Google’s Playground/AR Stickers: Tweak Your Surroundings With ARCore on Android

Already famous with their AR stickers, Google Playground is a distinct feature for your phone that not uses augmented reality but also makes photography more exciting. This addition could be one of your favorite Avengers, live emojis or just a piece of furniture in the living room that you are planning to buy. Got the point, No?

What if you hold a camera in the empty space of the room, choose a pottery barn sofa and place it before actually buying? Yes, this is surely amazing and provides a user with real interaction very swiftly. No wonder why it is becoming a part of people’s lives already.


Google’s PlaygroundAR Stickers Tweak Your Surroundings With ARCore on Android
Image Source: Google Developers (I/O’19)

Google’s PlaygroundAR Stickers Tweak Your Surroundings With ARCore on Android-1

Quick Features Of ARcore

  • Imposes virtual objects in real places, that too at various levels.
  • It can handle camera motions, and you feel like walking around with 3D objects.
  • Reflects the sensitivity of change in lighting conditions (Virtual object acts according to the light in the surrounding).

How To Install Google Playground

1. Does ARCore support your Android?

Well, you have to be sure of the fact that your device supports ARCore. And this case is possible only when your phone has Android 9 Pie.

If you are looking for popular phones that support this feature, consider Nexus 5X, LG G6 and above, LG V30 to V40, OnePlus 3T and above, Galaxy S7 to S9, Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 and Moto G5S Plus & above.

Does ARCore support your Android

If you are sure of your phone’s compatibility with the app, install ARCore by Google.

To do the same, reach out to Google Play Store and tap on ARCore by Google which is absolutely free of cost. Wait till it gets downloaded and we are ready to take the next step.

2. Download Google Camera Port

In order to add exciting AR stickers and other favorite characters in your photos, this step can’t be skipped. But this interface is not available either on Google Play store or pre-installed, you need to open it through another port hub.

Remember that no other third-party camera app helps in syncing with Google Playground. However, you may consider yourself lucky if the device already supports Google Camera Port since the time of purchase.

3. Download Google Playground

Yes, it’s surely the time to get all those favorite characters on your phone finally and Google Playground port will bring them all. For the same, download the APK and get set to have some fun. It will be installed like any other APK, no extra efforts required.

Extra tip: If downloading through the browser, pull down the notification and grant access. The app will install by itself and just press Done.

In case if the file is already downloaded and you are not able to find it in the notification, find it in the File Manager. Reinstall from here!

Does ARCore support your Android-1

Download here!

4. Set Your ‘Playground’ With Google Camera

Now that everything is set, let’s begin with how you can play with various AR stickers or characters in the pictures.

  1. Open the Google camera app, find the option of ‘More’ from the bottom list and open it.
  2. Out of all the popped-up options, choose ‘Playground’. Here, you will be able to see many featured emojis, tap on them and begin the ‘game’. If you want, go with the introductory tutorial as well.

Set Your Playground With Google Camera

 5. Experiment and Click

Take your camera around the zone, add various features like a dragon, Iron Man, or Hulk. The latest features also include placement of various real-life objects which can also be measured and adjusted, set navigational maps, or call it easy to sync with many other apps as well.

The output would be so real that it becomes tough to differentiate between real and virtual, considering details, lights, and shadows. Check out a few examples posted below.

Experiment and Click
Image Source: gadgethacks & Google


6. Once Captured, Remove The Noise and Add Effects

We never know if the images captured are still not up to the quality as required due to unnecessary noise, light or camera issues. To maintain the quality up straight, reduce the noise with NoiseReducer Pro in your android device.

noise and add effects

And in case, you wish to take these images in your mac and improve them separately, HDR effect is one Mac powerful tool that is very smart and effective.

All’s Well That Ends Well

See the difference with your own eyes using ARCore and Google Playground, while placing the objects as per your preference. Set various planes and keep on exploring new things every day. There is something for everyone and for every location, you need to enjoy these beautiful details.

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