How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Before Selling Your PC?

Want to upgrade to a new PC? I bet most of us want to get hold of the latest technology out there and exchanging your older product for a new one is the option to go for. With many ECommerce websites offering exchanges, there are a few things that you must take care of before the exchange. After you have copied all your data and imported bookmarks and password, there lies a threat to online identity fraud. This is due to the identity traces that lie scattered all over your PC without your knowledge. The most important action before you hand over to anyone else is to remove all the identity traces to protect from identity fraud.


Steps On How to protect yourself from identity theft before selling your PC

Advanced Identity Protector is unique software created by Systweak Software that stops hackers from accessing personal details. The application analyses  Windows PCs for confidential material that could reveal your identity to a malicious attack if it is kept open. Here are the steps to remove your identity traces to ensure identity theft protection.

Step 1: Download and Install Advanced Identity Protector from the official website or click on the download button.

Step 2: After that, Advanced Identity Protector will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Register the Product to remove the traces forever else you can conduct a scan to observe the results.

Step 4: To register, go to “Register Now” and input the activation code you got in your email.

Step 5: Click ‘Register Now’ after entering the key. Your product will be registered if the key is correct, and you will receive a confirmation message.

Step 6: Once the Advanced Identity Protector has been registered, it will be relaunched soon.

Step 7: Click ‘Start Scan Now’ to identify traces that disclose personal information, credit card data, social security numbers, banking details, and other valuable information stored on your PC now that you have the registered version of Advanced Identity Protector.


Step 8: Advanced Identity Protector will now categorize scan findings, allowing you to see which passwords and data are kept on your PC.


Step 9: Now that you’ve discovered how susceptible your data is, it’s time to safeguard your identity by clicking the “Protect Now” option.

Step 10 You now have three options for protecting your data — ‘Move to Secure Vault‘ will move to identify traces to a password-protected vault. ‘Remove Traces Permanently,’ as the name implies, will permanently eliminate the traces. Choose ‘Add to Exclusion List‘ if you wish to maintain the traces but not have them exposed in the future scan.

Step 11: Choose the ‘Remove Traces Permanently,’ option to eliminate all the identity traces from your PC and prevent any online identity fraud.


Once the process completes, you can exit the application and uninstall it as you would be selling your PC to someone else and install this application on your new PC.


Advanced Identity Protector: The Ultimate Protection From Online Identity Fraud


Advanced Identity Protector is a digital vault meant to keep passwords and other sensitive information safe from identity thieves. Systweak Software was created to assist users in avoiding and protecting identity theft. Here’s what this app can help you with:

Sensitive Information Must Be Safeguarded: Usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses are examples of sensitive information. All of this information, as well as others, is dispersed throughout your computer, which has been removed and secured.

Digital Vault that is secure: Advanced Identity Protector transfers all of your information to a digital vault made on your PC. This information is not saved online or on a server; instead, it is stored locally on your computer.

Remove any traces of your identity: This program helps users check popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Opera for traces and removes them by relocating them to a safe digital vault.

The Final Word On How to protect yourself from identity theft before selling your PC?

Selling off your old devices and upgrading to newer ones is recommended but one must take care of the information that is contained within your system. Once you have removed all your personal information like username, password, credit card information, and all other data that belongs to you, then you can sell off your PC without the fear of identity fraud. The Advanced Identity Protector is a perfect application that can provide identity theft protection.

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