Minecraft Running Slow? How To Speed Up Minecraft On Your Mac

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Developed in 2009, Minecraft is a popular open-ended game. In this game, players use their imagination to build houses, make tools, and battle. Indeed, if you are a gamer and love playing computer games, you must have played Minecraft.

But to run this game in an optimal fashion paying attention to Mac’s performance is a must. If your system is filled with cluttered data or is not optimized you might experience Minecraft lagging issues. Therefore, to help speed up Minecraft during the gameplay here, we enlist certain steps.

Using these steps, you can get back to making your own Minecraft world on Mac.

Short on Time?

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How to Speed up Minecraft on Mac

Only after we know what causes a problem, we can fix it. Therefore, to speed up Minecraft time on Mac, we need to understand what slows it down.

Generally, unwanted apps running in the background slow down Mac resulting in slow or laggy Minecraft. Therefore, if too many programs are running at once on your Mac, you need to close them. Having a YouTube video running, multiple browsers open does not leave a lot of processing power for Minecraft to run smoothly. Thus, you need to shut down unwanted processes.

Here, we explain how to speed up time in Minecraft.

  1. Edit graphics settings on your Mac
  2. Change difficulty settings
  3. Check RAM usage
  4. Clean junk files

1. Edit graphics settings on your Mac

A lot of processing power is required for high-quality graphics. Therefore, to speed up Minecraft time on Mac disable automatic graphics switching. This means no longer the Mac will automatically switch between graphic modes for battery life. Keep it running on high-quality gaming graphics.

To change Energy Saver settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Apple logo > System Preferences.
  2. Select Energy Saver.
  3. Here, uncheck the box next to Automatic graphics switching. This will stop the computer from automatically switching between graphics modes.

Automatic graphics switching

2. Change difficulty level of Minecraft

Playing Minecraft on a high difficulty level can slow it down. Therefore, you need to change the setting and choose the setting from one of four settings between Peaceful and Hard. Setting the game to Hard means more zombies and mobs. Not only this, at a hard level, but a higher number of pixels are also rendered, and this needs more GPU power. All this slows down Minecraft hence to boost the speed changing difficulty level is best. This will remove hostile mobs, and players’ health will be restored quickly without any lags.

To change the difficulty settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Minecraft server control panel.
  2. Here, under Multicraft panel, choose Config Files.
  3. Choose the Server Settings.
  4. Now, select the preferred difficulty level from the Difficulty option.
  5. Save the settings and restart the Minecraft server.

3. Check RAM usage

If Minecraft is still slow, you need to look for the applications that take up more memory when you are playing the game. For this, use Activity Monitor. It will help check how much RAM is being spent on background running apps.

Not only this, once you know which app is creating problems, but you can also quit it & free up RAM to play the game swiftly. To check memory usage via Activity Monitor, follow the steps below:

  1. Type Activity Monitor in the Spotlight.
  2. Now open it and click Memory tabs.
  3. Look for the app at the top of the list.
  4. Quit the apps that you do not want to run when playing Minecraft.

Quit the apps when playing Minecraft

Doing so will help free up memory that is being wasted by unwanted apps. If this doesn’t help, try restarting Mac. This will reset the RAM, and you will be able to fix lagging Minecraft gameplay on Mac.

4. Clean junk files

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned steps will help you speed up the Minecraft gaming experience. But following these manual steps is certainly a tedious task. Therefore, to simplify things here, we bring a better way to optimize Mac and get rid of junk files.

The answer is Cleanup My System – a fantastic cleaning & optimization software that allows users to clean and enhance Mac performance in no time. It proffers a dedicated Smart Cleanup Module, that helps in getting rid of potential junk files, cache, cookies, old, large files, startup items & other redundant data, all of which slow down Mac and results in constant lag issues while playing Minecraft.

To use this excellent Mac cleaner, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Cleanup My System.

  • Click Start Scan Now and wait for the scan to finish.
  • Once done, the tool will list all the junk files, system cache, and other unwanted files stored on Mac.
  • Click Clean Now to remove them all!

Cleanup My System

Once you are done with the scanning and cleaning of all unwanted data, try using Minecraft. You will undoubtedly feel a significant speed boost. To keep it this way, running an intelligent Mac optimizer like Cleanup My System is a good idea!

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