Spike Your Learning Curve By Making Compact Flashcards: Top Android Apps!

When it comes to learning methods, Flashcards are one of the most effective tools. They are simple, nifty, yet often underexploited resources. You should use them whether you’re learning to code, studying for an exam, spreading awareness, making group learning fun or even when doing some public speaking. You can jot down the facts and information onto the cards and use them as prompts.

Moreover, you can craft double-sided flashcard cards and write a question on one side and the answer on the other. And whoosh, here you have a ready-made pop quiz to test or make learning fun.

Since it’s relatively a niche market, there aren’t a lot of Flashcard Maker Apps on Google Play Store. But there are a few decent ones that get your task done in a few moments.
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PART 1- Top Flashcard Creator Apps For Android Users

Flashcard Creator Apps Worth Trying

Here is a complete list of Best Flashcard Makers that you can try today:  

1. Quizlet


Probably one of the most famous & useful free Flashcard Maker available for Android right now. Quizlet is a well-informed choice, especially for language learners. Though it offers all the features of a dedicated Flashcard Creator app, it also comes with various study & game modes. Quizlet is compatible with more than 15 languages & allows users to add images, audios, and other elements to make interactive flashcards.

Within the flashcard creator, users can search from an online database with more than 13 Million user-generated flashcard sets, categorized in a wide range of topics. They are free of cost & content varies from truly interactive to useless.

2. Cram.com Flashcards


With more than 75 Million Flashcard designs that you can share & learn from, Cram.com features interactive templates that can be used for almost every subject. Not only for learning, the flashcard creator app, makes a great choice if you need cards for presentations and other work-related tasks.

It features two modes: Memorize & Cram. With the first mode, the user goes through each flashcard one time until they run out, while the second mode lets users go through each flashcard until they get every card correct.

3. AnkiDroid Flashcards

ankidroidAnkiDroid Flashcards is a pretty decent Flashcard Creator app that lets users access almost all kinds of designs available in a wide variety of topics like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Countries, History, Language, Physics, Facts and many more. If you don’t want to use the ready-made flashcard templates, you can also create your custom design with images, texts & sound.

The Flashcard Maker is packed with more than 6000 pre-made decks & provides you editing options to make it functional the way you want it.  The flashcard creator is multi-system support, and you can use it on your Windows, Mac, Linux & also ChromeOS.

4. Flashcards App – Create, Study, Learn


It won’t be fair if a Flashcard maker app that helps to refine vocabulary & learning a new language wouldn’t be included in this list. This Flashcard creator by Edward Grude is a powerful Android app that not only helps you to create questions-answer flashcards but also design templates with images and multiple choices.

The free flashcard maker is powerful enough to read out flashcards in multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, Chinese and more. Be it for elementary learning or for simplifying homework; the Flashcard creator app works well to support you on your way to achieve better grades

5. Flashcards – Study Effectively

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With a simple and modern interface, Flashcards by Rolandos lets users create, modify, organize and study stacks of cards with ease. All your progress in designing flashcards gets automatically saved so that you can resume your task anytime you want. Additionally, you can share the designed flashcards with your friends within the app.

The flashcard creator app is an excellent choice for someone looking for everyday and easy to use tool for their kids as the process is hassle-free and should work fine for most simple topics, vocabulary memorization, math practicing and language learning.


PART 2- Bonus Online Free Flashcard Makers

If you do not want to install any additional application on your Android device, then you can check out these awesome websites, which lets you create flashcards online free of cost.

1. flashcard.online

It’s your go-to website for creating flashcard decks that you can save & print without any hassles. You don’t need to sign up for an account, just add text and desired images, click the Save as PDF button and download it for free.

2. Brainscape

If you want some inspiration, you can check out Brainscape, it’s an excellent online free flashcard maker, which lets you explore flashcards created by others & make your custom designs.

3. StudyBlue

Creating Flashcards online free of cost is super easy with StudyBlue. You can use a plethora of elements like text, images, audios & equations to create unique and interactive flashcards.

4. Flashcard Machine

Try using this online flashcard maker to craft free and simple-looking flashcard decks. Just create an account & jump to the editor where you can add photos, texts and other elements. You can make use of predefined lists and adjust the font according to your likes.

PART 3- Alternative Ways To Learn

Well, Flashcard Maker apps are undoubtedly one of the best ways to boost memory. If you ask us, we recommend you try Quizlet, it’s a pretty good choice & has a fantastic selection of flashcard templates. If you want something pain but effective, try giving a shot to Flashcards App – Create, Study, Learn. Several individuals find flashcards to be an effective medium when learning a new language, which is something you can also do on your smartphone.

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If we’ve missed any great flashcard maker that deserves to be in this list, let us know about them in the comments!


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