SC Chat Locker: Protecting Your Chats On Snapchat App

Besides Instagram and Twitter DMs, Snapchat is another popular social media app that allows people to connect and communicate through both chats and images. Snapchat, as the name suggests, focuses on allowing users to share minute-to-minute activities of their day, or say, every snap of it, with their friends and followers.

The reason people tend to use Snapchat to chat with their friends is that they can share their thoughts through pictures and chat sentences both, thus allowing a multi-faceted experience. However, like every other social media platform, Snapchat is also prone to misuse through prying or unauthorized access to your phone/app.

SC Chat Locker is a must-have application if one needs to ensure that his/her Snapchat chats and the app itself is secured from unwanted access and people trying to poke in. Secure not just your Snapchat chats but also the app itself with SC Chat Locker:

About the App

SC Chat Locker is an Android-based application for securing Snapchat individually through a dedicated app locker. SC Chat Locker is intended to help users for securing chats, Snapchat username and profile, and your snap feed on your activated Snapchat account on your mobile app.

There are some built-in app lock features in many phones; however, through SC Chat Locker, you can exclusively secure your Snapchat chats separately.

sc chat locker

The app supports securing Snapchat through both a dedicated passcode or through fingerprint scan in supported phones. To secure the chats on  Snapchat app, SC Chat Locker also allows you to create a separate, second passcode, which will distinguish your Snapchat chats with your profile and Snap feed. Therefore, you may as well keep your all open to access without any app lock, you can still have a separate lock for the chats, within the app; hence, giving you two layers of security over Snapchat on your phone.

SC Chat Locker is merely 20MB in size and therefore does not require much storage space over your phone. Besides, the app is easy to navigate through, and once you set it up, it does not require any further alterations you unless you wish to do so on your own. So, in case your Snapchat app needs additional privacy, SC Chat Locker is your go-to.

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Features of SC Chat Locker App

  • No Limits on Chat Security:

The user can secure any number of chats without limit or restrictions on SC Chat Locker.

  • Dual Lock Modes:

The app supports both passcodes unlock or unlock through fingerprint scan for supported phone models.

  • Prevents Unauthorized Uninstallation:

When the app is active, no one can unlock SC Chat Locker through phone’s app manager or uninstaller without entering the dedicated passcode.

  • Easy Password Recovery:

In case you ever forget your password, you can change your password through a password recovery link sent to your email address whenever needed. You can send a passcode to recover email when launching the app.

  • Chat Lock:

You can lock individual chats on Snapchat; hence you may keep some conversations open and secure the sensitive ones.

  • App Lock:

You can lock the entire application to prevent unauthorized access to your Snap feeds and chats altogether.

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How to Lock Private Chats on SnpaChat?

Follow these steps to secure Snapchat app and chats through SC Chat Locker:

Step 1: Install the SC Chat Locker app from PlayStore.

Step 2: Launch the App and Create a 4-digit passcode.

creat four digit passcode

Step 3: Set up a Password Recovery Email, or you can skip it and choose to do it later.

passcode recovery email in sc chat locker

Step 4: Grant Accessibility Permissions.

sc chat locker enable

Step 5: Now, click on the + button to add chats to the secure list.

add chat

Once you go through these steps, all your selected chats on Snapchat will be secured.

select member in sc chat locker

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Why Using SC Chat Locker is Worth?

  • The app is easy to navigate through and can be operated without hustle.
  • It allows changing your password recovery email.
  • You can choose to keep it as both an app lock and chat locker or just one of the two.

general setting in sc chat locker

  • You can grant Auto-Start permission to the app through the settings.
  • Snapchat, which holds essential personal information and details, gets a dedicated security application.
  • The app allows the natural process to change your passcode from within the app.

change passcode


Yes, there are several app lock applications, some built-in the phone models. However, those are mere app locks and secure every all with one common passcode or lock pattern. This way, if someone figures out that code, you lose Snapchat along with other secured apps as well. And losing such vital personal details without permission and authorization can be dangerous as well.

SC Chat Locker will offer separate protection to the Snapchat app and the in-app individual chats. The app gives user extensive control over the intensity of the protection of the Snapchat app; thus, the user can choose to protect conversations of his/her choice only.

Snapchat has personal memories and very private conversations stored. And therefore, there is no harm if you get an app which adds multiple layers of security on that information & SC Chat Locker is the best application to do so.

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