How To Fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

Minecraft Realm is a personal server for you and your friends to play games on Minecraft. It can be frustrating when Minecraft Realms is not working. Not being able to connect with your friends to play your favorite games can muddle with your plans. If Minecraft Realms internal server error 500 is displayed whenever you try to connect, it can be due to many reasons. So, here we try to explain the problem behind this issue and fix it with the solutions. First of all, you need to understand that this is a common error message which can be fixed easily. Read on to find the fixes to the Minecraft Realms internal server error 500.

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How To Fix Minecraft Realm Internal Server Error 500?

There are many ways to fix the Minecraft Realms not working on your Windows PC. Here we focus on all of the reasons behind this issue and then fix it with the possible solution. Take a look at the fixes for Minecraft Realms server status error-

1.  Primary check-

There are a few things which might seem small but can be the reason behind the big problems. In this case, a simple solution starts with checking on a few things to fix Minecraft Realms internal server error 500.

  • Check your internet connection if you see the Minecraft Realms server status as not able to connect. This often happens as you lose the connection and blame it on a bigger issue.
  • Relaunch your game as it can be a temporary glitch and you are unable to play your favorite games on Minecraft.
  • Restarting your PC in case Minecraft Realms not working is a temporary problem caused by a PC error.
  • Update the Windows version of your computer as this might be causing an issue with connecting to the server. Often the Minecraft Realms version is not compatible with the older version of Windows and shows the error message.
  • Update the game as this is also quite a possibility for Minecraft Realms error 500. Updating the game will easily fix the issue and help you get access to many new features.
  • Check game settings in case you have made any changes to the game. As that can be interfering with the functionality and Minecraft Realms is down due to it.
  • Check the internet for Minecraft Server outage as this happens sometimes. It can widely affect several servers. Normally such incidents are reported and you can check about them on the news and forums. We suggest using to see if any of the major websites or social media platforms are down.

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2. Clean the PC

If your Minecraft Realms is not working even after trying out the basic solutions, we need to dig deeper to find the root cause. Therefore, we suggest using an ultimate PC cleaning tool – Advanced PC Cleanup. It is a wonderful tool to clean unwanted files and applications from your Windows PC. This will scan and detect all the invalid registry entries which cause failure in the basic functionality of the computer. The unnecessary junk can also interfere with Minecraft Realms’ status.

To fix Minecraft Realms internal server error 500, follow these steps to clean your computer:

Step 1: Download Advanced PC Cleanup from the download button given below-

Step 2: Run the setup file and complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Launch the application and you can see that it shows the current state of your system with a summary of unwanted items.


Step 4: Now click the Start Scan Now button and wait for the results.

Step 5: The Scan Summary will appear in a few minutes and it will show you the different categories of the cleaning process. The Cleaner section will show you the junk, temporary, and trash files found on the computer. The Invalid registry sections include all the invalid Windows registry entries found on your computer. Advanced PC Cleanup includes a very important section for Windows PC security which will cover any malware and identity traces.

clean now

Now, you can click on the sections individually to get detailed information, or you can simply click on the Clean Now button. This immediately deletes all the unwanted files from your computer.

This process not only improves the performance of your Windows PC but makes it easier for applications to run on it at optimum speed.

Once you have finished cleaning all the junk, restart the PC.

Now launch Minecraft Realms and now you will notice that the Minecraft Realms error 500 is resolved.

3. Uninstall Applications-

A few unwanted applications can be installed on your computer and cause interference with the Minecraft Realms server status. To uninstall applications completely along with their associated files you must choose the Advanced PC Cleanup.

Step 1: Launch Advanced PC Cleanup.

Step 2: Go to the left pane and click on Uninstall Apps under the Manager section.


Step 3: This will quickly generate a list of the unwanted applications on your computer.

unwanted applications

Click on the Trash icon in front of the application and delete it from your computer. This will easily fix your Minecraft Realms not working issue.

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The first instinct should be to use all the primary fixes for Minecraft Realms error 500. As most commonly the issue could be temporary due to a lost internet connection or a glitch in the application. Restarting, updating the application will also help in this case along with checking the settings for the game. Whenever Minecraft Realms down, you must check for compatibility with the Windows version as it can be a reason for the failure to launch. Other than these issues, the PC can also be the culprit behind the Minecraft Realms not working properly.

We recommend using Advanced PC Cleanup for fixing the issues related to the Windows applications. It thoroughly cleans the PC and frees up disk storage space which will improve the performance. Its features for uninstalling and cleaning invalid registries also help in reducing the errors.

We hope this article will help you in fixing the Minecraft Realms internal server error 500. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1.How Do I Fix 500 Internal Error?

Whenever you encounter Minecraft Realms error 500, check the internet connection. Then, try to restart the game and the PC as it could be a temporary glitch. Other fixes such as installing the latest version of Windows and the compatible version of the game also help.

Q2. Why Do I Keep Getting 500 Internal Server Error?

If you regularly see the Minecraft Realms internal server error 500 on your computer, it time to clean up the computer. The unwanted application, malicious files can also be the cause of such errors. Using PC cleaning tools such as Advanced PC Cleanup can be a fix for resolving such errors.

Q3. How Do I Fix Minecraft Internal Server Error?

If Minecraft Realms is not working on your computer check for the quick solutions as mentioned above in the blog post. Cleaning the computer, fixing the invalid registry, uninstalling unwanted applications are also a big help.

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