How to Reduce Noise From Photos

Noise in context to photography can be defined as those pixels which depict incorrect colors or does not represent the scene correctly. This is the major problem of digital cameras today. The uneven grainy look makes the picture look unattractive.

The noise comes into picture when photographers capture images at high ISO settings or try to shoot long exposing images. Noise is undoubtedly undesirable. There are certain steps that can be followed to avoid it so that pictures look refined and noise-free.  Read on to find out how to reduce the noise from the photographs:

Steps to Reduce Noise From Images

Step 1 – Go Manual

Switch off any ISO sensitivity control modes that automatically selects a suitable ISO depending upon shutter speed and aperture. Turn off any scene modes and choose either Manual or a semi-automatic exposure mode.

Step 2 –  Select the ISO

Mostly today cameras come with an ISO button which is located on the camera body.  ISO is the amount of sensitivity of camera sensors towards light. Greater is the ISO, higher is the level of noise in the photos. Find out that button on the camera and scroll through its values from one end to the other to  lower the ISO value.

Also, try to change the settings of the aperture by setting it at its maximum value. Aperture is the access point from where light enters the image sensor of the camera. The diaphragm is a thin structure having an aperture at its center. The size of the diaphragm in the camera lens controls the amount of light. Set the aperture width to f/2.8.

Step 3 – Check before Shooting Long Exposures

Long exposures can turn a good picture into grainy and poor quality picture due to an imbalance in pixels and light conditions. If the exposure is too long, the sensor of the camera start heating up and pixels produce incorrect colors.

Be aware of how your camera handles long exposure time. Find out by experimenting where the camera starts struggling. The only thing to keep in mind is to know the limits of camera and shoot within those limits. This will help in acquiring great images.

Step 4 – Use Inbuilt Camera Feature to Reduce Noise

There is a feature in camera called High ISO Noise Reduction or Long Exposure Noise Reduction. It is preferable to turn these features ON if you are shooting at a high ISO or taking long exposures. The reason behind turning these features ON is that once the picture has been captured, the camera will examine those pixels which have not represented colors properly.

It will then fix the pixels. However, this takes time and is considered suitable for shorter exposures to improve the image quality.

The manual steps are listed above to reduce the noise. But there is no need to put so many efforts and manage the noise. Instead, make use of a tool to reduce noise from photographs automatically.

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