Using Multiple Accounts With Instagram: Quick Guide

We never realized, but Instagram as become a huge part of our digital lifestyle. It is quite commendable despite of all the tough competition that prevailed where powerhouses  like Facebook and WhatsApp were already sitting on top. Well, Instagram was not as popular initially as it is now, but slow and steady it definitely won the race.

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Instagram offers a bunch of pretty cool features and using multiple accounts is one of them. It gives you the ability to toggle between multiple accounts while staying in the app.

Why use Multiple Accounts on Instagram

If you’re the one who likes to keep their personal and professional life on different tracks then this feature might prove super useful for you. Not just this, there may be other reasons too! Like you can create a separate account for your pet, baby, cars or maybe food whatsoever. Setting up a second account on Instagram will just take a few minutes.

How to Set up a Second Account on Instagram

We’re assuming that you’re already an existing Instagram user and wish to create a second account now. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Launch Instagram and head on to your profile.
  2. Now tap on the small gear shaped icon to open Settings.

instagram settings3. Keep scrolling down until you see “Add Account” option. Tap on it.

instagram options4. A new log in window will appear, here you just need to fill up the text boxes with credentials and set up a new account with the desired username and password.

instagram login5. That’s it! You just created a second account from your profile.

How to Switch Between Multiple Accounts

At this point when you’re already logged in with your second account, you can instantly toggle to your main account by following these steps:

  1. Head on to your profile page.
  2. On the top tap on your username or the arrow next to it.

instagram multiple account3. From the dropdown that appears select the account which you want to switch.

Instagram allows you add up to 5 separate accounts from your profile. So go on and create a special and exclusive space of your newly taken up hobby, your cat, baby, or whosoever is close to your heart.

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How to Remove an Account from Your Profile

Umm so things didn’t worked out how they were meant to be! Yes it happens to most of us. Instagram offers a relatively easy process to remove an existing account from your profile. All you need to do is:

  1. Head on to your main account profile page and tap on gear icon to open settings.
  2. Now scroll down until you see “Log Out of ” option.
  3. Logging out will delete the secondary account from your profile.

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So fellas, here was a quick guide on adding and switching to multiple accounts on Instagram. If you have any other queries feel free to drop us a comment!

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