How To Remove Sensitive Information Hidden in Your Browsers?

Browsers are applications that help users to surf the internet and access the World Wide Web. This is the simplest definition of what a browser is and should do. However with advancement in programming and technology, browsers have grown to become what I may call as “Data Collectors” that capture every click and record every website visited. This data is then analyzed to form meaningful results and is either used by conglomerates like Google to push ads or sold to marketing agencies. This guide helps users on how to delete browser cache and clear internet cache from your browser.

How To Remove Sensitive Information Hidden in Your Browsers

The Advanced Identity Protector was created to protect users’ personal information while still being accessible to people of all ages. The user interface is straightforward, and here’s are the steps to carry out:

Step 1: Using the download button below, download and install Advanced Identity Protector on your PC.

Step 2: Once the application has been installed, open it.


Step 3: On the app’s home screen, tap the Start Scan Now button to begin the process of detecting the accessible identification traces. This will find all of the information saved in the browsers, as well as any traces in the Files and Registry.

Start Scan Now

Step 4: After the identification traces have been recognized, you must Register the application to protect your data. After you’ve registered your app, go to the Identity Traces tab and click the Protect Now option.

Step 5: You’ll be given three alternatives when you click the Protect Now button -Move to the Secure Vault, Remove Traces Permanently, Add to Exclusion List. Choose the first option to continue.

Protect Now

Step 6: When you first use the program, you’ll get a prompt requesting you to create a Secure Vault. Select the Yes option.

Step 7: Fill up your Profile Name and Email Address, then create a new password that you must type twice.

new password

Step 8: The Advanced Identity Protector will ask you to close your browsers to continue deleting your traces in the next step. Yes should be selected.


Step 9: Wait for the process to finish before pressing the Finish button.


Advanced Identity Protector: Remove all Sensitive Information

Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector is a digital vault meant to keep passwords and other sensitive information safe from identity thieves. Systweak Software created to assist users in either deleting browser cache or storing it in a digital vault. Here’s what this app can help you with:

Sensitive Information Must Be Safeguarded. Usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses are examples of sensitive information. All of this information, as well as others, is dispersed throughout your computer, which has been removed and secured.

Sensitive Information

Digital Vault that is secure. Advanced Identity Protector transfers all of your information to a digital vault made on your PC. This information is not saved online or on a server; instead, it is stored locally on your computer and no one can steal your identity.

Remove any traces of your identity. This application helps users check popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Opera for traces and removes them by relocating them to a safe digital vault.

The Final Word On How To Remove Sensitive Information Hidden in Your Browsers?

As browsers are developing and inculcating newer features via updates, more and more of your information or traces are being collected. These browsers monitor all your online activities and display relevant ads and recommendations to enhance your browsing experience. However, the information stored on your computer can be retrieved by applications or people with malicious intent. Hence it is advised to remove the information or store it in a secure digital vault with the help of Advanced Identity Protector.

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