passwords in the password manager vault. Also, in an event of a virus attack, the hackers cannot read data stored in the passwords manager as it is encrypted.

This benefit outweighs the risk of keeping passwords in a notebook or on the PC in different documents and locations.

How Do Password Managers Generate Strong Passwords?

Password Managers like TweakPass not only secure passwords, but they also offer an option to generate passwords that are unique and complex, thus making it difficult for nasty people to crack or guess the password. To generate such strong passwords, TweakPass and other password managers use encryption algorithms.

These algorithms aren’t easy to understand and most importantly they are designed in such a way that they don’t generate the same password twice. Also, each generated password is a combination of lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

When a password is being generated through a password manager, you’ll get the option to make it as lengthy and diverse as you like, without the need to remember it yourself. This way you can securely log in without having to remember any password.

Using TweakPass keeping in mind the same criteria, we generated certain passwords and all gave unique results:

  • misp8?ajLwAce$L8#ef
  • &imiclw2Orich8@aDR
  • ge#&6O2epRE_aPr0+ra4E
  •  xe=E1es-7@obr5p-lqedRe
  • stE3rE4rrIPOcUse0aku

As you can see, all the generated passwords are unique and no one can guess them. This explains how well a password manager works and what type of security it will offer.

Not only this, a password manager makes your life easy and hackers’ life difficult. After knowing about password managers and how they help, if interested in trying one, you give TweakPass, my favorite, a try.

Wrap Up –

Does this suggest soon Microsoft accounts will be passwordless but is it to our benefit? Or is it another way to promote an app? What do you think? Do you think password managers will work better or not?

What is your take on this, do share the same in the comments section.

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