Top Apps With Which You’ll Learn Something New Everyday

Today, we live a life in which taking out time for learning and attending classes has become a far-fetched dream. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be consistent. Because of this, our learning process has been hindered. Though we can blame it on our busy schedule, but ultimately the loss is only ours! At the  So, what should be done then? Well, use the apps listed below and help yourself learn something new every day!

1. Blinkist

Available for both iOS and Android users, this one is favorite of several people. You ask why? Because it has summaries of over 1000 non-fiction books. Also, you can listen to the audiobooks available in the Blinkist Library. This is just like exploring what all a book has to offer before actually buying it. You can also read about other books and decide whether you want to buy it or not. Either way you are learning something new!

2. Health IQ


This one is only available for iOS users, but it is worth giving a try. The best thing about this app is that instead of counting steps and counting calories, it focuses on health education. This makes sure the consumers can easily alter their actions. Moreover, the interface is so interactive that you will not even feel bored and enjoy taking these quizzes. In case you are someone who is curious to know about health, diet and new things to learn, this app is the best for you!

3. TradeHero


Most of us wish to earn more money by investing but aren’t aware of the procedure involved. In case you are one of those, this is your one-stop solution. You cannot really invest using this, but it gives you a rough idea of market and you can virtually invest using a fake 100$. This way you get to learn a lot and eventually you become adept so much so that you can invest in real market as well. This is available for iOS users.

4. Duolingo

For a lot of people learning second language apart from their mother tongue is no less than a far-fetched dream. It may be because of busy schedule or lack of resources. To help such people, Duolingo is helpful enough! This uses pictures, speech and writing to help you learn a new language. A study has depicted that 34 hours spent on Duolingo is equivalent to 11 weeks of taking real classes. This is yet another companion for people who wish to learn a bit more than others in short span. No matter if you use Android, iOS or Windows phone, this app is compatible to your phone.

5. TED

Unless you are living under a rock, you might know about the TED talks. This is basically a 30-year-old organization which is dedicated to making us understand things better. The official website gives you access to all the videos with subtitles in over 90 languages. You can even create your playlist so that you get recommendations accordingly. You can download the Android version from here and iOS from here.

6. Trivia Crack

What do you do while you are waiting for a bus? Or waiting for your order to arrive? Well, most of the people go through the feeds of their Instagram or posts on FB. but you can always use this small amount of time to increase your knowledge. This app helps you in doing so. You can take quizzes in various fields and find new things to learn each day. This one is also available for both Android and iOS platforms.

7. Accelerator – Speed Reader

This is available for iOS but a similar app named A Faster Reader is for Android users. But why would you like to download this app? Well because we all crave reading more but are not able to do so because of our slow reading speed. This app helps in increasing your reading speed. The best part about this is that you can read articles from a variety of sources. We cannot leave behind the interface which is quite simple to use!

Note: This app has been discontinued.

8. Udacity: Learn Programming

If you are someone who likes to learn new programming language, you can rest your search for an effective app that teaches you the same. Well, apart from the old programming language, there are new ones as well. You can select from the list and just learn. The best part is it is free for both Android and iOS platform.

Note: This app has been discontinued on both platform (Android and iOS).

This is not the exhaustive list of apps that might help you to learn something new every day. There are many others in the list but the best ones have been listed for you. In case we have left an extraordinary one that should have been included in the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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