How Can A PDF Editor Tool Help You Go Paperless

In the digital era, with the rise of paperless workplaces, it’s crucial to use a tool that goes beyond merely viewing PDFs. A PDF editor can be a game changer in such a circumstance. It can help you view, create, edit, organize, annotate, secure, and do a lot many tasks that’ll make your life simple around PDFs and take your productivity to the next level.

In this post, we are going to discuss how a tool like Systweak PDF Editor can sort your PDFs and help you go paperless.

7 Ways In Which Systweak PDF Editor Can Help You Go Paperless.

1. Annotate and Markup

There are times when you might want to add valuable information, highlight specific portions or even write notes. Since we are talking about going paperless, we wouldn’t want to first take a printout and then use a physical pen, or highlighter to do these things.

With Systweak PDF Editor you can easily annotate your PDF without any hassle. You can highlight or underline, strikethrough parts that you think are redundant, and add other elements.


2. E-Sign Documents

Once you have the PDF in your hands, you may feel the need to sign documents often. You certainly not need to go back to printing the document and then signing it. Instead, you can sign PDF digitally. And, when you have Systweak PDF Editor needn’t turn to any other application. To sign a PDF document with Systweak PDF Editor –

Step 1 – Click on Sign PDF.

Add Signature

Step 2 – Open the PDF document that you intend to digitally sign.

Step 3 – From the top, click on Sign PDF

Step 4 – You can either draw or upload your signature. The former method can be used if, for instance, you use a pen tab. Once done, click on Apply.

Step 5 – You can now place your signature anywhere you want. Not just that you can even resize your E-signature using the handles as shown below.

Here is another way to digitally sign PDFs.

Why E-Sign PDF Documents

Here are some reasons why digital signatures can be beneficial –

  • You can sign PDFs remotely from anywhere.
  • Maintain an audit trail of who signed the PDF. Can be great if the signatories have to be verified.
  • E-signatures use a high level of encryption and security.
  • Save the environment and cost of printing papers, transportation, etc.
  • In many countries, E-signatures are legally binding.

3. OCR Handwritten PDF Documents

Let’s say you have saved a handwritten document in the form of a PDF. The moment you will open it in Systweak PDF Editor, you can choose to perform OCR. To do that, click on Tools and select Perform OCR. This will make the contents in the PDF searchable and selectable as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Perform OCR

4. Split and Merge PDFs

Imagine a situation where, after reviewing multiple PDFs, you realize that some of them could be combined into a single PDF, or conversely, you might want to split a single PDF into separate ones. Systweak PDF Editor offers you both functionalities.


Let’s say you want to merge multiple PDF files into one –

Step 1 – Click on the Merge PDF option

Step 2 – Click on Add Files to add PDF documents that you want to merge into one single PDF document and click on Open.

Merge PDF

Step 3 – Adjust the settings as per your needs. As is evident it even organizes PDFs in a way that you can easily add or remove files.

Step 4 – Once you are certain of the PDFs you want to merge and the settings, choose the output location and click on Merge

5. Convert PDFs to A Variety of File Formats

Digitizing documents doesn’t merely end at converting paperless documents to PDFs, it might be that you want to convert PDFs to Word for editing text or convert PDFs to Excel in order to update some statistics, the list of such tasks is endless.

Systweak PDF Editor allows you to batch convert your PDF documents into multiple file formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, a variety of image formats, and much more.

convert PDF

Convert PDFs to PDF/ A for Archiving

If you need to archive documents in order to preserve them for extended periods without risk of format changes or loss of information, Systweak PDF Editor can help convert documents to various PDF/ A formats.

6. Protect PDFs

As you go paperless and digitize documents by converting them to PDF, it’s crucial to even protect them considering that the PDFs contain sensitive information. Systweak PDF Editor offers various security features with which you can cement the security of your PDF Documents.

– You can password protect your PDFs and when the time arises you can even remove password.

–  Redact or blackout sensitive text or image. It is important to note that once the file is saved this operation can’t be undone.

7. Compress PDFs

Last, but not the least, it could be that after you have gone paperless and all your documents have been converted to PDFs, you might want to share them on various platforms. Here, it is important to note that many platforms have a size limit that you have to adhere to when uploading PDFs. For example, you might have to compress a PDF in order to mail it.

Systweak PDF Editor makes this task a cakewalk. All you have to do is –

Step 1 – Click on Compress from the interface.

Compress PDF

Step 2 – Choose how much you want to reduce file size in accordance with the quality.

Step 3 – Choose your output folder and click on the Compress button from the bottom right.

Time To Go Paperless In A Hassle Free Manner!

Try these 7 tips and trust us you’d rather enjoy the process of going paperless and converting documents to PDFs. If this post helped you out and enhanced your productivity around how you deal with PDF documents, do give us a shoutout in the comments section below. We’d also like to know more such unique ways that you incorporate into your workflow to manage PDF documents deftly. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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