How do I Enable the Tweakpass Web browser Extension

To navigate through our daily lives, we have to remember tons of unique passwords, be it our emails, bank accounts, social media, and so on. Isn’t it? A wide majority of users often use the same passwords for all their accounts. Although, it’s not a good practice as long as security is concerned.

It is always advisable to use a strong, unique password for each of your accounts. But remembering so many unique passwords is not an easy task, for sure. Right? Well, this is where password managers step in! Once you start using a password manager tool, there’s no going back.


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What is a Password Manager?

Password managers store all your passwords, log-in information in one place and allow you to instantly sign in to your accounts, in just one tap. A password manager generates new and random passwords for each website or account that you visit. You can think of a password manager as a safety vault that stores all the sensitive info. You can store multiple passwords in the password manager and access them by simply remembering one master password. Password managers also save you from the risk of identity theft as it creates strong and unique passwords for all your accounts.

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Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

With the help of a password manager app or extension, you can securely log in to all your accounts. A password manager makes the login process smoother as it also auto-fills personal information like username, password, email ID, contact number, and so on.


Tons of password manager extensions are available online that you can add to your web browser. In this post, we will be learning all about how to enable the Tweakpass web browser extension on your device so that you never have to worry about remembering complicated and lengthy passwords again!

Let’s learn how you can streamline your digital life using the Tweakpass web browser extension.

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How to Use and Enable the Tweakpass Web Browser Extension?

Tweakpass is an advanced application that secures all your passwords in one place and auto-fills your login credentials. It is a free password manager extension that is available for all the popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Here are a few key features of the Tweakpass free password manager extension:

●Stores all your passwords and sensitive data in one place.
●Secures passwords using strong AES encryption technology.
●Allows you to add, modify, delete and manage passwords.
●Generates strong and unique passwords for each website or account that you access.
●Autofill web forms.
●User-friendly interface.
●Universal access as it syncs your passwords across all your devices.

Google Chrome

To enable the Tweakpass web browser extension on Chrome, follow these quick steps:

Visit this Chrome web store link.

Tap on the “Add to Chrome” button placed on the top-right corner.


Hit on the “Add Extension” button.


You will now be redirected to the official website of Tweakpass. Create a new account, follow the on-screen instructions, and get started.


Once you create your account, you can add all your passwords and sensitive information to Tweakpass.


Mozilla Firefox:

Launch Firefox and then visit this Firefox Add-ons website link.


Add the Tweakpass extension to your Firefox browser. Set up your new account and that’s it!

Tweakpass is a robust password manager extension that runs seamlessly well with the Firefox browser.

Microsoft Edge:

Launch Edge and then visit the Microsoft Add-ons Store.


Hit on the “Get” button to download the extension.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account for the Tweakpass password manager app.


Launch the Opera web browser on your device. Visit the Opera Add-ons store by following this link.


Tap on the “Download Now” button to download the Tweakpass web browser extension on Opera.

Create a new Tweakpass account and get started.

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Tweakpass is an ultimate password manager app that saves you from the hassle of remembering unique passwords. All you have to do is simply remember one master password for your Tweakpass account and leave the rest to it. This wraps up our quick guide on how to enable the Tweakpass web browser extension on various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

The Tweakpass password manager extension will safeguard all your sensitive info using the strong AES encryption technology. It uses an advanced password generator to create unique and strong passwords that help your stay protected. Download today and prevent yourself from the risk of identity theft and other cyber threats. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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