How To Have Two Snapchat Accounts On One iPhone

Why do you need two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone? Well, as far as social media comes into consideration, it’s tough to contain your life on these platforms, even if you limit their usage. Social media doesn’t let you keep your personal affairs that personal; hence, you mix up the closed ones with the “other group”, and things get trickier. And Snapchat is one such platform, where you will face similar trouble. While it is a great medium to connect with friends, it also provides a fantastic way to build up your social image as a creator, a businessperson, or a blogger for that matter.

2 snapchat on 1 iPhone

Having 2 Snapchat accounts on 1 iPhone will let you distinguish your public presence on the platform from a more personal space, where you add only those who are close to you. This second account will be the one you use to make genuine connections and not just for extra likes and shares on your snaps. And it’s not an impossible task, but requires just one-time effort and a little bit of your time.

In this blog post, we’ll learn how to have 2 Snapchat accounts on 1 iPhone using the most reliable methods to enjoy two different individual profiles on the app. Let’s see how you can get it done:

Best Ways To Run Two Snapchats On iPhone (2023)

Simply walk through your way to have 2 Snapchat accounts on iPhone.

I. Install Snapchat++

Snapchat++ is a reliable third-party app to run dual Snapchat on iPhone. The application acts as a perfect companion version to your original Snapchat app downloaded from the App store. Snapchat++ has been tweaked up to a certain level to allow for some extra, additional features to make the user experience better. To download Snapchat++, follow the steps below and get two Snapchat accounts on your iPhone without much hassle:

Step 1: Go to Here

use AppValley to have multiple Snapchat accounts

This is the developer’s site associated with the app Snapchat++. It’s a third-party app store for exclusive iOS applications. Visit this site and then download the AppValley app store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Enable trust for the app developer

To get the app function properly, you need to trust the app developer first. To do that, follow the path; Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management on your phone and then relaunch the app again.

Step 3: Download Snapchat++

AppValley Snapchat++ for dual snapchat
Image Source: App Valley

Now you have a functioning third-party app store on your iPhone. Open it, search for Snapchat++ and download it on your iPhone. Now, this app would be accessible on your iPhone and would run separately from the original Snapchat app with a new account.

With that, you’ll have two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone, and you’d be able to operate them separately for entirely different purposes.

Let’s take a look at another effective method how to have 2 Snapchat accounts on 1 iPhone using one of the most trustworthy applications available to download from the official App Store.

II. Using Parallel Space

Enter app cloning. This is another way to use two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone. Parallel Space is a great app to run dual Snapchat on iPhone, available on the App store. All you need to do is download it and use the clone Snapchat feature to run it with two different accounts. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Install Parallel Space

parallel Space for two Snapchat on one iPhone

Follow the link and download Parallel Space on your iPhone. The app is free to install; however, there is a premium subscription priced at $9.99 that you need to buy after three days trial. Make sure that your iPhone is upgraded to at least iOS 11 to use this app.

Step 2: Open the app on your iPhone and Allow Permissions

Open Parallel Space on your iPhone. It may ask permission to access your phone storage and maybe contacts as well. This is because Parallel Space also clones other social media apps, which may require access to contacts. The app would also need access to camera and microphone.

Step 3: Clone Snapchat

Once you’re done with permissions, you’ll have all the apps on your iPhone listed in the Parallel Space app. Select Snapchat and tap on Clone App. Parallel Space will create a cloned Snapchat app beside the one you’ve downloaded initially from the app store.

This new cloned app would help you operate multiple Snapchat accounts on one iPhone. Or for that matter, using Parallel Space, you can clone any social media app and run different accounts through it on a single device. Having said that, let’s check out another method for how to have 2 Snapchat accounts on iPhone.

III. Use Multiple Snapchat Accounts on iPhone via TutuApp

Just like AppValley, TutuApp has an app store within itself, wherein you’ll find some great mod versions of popular apps to use on your phone. But there is a bonus with TutuApp. You’ll find more than one version of tweaked Snapchat apps here, and you can download them all to use simultaneously on your iPhone. Hence, you have the opportunity to run not only two but multiple Snapchat accounts on your iPhone. Here’s how you can proceed to have two Snapchat accounts using TutuApp:

Step 1: Download TutuApp

TutuApp help you have muliple Snapchat accoutns

Download TutuApp for Apple on your iPhone. Once downloaded, again head to Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management and trust TutuApp’s developer to let it function properly on your device.

Step 2: Search for Snapchat within the app

Snapchat in TutuApp
Image Source: TutuApp

Search Snapchat in TutuApp, and you’ll see a bunch of options for Snapchat with different suffixes added after the name to distinguish them. These are all Snapchat clones and work as same as the original app along with some additional features. You can download all if you want on your phone.

Step 3: Use multiple Snapchats on one iPhone

Once the download is complete, you can use all the Snapchat clones separately via different accounts on your phone.

That’s all! With TutuApp, you can use not just two, but multiple Snapchat accounts on your device without putting in much effort.

Additional Information: How To Fix Multiple Accounts Return Error?

When following steps on how to have 2 Snapchat accounts on 1 iPhone, there’s a high probability that you may encounter annoying errors that can interrupt your apps’ performance and cause hiccups while running two Snapchat accounts. To fix the issue, all you need to do is:

  • Launch iPhone Settings.
  • Go to the General > Profiles & Device Management. If you are unable to find this section, it means you have not installed any profiles on your iPhone.
  • Now look for the VNE profile and tap on the same.
  • Choose to ‘Trust’ the profile and all the potential issues you might be experiencing while running dual Snapchat accounts on your iPhone should be resolved by now!

Do you know any other effective fix that may help you get away with common problems that appear when you follow steps on how to have two Snapchats?

Using these top methods to launch a cloned Snapchat app on a single device, without logging out from the original application.

duplicate apps

Bottom Line | Running Two Snapchats On iPhone

Individuals who want to have dual Snapchat on iPhone at a time on a single smartphone can simply take the help of all the aforementioned processes. Moreover, to get started with it you don’t need to jailbreak your device to get started!

Cloning is the best option you’ve got to successfully use multiple Snapchat accounts on your iPhone. With the official app, you’d be required to log out from one account to access the other. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to access multiple accounts and switch between them, within the app.

Just remember, besides Parallel Space, all these apps are from third-party developers. So, if you’ve got some issues with enabling “trust” for third-party developers, go ahead with Parallel Space. This way, you get both third-party options and an option from the app store to get two Snapchat accounts on one iPhone.

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