How To Access Personal Information Safely On Another PC?

Personal information is the most prized possession you have today and it is important to keep them safe and secure. With leaked personal information, innocent people fall into cases of identity theft, fraud, forgery, and other crimes which they have not committed. But with digitalization, it is difficult to remember hundreds of credentials and information thus generating the need for a safe and secure digital vault to keep personal information safe. This eliminated the need to maintain secret diaries or write the credentials on the back of certain important papers, etc.


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Digital Vault services resolve the problem of keeping your information safe & secure but what if you want to use that information away from your home on a different computer. It is not possible to remember all this information and writing it on a piece of paper is certainly not advisable. This generates the need for digital vault services that can be used anywhere across the globe on any device. And to fulfill this need, we have discovered just the right product – TweakPass.

What Is TweakPass And How Can It Help Me?


TweakPass is a multi-feature app that is a digital vault service, password generator, and password manager all-in-one. This amazing application can manage all personal information with High-Grade Security and AES Encryption. All the information is stored in a digital vault that can be accessed by a master password which is the only credential you will ever have to remember. Here are some of the features of this remarkable software:

Browser Import. TweakPass can import all your usernames and passwords from your browser’s password manager and save them in a secure digital vault service.

Password Test. This app allows users to test their passwords based on an algorithm and determines if the password is strong or weak.

Generate Passwords. TweakPass allows its users to generate strong passwords using alphanumeric and special characters. It also generates difficult to guess passwords that are easy to pronounce and remember.

Create Notes. TweakPass allows its users to create notes and save important information like SSN, Passport details, Insurance policies, etc.

Multi-Device Support. TweakPass can be used from any PC, Android, and iOS device by signing in with your username and Master Password. Support for macOS is under development and will soon be available.

How To Access Personal Information Safely On Another PC

Before we begin with the steps, let us understand the process of how this will be done.

Process Start: Install TweakPass and create your account.

Process Step 1: Store important and valuable information in TweakPass.

Process Step 2:Install TweakPass on another computer and log in with your credentials.

Process Step 3: Open TweakPass secure notes and check, copy or use the data required.

Process End: Logout TweakPass from another device.

Steps On How To Store Personal Information Safely on TweakPass?

Step 1: Download the TweakPass from the official website or the button below.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: Enter your Email, Master Password, and password hint, and click on the Signup button for free.


Step 4: Once you have signed up and your account has been created, you will have to install the Extension on your browser.


Step 5: Click on the Install TweakPass button, and it will lead you to the Chrome Web Store where you can click on the Add to Chrome button.


Step 6: Click on the Add Extension button on the prompt.

Step 7: The extension will be added to your browser. Click on the Extensions icon on the top right corner and then click on TweakPass.


Step 8: Click on Secure Notes and click on Add Notes at the bottom of this window.


Step 9: A new tab will open with a blank note and various other options.

Step 10: Click on the Note Type to choose the type of personal information you want to save. Here is a list of information types that you can save.


Note: The TweakPass has the Generic Note Type as default which contains a space to enter information.

Bank Account Bank name, account type, and number, Swift code, address, phone, etc.
Credit Card Name on Card, Type, Number, Code, Start 7 Expiry date
Database Type, Hostname, Port, Credentials, SID, etc
Driver’s License Number, Class, Expiry date, Name, Address, etc
Email Account Username, Password, Server, Port, Type, etc
Generic Space to enter text, numbers, and special characters.
Health Insurance Company Name and Phone, Policy Type and Number, Member name and ID, Physician Name and Phone, etc
Instant Messenger Credentials, Server, Port, and Type
General Insurance Company Name, Policy Type and Number, Agent Name and number, Expiration date, etc
Membership Organization name, Membership Name, and Number, website, Telephone, etc.
Passport Name, number, country, gender, DOB, DOI & DOE, etc.
Server Host, Username, Password, etc.
Social Security Name and Number with extra notes
Software License Name, Key, version, email, website, Order number, etc.
SSH Key Bit Strength, Format, Private and Public key
Wi-Fi Password SSID, Password, mode, Authentication, etc

Step 11. Select the information type and fill in the details and click on the Save button at the bottom right corner.

Step 12: The information is saved in the field chosen and can be accessed by clicking on the TweakPass extension and choosing Secure Notes.


Steps On How To Access Personal Information Safely on Another PC?

If you wish to access your Secure Notes on another computer, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download & Install TweakPass on a different computer.

Step 2: Login TweakPass with your credentials.


Step 3: Click on the TweakPass extension on the browser, and you will find the menu where you can choose Secure Notes.

Step 4: Select the Secure Note, and you will be able to view the information within the secure note.


Step 5: Remember to logout from the PC after your work has been completed so that your information remains secure.


The Final Word On How To Access Personal Information Safely On Another PC?

TweakPass has made it pretty simple to store all personal information in a secure digital vault. This information is stored on a cloud server and can be accessed from any PC or mobile device running Android and iOS. The software version for macOS is currently under development and will be available soon. One important thing to note is that you must remember to log out from TweakPass when logged in to a different computer other than your own.

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