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Blog Summary – Do you wish to hide your private conversations on Snapchat? Would you like to learn how to hide chats on Snapchat? Read on as we tell you the ultimate tips to hide Snapchat messages on your application.

Why does one need a lock on their private conversations? To save you from people snooping on your phones or accidently taking a look into your private chats when you hand it over. It is one of the utter needs to have a lock set on our digital lives. Especially when it comes to social media platforms, as they can tell so much more about our personal lives.

Snapchat is also one of the top most mediums used by youngsters to communicate. This provides the perfect blend between the communication flow along with its crazy and fun filters. While others try to race with, it is still the popular place to chat for its inbuilt feature of disappearing messages. As it’s way of transparency with the users to let others know when you take a screenshot of the chat or which message they try to save on your conversation is highly popular.

Still, we need a private chat feature on Snapchat which will help its users. While you are at it, let’s learn a few tips on how to hide conversations on Snapchat.

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How To Hide Conversations On Snapchat

Yes, essentially you can have private conversations on Snapchat. But as it is these days you can not rely on any digital media to communicate with a guarantee of keeping your data safe. Snapchat however helps you in ways by making it possible for you to keep you safe. It gives you options to manage your conversations.  Here we are going to list out all the ways you can learn how to hide chats on Snapchat –

1. Turn on the Delete after viewing –

 If you want to be sure that no one sees your private conversations, go for this easy option. However, by default, Snapchat will clear your conversations after 24 hours. But by going with the other option available to clear the messages right after viewing it will make it even safer. To enable it, open the conversation, go to the Update in Conversation Settings.


Now, tap on After Viewing. This will now clear any messages until saved to be removed from the chat.


2. Mute the notifications –

If you do not want others to see that you are communicating with someone on Snapchat, mute the notifications. You can go to the conversation and long press on it to see the options, click on Message notifications. Tap on Silent.


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3. Change the name –

One of the methods to make your Snapchat chats safe is to change the name of the contact. Go to conversations and long press on the person’s name and then  options and can see the options. Tap on Edit name and enter any name you want to replace it with.



4. Block the person –

Another of the few things you can do is to block the person for a short while. Although this will restrict them from contacting you on Snapchat in any way. You won’t be able to see their Snapchat story as well.


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5. Lock Snapchat –

Use an App lock to lock the application on your phone. This will limit the people who get into the application without your permission. You can use the inbuilt app lock on your phoneor use a dedicated third party application. We recommend using App Lock By Systweak Software as it lets you use passcode, pattern and fingerprint to unlock any application with ease.

6. Lock the Snapchat conversation –

If you are not happy with any of the above tips as such to block the person, muting the notification or to lock the entire application. What if you have to show someone something on Snapchat, locking the app won’t help them. What if we told you that you can also lock the chats on Snapchatwhich will restrict others from accessing your private messages.

This will let you keep your messages intact and safe to be accessed by only your lock code. So, in this next section let’s learn how to make it possible. We are going to use a dedicated application – SC Chat Locker which can lock specific chats on Snapchat.

Step 1: On Android phones, go to Google Play Store and download SC Chat Locker by Systweak Software.

Step 2: After installation, open the application to set the lock on it. Start by creating a passcode on the first screen. It requires you to enter a 4 digit passcode. Confirm your 4 digit passcode on the next screen as shown in the images below.



Step 3: Now enter a password recovery email which will help you to recover a lost passcode.



Step 4: It is very important to give the Accessibility permissions to the application to enable the lock by going through the settings on your device.


Step 5: Once done, you can view your Snapchat conversations here, start by tapping on the lock icon in front of each one to lock it with the passcode.


Here, you need to tap on the conversation to add it to the locked chats list.

Step 6: To change the lock on any conversation, open the application and go to the Conversations list and lock and unlock.


Step 7: Now, as you access the Snapchat app and go to the locked conversations, a SC Chat Locker screen will appear. You can unlock using fingerprint or passcode and access  your hidden chats.


Note: The fingerprint option is available on the application to be used only if your device supports it and you have enabled it for your phone.

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Conclusion –

These are a few tips to hide conversations on Snapchat. The best way is anyways to lock your chats using SC Chat Locker by Systweak Software. As it makes sure that your privacy is intact and you do not need to clear your conversations at all. Unlock the private chats on Snapchat with a fingerprint or passcode making it safe to use.

We hope this article will help you learn about how to hide conversations on Snapchat. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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