How To Get New Snapchat Filters On Your Phone?

Expressing yourself through fresh pictures has been simplified by Snapchat, undoubtedly. We are now getting a perfect selfie using some filters and instantly saving and sharing them on Snapchat as well as other platforms. But are you done with existing filters, and looking for how to get new Snapchat filters?

Well, you will be exploring new filters, lenses, and stickers here including geo-filters, context-based and even filters based on Augmented Reality. Now your world can enhance its digital aura as you place a distinct affair within it.

New To Snapchat? Here’s How To Enable Snapchat Filters!

Those who have downloaded it a few weeks back, and now learning the aspect of filters, you may want to know how to enable Snapchat filters. Do not worry as the process is pretty easy.

Step 1: Open your profile and locate the Settings icon on the top-right corner.

Step 2: Additional Services > Manage. Enable the option of Filters here.

If you are not able to see anything under the Manage section, your filters are already enabled.

Moreover, you can create your Bitmoji or personalized icon as well. In the Settings menu, locate Bitmoji, and form your own avatar.

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How To Use Snapchat Filters?

It is the easiest job after landing on Snapchat. Open the camera, tap on the smiley right beside the mid-lens and you can find tons of filters.

Select the filter (for example, Snapchat filter male to female) by scrolling them right or left, let it apply to you or surroundings and click the picture.

How To Get More Snapchat Filters?

Some Snapchat filters recycle based on captured time while some stay permanently. Yet, we will see how to use and get new Snapchat filters in your phone app. Some common filters are:

Color Filter: Very simple and quick to use, take a regular snap and begin to swipe towards the right. Experience different modes and save the most suitable one.

Overlay filter: Take a snap and use overlay filters like placing location, name mention, setting temperature, showing your mood, adding GIFs, etc.

snapchat filters

1. Get Geofilters

Though available in certain places only, access your location first to start using Geofilters.

iOS users: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Snapchat

Android users: Settings > Location > Enable

Geofilters are based on the location you are present at. Do not expect every location to be detected, but major landmarks can be put on to tell your friends the location.

As latest Snapchat filters are activated, you will be able to see the filter in the list of regular filters.

2. Visit The Lens Studio

To get new Snapchat filters, Lens Studio is real fun. Here, you can find a plethora of trending lenses based on AR content.

Snapchat selects the trending lenses and shows you the most amazing one at the top. As you keep scrolling more, you will be able to find many more new snap filters to make the content exciting.Lens studio3. Community Lenses

If you are keen on how others are spreading the magic of filters, you still need to look at how to get Snapchat filters.

Well, open the camera, reach the filters (by tapping next to the camera lens) and swipe up the screen. And oh my God, you can find amazing filters to try upon you will certainly fall in love, or some can even make you roll on the lense

4. Make Personal Stickers

Once you click a picture, tap on the ‘sticky note’ option on the right-hand side and open Bitmojis, GIFs, graphics, etc.

Here, you can tap on the third bar of scissors or slide right two times. You can simply insert a photo from the camera roll, crop a part of it, and use it as a sticker or filter for later purposes.snapchat stickers

5. AR Filters

Well, these new Snapchat filters are letting me spend great time when getting bored. Once you open the camera and explore the new Snapchat filters, AR filters await to be explored.

Tap on each of them and you would be able to change the space you are presently sitting at. Experience things around which are not even present in reality.AR SNAPchat filter

Remember, Google Arcore? Now you can also tweak your surroundings using the new snap filter.

6. Using Snapcode

Scanning Snapcode is one of the best answers for the question of how to get new Snapchat filters.

AR FIlter

Pick a Snapcode that you like, unlock it for 48 hours and use it the most exciting way you can.

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What’s More?

Now the scope of getting new Snapchat filters does not flush out with regular updates. The way AR is taking a niche in this app, we are sure there will be more Snapchat filters on its way. How to get more snap chat filters? We believe we have solved your way to a great extent.

You can also customize the filters in a personal manner. Go to Settings > Locate Custom geofilters or Customize emojis. And tap Continue. You will get various options to click pictures based on the date and time. Emojis can be attached at the same time according to super BFF, BFF, Besties, etc.

Did you Find Your Filter?

Remember Snapchat filter male to female? Just like that if you have found out new Snapchat filters, and they have become your favorite, let us know in the comment section below.

Moreover, you can also suggest other ways on how to get new Snapchat filters apart from the ones described above.

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