What Is The WiFi 6? Should You Upgrade?

At CES 2020, it was announced that a number of devices will be equipped with WiFi 6. So, what is it exactly and how is it going to be different from the current WiFi connections. This is what we discuss in the current post for what is WiFi6, and is it favourable to upgrade. There are laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which are compatible with the latest version of WiFi.

What Is The WiFi6?

wi fi 6

WiFi is the next-generation standard for wireless technology, which is going to be available soon in the hardware. It is also known as 802.11ax WiFi or AX WiFi. The latest generation will be the upgrade in WiFi 5, which was 802.11ac. The latest devices will be equipped with the newest technology, and therefore, WiFi 6 will come to use. The WiFi 6 includes- high performance with lower latency and data rates are much faster.

Why Is WiFi 6 Better?

why wi fi 6 is better

When you haveseveral devices in your home, then WiFi is the best option for you. It is likely to help you in connecting the smart home devices, VR devices to WiFi. You can see how speed and efficiency will help you achieve more with a large number of devices connected over WiFi 6. It will be much better for the crowded networks and won’t hamper the speed for any of the connected devices. The WiFi 6 is the new-generation technology, which is much needed for the time. Being the need of the hour as it is highly likely to have an exponential increase in the number of gadgets in upcoming years. The devices will require a WiFi connection and the number will increase, which can cause hamper in the performance.

How Much Faster Is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6, when compared to any of the older versions, is very fast. This can be seen with the example where if only one device is connected to WiFi, the speed can increase by 40%. As per the claims made by Intel, it is at least going to increase the speed on each device by 4 times.

how much faster is wi fi 6
Image source: Intel.com

Network efficiency also increases by 4 times and that will be an advancement over present WiFi connection. If you are using it in a crowded network, still the speed and efficiency will not be affected that much. The speed is 9.6 GHz, which is an appreciable upgrade from 3.5 GHz by WiFi 5. It is although not just about the speed but the performance improvement of devices on one network. While the current WiFi loses speed and performance degrades with several devices connected. WiFi 6 will show the difference with the 6 GHz as it covers the wider spectrum to give the same speed to a large number of devices. It also increases the immunity to the interference from other channels, and therefore, the performance is not disturbed.

How To Tell If Your Smartphone Supports The WiFi Version?

the wi fi 6

Smartphones which have been released in\ recent times supports WiFi 6 the latest version. Phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 are compatible with WiFi 6. Others which are yet to be released will be equipped with WiFi version in the upcoming times. But how do we make sure if our smartphone supports WiFi 6 or not? Well, we just need to check for the specification of the Phone model. The information is mentioned in the leaflet which comes along the phone or better you can check it on its official website. The information on the WiFi version is given under the section Network/Communication. This works for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is usually written in the version in front of WLAN. check the WiFi version with the given table-

First Generation – 802.11b – WiFi 1

Second Generation –  802.11a – WiFi 2

Third Generation –  802.11g – WiFi 3

Fourth Generation –  802.11n – WiFi 4

Fifth Generation –  802.11ac – WiFi 5

Sixth Generation –  802.11ax – WiFi 6

How To Tell If Your Pc Supports WiFi 6?

Similarly, if you want to check which PC supports WiFi 6 follow the method to check the specifications. The supported devices will show the WiFi 6 version – 802.11ax.

Wrapping up:

So this is all about the upcoming WiFi 6 technology. The latest devices are going to avail a lot with the WiFi 6 in their configuration. The speed, efficiency improves immensely with the use of WiFi in near future. WiFi 6 mainly goes on focusing on the number of devices which can be added on the same network without hampering performance.

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