Best Alternative Apps For ES File Explorer In 2022

ES File Explorer was one of the best File Explorer apps that were used by Android phone holders. ES File Explorer’s intuitive and attractive interface, combined with its amazing features such as storage analyst, recycle bin, free space management, etc. made it the first and foremost choice of Android users.

However, last year, Google Play Store removed ES File Explorer concerning the threat it posed to user privacy, and their account and device information. While ES File Explorer is still available for unauthorized download, if you care for your privacy and your personal data, it is recommended that you never use ES File Explorer in the future.

Note: Play Store is now removing applications originated from Chinese markets over similar concerns, and now you should refrain from using such threatening apps.

Instead, we bring you some fantastic alternative apps you can use as a File Explorer, which are not from the Chinese markets and are equally efficient and intuitive for all users:

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

1. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager

Having over 50M downloads on Play Store, Astro File Manager is one of the leading File Manager apps for Android devices. The app is known for its intuitive interface and its ability to organize your phone’s internal/external storage effectively. Besides categorizing the files, the app allows you to extract compressed files via the built-in RAR extractor and ZIP file opener.

Astro File Manager also acts as a storage cleaner and scans large files and downloads for removing the unwanted files. It also scans for least used apps to help you mark and delete the apps taking unnecessary space on your phone.

Key Features:

– Free up space using the Cleaner module.

Uninstall unwanted apps.

Astro File Manager log files

– Scan large files to clear off storage space.

– Extract RAR and ZIP files via a built-in extractor.

– Add cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive and Dropbox and then manage them via the Astro File Manager.

add google drive account in astro file manager

– Get interactive storage management data that informs you of the composition of file types comprising your entire storage.

Play Store Ratings: 4.4/5


2. Cx File Manager

cx file manager

One of the highest-rated file explorer apps for Android phones, Cx File Manager, is a file manager sustained with some built-in tools not just to save you some storage but also a few more tools. One of the most unique and standalone features is that Cx File Manager is that you can connect the app with your PC and can manage the files on your phone via a network connection on your PC.

Furthermore, there is a feature to add cloud storage from Drive and Dropbox just as Astro File Manager. The app has built-in players for opening audio and video files, along with images and documents as well.

Key Features:

– Add Cloud Storage on the app.

cx file manager feature

– Access files on network-attached storage (NAS) to manage files on the phone via PC.

– The app has a built-in Recycle Bin to backup deleted files (though backing up doesn’t clear any space on the device).

– Access App Data and manage the associated cache through the app.

– Built-in tools for image viewing and audio/video playback.

cx file manager buit in apps

– Uninstall apps from within the App section of the Cx File Manager.

Play Store Ratings: 4.7/5


3. Files By Google

files by google

A lot many users will question, why Files by Google has been pushed down from the number one spot despite having over 500M+ downloads. But given how invasive Google can be when it comes to data privacy, I will recommend considering a couple more options before settling down with Files by Google.

Google’s official file explorer works as a multi-tasking application where it offers services of a file manager, storage cleaner, duplicate finder, and uninstaller. The easy to navigate interface and separate modules for all features makes it more comprehensive for all users. Furthermore, Files by Google has a File-Sharing module, making it a replacement for similar sharing apps as well.

Key Features:

– Browse through all the installed applications and clean the associated cache and junk.

– Delete duplicate media files by recognizing similar-looking images, videos, and documents.

files by google storage

– Uninstall unwanted applications from the App manager.

Manage files on the Android device through the Internal Storage or File Categories.

– Sending and Receiving files between two phones using the Share module.

fast file sharing without internet

– Have a built-in tool to extract files from zipped or compressed folders.

Clean Junk on one-click.

Transfer files over External Storage.

– Find and list out huge files to clear up more space on your phone.

Play Store Ratings: 4.6/5


4. MiXplorer Silver – File Manager

MiXplorer Silver - File Manager

MiXplorer Silver is a paid-only file manager app for Android and is the highest-rated file manager app and an ES File Explorer alternative on the list. MiXplorer has tonnes of features that allow users to do much more than just manage their device storage using the app.

From theme customization to file encryption, there are exclusive features on MiXplorer Silver that make it unique and most commendable approach towards a file manager app for Android phones.

Besides the features the file mentioned above managers hold, MiXplorer also holds features like text editors, HTML viewer, app development support, image viewer, and several other features to explore.

Key Features:

– File and Folder encryption and password protection.

– File extractor for ZIP files.

MiXplorer Silver - File Manager feature

– Built-in image viewer, PDF reader, and Media Player for audio/video files.

– HTML viewer and app development support

– Cloud Storage management support for nineteen different cloud storage services.

add storage

– Customizable through themes and color schemes.

Play Store Ratings: 4.8/5


5. File Commander

file commander

I would have kept it at the first spot if File Commander would have been a free app, but the price it charges for the yearly subscription pretty much gets it down in the line-up. File Commander is one of the most versatile apps in the name of a file manager, as it comprises multiple modules and built-in features and support.

The app has in-app music/video players; there is a module to convert files and to transfer files over a PC. Moreover, there is an in-app vault to protect or hide files/folders on the Android device, making them accessible via a password only. Besides all this, File Commander also offers a 15GB Drive storage of its own. However, the app is only available for a seven-day trial and has to be paid for post that period.

Key Features:

– Play music and videos through in-app players.

– Protect files and folders in the in-app vault.

file commander vault

– Transfer files over a PC via a network connection.

