How to Monitor Your Disks and Identify Read/ Write Speed via Disk Speedup?

The Hard Disk is the brain of the computer which stores everything from the operating system to applications and your files. There is no doubt that other hardware is equally important but they can be replaced without the fear of losing data. On the other hand, if your HDD crashes then there are chances that you lose your valuable data.

Being a mechanical device, your HDD cannot run forever. But there must be a  warning system or indicator that identifies errors, issues, and anomalies within your HDD, indicating that it is time for a change. This way you can safely backup and copy your data to another HDD and save yourself from surprise attacks. Disk Speedup tool is the application that can help monitor your disks, identify read and write speed and fix many HDD issues as well.

Why should I Choose Disk Speedup to Monitor the hard disk and fix hard disk issues?

Disk speedup

Disk Speedup Tool is a complete must-have app that can optimize your Windows PC. It can perform many tasks on your computer like removing junk files, defragmenting your HDD, repairing file system issues, and monitoring the health of your hard drive. As to why you should use this tool  over others, can be only understood by taking a look at its features

  • Hard disk Defragmentation. Defragmentation is the process of releasing the free clusters amidst the occupied clusters and at the same time stacking all the occupied clusters together.
  1. The speed of your PC increases.
  2. The hard disk performance improves.
  3. The system loads faster.
  4. Storage Space is recovered.


  • Eliminates Junk and Temporary Files. Files that were once useful but are now rendered junk can be removed with the help of Disk Speedup.
  1. Removing unwanted files increases space.
  2. System Performance is greatly improved.
  • Removes Duplicate Files. Duplicate files are also a part of unwanted files that occupy space and confuses users due to multiple copies of the same file.
  1. Duplicate Files are removed.
  2. Storage space is increased.
  3. Organized data without repeated files.
  • Resolves Hard Disk Issues. The HDD is the most important hardware as it stores your OS, files, and apps. Disk Speedup helps to monitor disk speed and also fixes many of the hard disk issues.
  1. Issues like bad sectors are fixed.
  2. System Crashes are minimized
  3. Slowdown and Lag issues are reduced.

Steps on How to Monitor Your Disks and Identify Read/ Write Speed via Disk Speedup

Step 1: Download and Install Disk Speedup from the download button provided below.

Step 2: Open the app and locate the Start Scan now button and click on it.

Step 3: The analyzing process will begin which will take some time to complete depending on the size of your hard disk.


Step 4: Click on the second tab named Clean and you will get a list of junk, temp, and zero files which can be eliminated by the Clean button positioned at the right bottom corner.


Step 5: Now click on the Disk  Tools Tab and then click on the Information tab in the left panel.

Disc tools

Step 6: Click on the Start Button located in the bottom left corner to begin the process. Let the process carry out for a few minutes and this will help you understand the average read/write speed of your hard disk.

Step 7: Click on the Stop button and then click on the Health tab on the top to check your hard disk health and status.

hard disk health

Step 8: Now click on the Benchmark tab from the left panel where you can check the Benchmark, File Benchmark, and Random access information. Click on the Start button located in the bottom right corner.


Step 9: You can observe the minimum and maximum transfer rate in the right panel and click on Stop when you are satisfied with the results.

transfer rate

Step 10: Next, you can check the read/write file benchmark by clicking on the File Benchmark tab. Select the Drive you wish to scan and click on the start button and wait until the scan completes.


Step 11: Finally you can check the random access of files based on the transfer size.

transfer size

Step 12: You can exit the app after you have completed the test and note the CPU temperature in the top right section.

The Final Word On How to monitor your disks and identify read/ write speed via Disk Speedup?

Disk Speedup is an amazing tool that helps monitor your disks and check the read/write speed. This helps to identify beforehand if your hard drive is going to crash or has other health issues which can prompt you to take relevant steps to either fix the HDD or replace it. The Disk Maintenance tools and defragmentation process also helps keep your Hard drive healthy and ensure your data is safely stored.

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