6 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software For Windows & Mac (Free & Paid)

Wi-Fi Networks perform great when you yield to their true potential. And, to achieve this, it is essential to always analyze and optimize the network frequently. Fortunately, there are effective applications like Wi-Fi Analyzer Software that can help users to locate potential problems with your Wi-Fi network and provide the necessary tools to optimize the performance. It measures and displays the relevant Wi-Fi information in a graphical format, where you can know about current signals, quality, and frequency channel, etc.

Using a reliable Wi-Fi analyzer tool, you can certainly detect the best place for setting up your router and get details related to nearby Wi-Fi networks and devices as well.

So, When Should You Use Wi-Fi Analyzer Software?

Let’s try to understand the need for Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool with an example: If you run your Wi-Fi router at default channels (1, 6, 11) which come pre-configured on Wi-Fi devices, there’s a high probability that several nearby access points are also working on the same channels. This causes severe interference and hence results in poor signal strength. This is where you can take the help of a dedicated Wi-Fi Analyzer Software that can help you to find the signal strength properly using heat maps. Additionally, these programs provide comprehensive details related to your network connection. It includes essential data like network name, signal strength, signal quality, channels, bitrate, BSSID, and more. 

Besides, using Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool you can detect the appropriate location to set up your router so that you can enjoy seamless network performance.

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Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Tools For Windows & Mac? (2021)

To optimize your Wi-Fi, use a reliable Wi-Fi Analyzer Applications for Windows and Mac:

1. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner


Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner


Meet Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner, one of the Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software for Windows systems only. The freeware allows users to comprehensively analyze Wi-Fi traffic, scan for nearby access points and visualize APs and clients at any range. Besides, it uses GPS, so that you can easily view the geo-location of Wi-Fi networks on services like Google Maps.  The only downside that comes with this Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool is that it doesn’t have any reporting or exporting capabilities.

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2. WiFi Analyzer


WiFi Analyzer


Windows 10 users can certainly use WiFi Analyzer for finding the correct spot to install their router/access point. The application displays a list of suitable channels via heat maps so that you can easily find the optimal location to place your router. Additionally, the Wi-Fi analyzer app shows all the Wi-Fi devices emitting signals in your vicinity, along with the strength and channel number of each device. It even allows you to change your channels to avoid the interference caused by neighboring Wi-Fi devices.

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3. NetSpot


Like several Wi-Fi Analyzer Software, NetSpot offers a comprehensive set of analysis and performance data, including signal strength, coverage, and more. Besides, NetSpot is just not a simple Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool, it claims itself to be a professional application for providing wireless site surveys. Additionally, NetSpot gives users the opportunity to test the Wi-Fi speed using an in-built Active scanning feature. This will help users to get a brief idea about every strong spot available in your network area. Quite useful, right? That’s why it deserves a place in our list of Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software for Windows and Mac (2021).

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4. PRTG WiFi Analyzer


PRTG WI-FI analyzer


PRTG is a professional Wi-Fi Analyzer Software that helps users to analyze every aspect of your wireless networks and provides comprehensive report related to nearby Wi-Fi devices, traffic, signal strengths and more. Besides, using PRTG WiFi Analyzer Program you can effortlessly measure the Wi-Fi device status, have an eye on the up and downtime. Moreover, you can even keep a track of how much traffic passes through the regular and wireless network at a particular time.

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5. inSSIDer


inSSIDer WI-FI analyzer


As the name entails, inSSIDer WI-FI analyzer software gives you visibility in your surrounding Wi-Fi environment. It even gives users the ability to learn about the network you are establishing a connection with, guides you to choose the right channel according to your needs and even dedicatedly monitors the user traffic data. Unlike other utilities mentioned here, inSSIDer receives regular updates and is one of the best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software for Small to Medium Business networks & professionals.

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6. Vistumbler




Next on our list of Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software is Vistumbler and what makes it stand out from other Wi-Fi Analyzer tools? It supports GPS and location-based approaches for enhancing network performance. It generates a wireless heat map over Google Earth Image and allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a wi-fi network so that you can get details related to network strength, quality, encryption, and so on. The Wi-Fi Analyzer software is highly compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is the Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software For Windows & Mac?

For Windows users, choose none other than WiFi Analyzer which is available on Microsoft Store. Mac users can go with NetSpot! Both the Wi-Fi Analyzer Tools boast amazing capabilities to analyze Wi-Fi signals and more.

Q2. Which Is The Best Free Wi-Fi Analyzer?

Looking for a free Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows? Try Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner. It features a user-friendly interface, suitable for both novice and pro users.

Q3. How Can I Analyze My Wi-Fi Signal?

To measure Wi-Fi signal strength, you can use any of the aforementioned Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Software for Windows and Mac. Our recommendation says Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner, NetSpot, PRTG Wi-Fi Analyzer, etc.

Q4. Are There Any Free Wi-Fi Analyzer Tools?

  Microsoft Wi-Fi Analyzer, Vistumbler, NetSpot are some of the freemium software available for analyzing Wi-Fi signals.

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