How to Know Your Wi-Fi Speed with Android Oreo

Staying connected always has become a goal for most of the users to achieve which they don’t even hesitate to use Public Wi-Fi. While doing so they only look at the convenience part and often forget that they will have to compromise with the speed. As many people are already using it what the user will receive will be an uncertain data speed. The worst of all is that user cannot know the speed prior to getting connected.

What these users always want is to have a way that will let them know the Wi-Fi speed before they join it. Looks like Google has heard their prayers as it is rolling out a feature that measures Wi-Fi speed before you connect. This new feature is said to available for the users of Android Oreo 8.1.

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The feature will inform you about the speed of each unencrypted network, even when you are not connected with it. Furthermore, this feature classifies the speed into four groups:  Very Fast, Fast, OK, or Slow. This is done for users convivence.

How are They Classified?

  • Slow: Google marks the connection as slow if user can make phone call and send text messages using the Wi-Fi.
  • OK:When user can visit and read webpages along with checking social networking account and music streaming.
  • Fast:When user can do all the above functions and can watch videos too.
  • Very Fast:Apart from watching videos what more? Very Fast means user can stream high definition videos on that network.

Note: This feature will work only for open networks, meaning if you are trying to connect with a secured network there won’t be any speed classification.

Where Can You See The Speed Notification?

User’s will be able to view it next to network signal strength. This way they can get a pretty good idea about signal strength before connecting with it.
How to Put This Feature To Use?

If you are using Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel 2 and running Android 8.1 only then you can test or use this new feature. Soon the update will be available for other phones too.

To use the feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your device Settings.
  2. Next tap Wireless and Networks.
  3. Now tap Wi-Fi option.

Here you will be able to see networks speed that is nearby and unencrypted. However, if you are unable to see the speed of public network then it seems your handset does not have the feature.

You will have to wait and give Google sometime to release the update for your device.

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This feature is impressive, after using it users will not have to face problem with slow speed Wi-Fi connection. They can now easily check the connection speed prior to connection to avoid time wastage.

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