– Drive storage available with the first 5GB of the 15GB being offered for free.

login access in file commandr

– Support adding up cloud storage options to manage the files there through the app itself.

– Restore deleted files via the Recycle Bin, which can be activated/deactivated manually.

– Convert music, video, and doc files into different formats.

conert your files

– Support reading devices attached via the OTG cable.

Play Store Ratings: 4.4/5


6. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer

While FX File Explorer fulfils all aspects of a suitable file manager app for Android, the interface and design (which is quite confusing at first) lose it some points when compared to others. The app has built-in tools to open and access doc and media files along with a Cleaner module to remove duplicates and find large files.

Moreover, the files are sorted in the manager along with the details of how much they’re taking up on a device, thus making it easier to locate large files. The Web Access feature allows users to access the file manager via PC. However, the FX file manager comes with a 7-Day free trial, post which the user must buy the Pro version of the app.

Key Features:

– Open doc and media files within the manager.

– Clean duplicates and large files.

fx file explorer storage

– Locate all the large folders by space composition details in the file manager.

– Access app data and further settings through the file manager.

– Uninstall apps via the app itself.

– Has a built-in split view, allowing users to carry out multiple tasks at a time.

spilit view

– Customize app background and color themes.  

Play Store Ratings: 4.2/5


7. Solid Explorer

solid explorer

Solid Explorer is a simpler file manager app for Android phones. Though there are a few additional features, it works more as an internal/external storage manager. The app has a decent interface which makes it easy to find all the files and folders, which can also be searched for through a separate search bar.

Moreover, the app has an archiver to archive files and an Encrypt feature that locks up a file or folder protected by a password. Furthermore, the app allows transferring files over different devices via an FTP server connection with the other phone or a PC.

Key Features:

Encrypt files and protect them via a password.

Archive files/folders on one single click.

solid explorer files

Transfer files over a network connection to other devices.

Extract files in ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR archives.

– Add cloud storage to create a dedicated cloud file manager.

connection type

– Work on Solid File Explorer via Chromecast Support.

– Customize the app via changes in themes and color schemes.

Play Store Ratings: 4.4/5


8. File Manager + (by Flashlight)

File Manager + (by Flashlight)

The reason File Manager + is at the number eight spot is that it shares similar features, or let’s just say almost exact features as Cx File Manager. Still, it fails to keep up with the interface and design which most users look upon before choosing an app. There are in-app audio/video players and doc readers along with having a feature to access the storage on PC and add cloud storage for new storage management.

Moreover, there is a detailed storage analysis feature which categorizes the internal storage composition in categories. Then further lists is based on how much space every folder/file holds on the phone. Plus, the cache cleaner helps clear up some space on the device.

Key Features:

Storage Analysis is the best feature File Manager + offers. It offers an insight into how much a folder is taking upon the device.

file manager storage

– Users can further delete the large files and even search for the files that are taking up space on the device quite quickly.

– There is a cache cleaner, which clears up app-associated junk and temp logs.

– Uninstall apps from within the File Manager.

file manager cache files detail

– Find and delete large files to clear up some space.

– Add Cloud Storage from Dropbox or Drive or OneDrive.

– Open media files or documents through the built-in apps that support the feature.

– Access the File Manager via PC.

Play Store Ratings: 4.7/5


9. File Manager (Smart Tool Pro)

File Manager (Smart Tool Pro)

If you’re looking for a simple file explorer against ES File Explorer for your Android phone, then File Manager (by Smart Tool Pro) is your best choice. The app lacks the additional features which we’ve witnessed in the other application on the list, but that makes it highly intuitive and easy to navigate through.

The app has two modules to manage or access different files stored on your device. One is through the Phone Storage, which takes you to all files and folders on your device. Secondly, you can access different file types via categorized icons for media files, documents, and device applications.

Key Features:

– Simple file manager app to access and manage files and folders on the device.

– Access files via file categories such as docs, pictures, and videos.

– Sort folders/files per their names, date, and sizes. Sorting by size helps locate large files.

Play Store Ratings: 4.2/5


10. Total Commander – File Manager

Total Commander - File Manager

Though Total Commander is a high-rated explorer app on Android, we find it quite tricky to navigate through. The app is like the File Manager (by Smart Tools Pro) with fewer features besides the app uninstaller and app data accessibility from within the manager.

The app’s interface is pretty much difficult, but the essential storage files can be accessed easily. In case you want to access files via categories, you can only do it for images and not for other soc and audio/video files. No other feature of the app is as outstanding as the others, and hence Total Commander gets the last place in the list.

Key Features:

– Access internal storage, along with all the temporary and hidden folders.

– View image files separately; however, cannot be viewed within the app.

– Access app data and usage data from the app.

– Uninstall apps from the device through the Total Commander file manager.

Play Store Ratings: 4.2/5


These are the top ES File Explorer alternatives you can opt from and choose a suitable file manager for your Android phone. While there are devices with their built-in file manager apps, they do not offer such multi-purpose features as the ones mentioned in the app.

While Files By Google is the most widely used app with 500M downloads, you can give a try to other apps such as Cx File Manager and Astro File Manager as well. In case you are willing to pay for a file explorer app for Android, File Commander is a great choice as well, but the yearly subscription-based pricing makes it a last resort and only to those who wish to pay for such an app.

Let us know which app from the list above you’d prefer to be your alternative for ES File Explorer in the comments section.

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