7 Best SHAREit Alternatives – Transfer Files In A Snap

We’ve all at one point of time have enamored SHAREit as the ultimate file sharing app. We’ve sent videos, music files, audio files, APKs, contacts, and whatnot. But off lately, it has come into question for various reasons, security issues being on the top. We are not going to harp much on what’s right or what’s wrong about SHAREit, instead just to keep a safe stance; we are going to look at some of the best SHAREit alternatives.

And, anyway, it is always good to have options open. So, here we go! Let’s have a look at some of the

Top 7 alternatives for SHAREit

1. Send Anywhere – A Robust, Secure And A Speedy Alternative

Features At A Glance:

  • Transfer all kinds of files such as music, documents, videos, images and more
  • Highly secured transfers. App uses a 6 digit passkey initially which will have to be entered on the receiving device
  • It also reinforces 256-bit file encryption
  •  Wi-Fi direct transfer functionality using which you can transfer files without the internet
  • Quick link sharing via all messenger and social media apps

Send Anywhere shareit alternative
share link in Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is one of the highest downloaded file transfer apps and for a good reason. It comes loaded with several features like the ones mentioned above. It is highly secure and even lets you address errors promptly.


  • Wi-Fi direct feature helps transfer all kinds of data with an active internet connection
  • Fast file transfer
  • High-security protocols are reinforced
  • Dedicated music and video player so that audio and video files can be previewed from within the app itself
  • Shareable links are available for only 48 hours after which they expire
  • A great option when moving files from smartphone to PC

  • App asks for too many permissions
  • In case of video files, you may have to download a file management application

Get It For A Variety Of Platforms

2. SuperBeam – A Super App And A Commendable Alternative For SHAREit For PC

Features At A Glance:

  • Pairing between devices can be done via QR code scanning and NFC (your device must support NFC sharing)
  • Devices that don’t have SuperBeam can share a file via a web interface
  • Folder content hierarchy is maintained when complete folders are transferred
  • Share files on Computer (Linux and Mac) (Pro)
  • All types of files are supported for transferring – videos, photos, documents, audio files, contacts, APKs and many more
  • History of all transfers maintained

SuperBeam, alternative for shareit
choose folder to share in superbeam, A Commendable Alternative For SHAREit For PC

Quite like its name, SuperBeam is a superb file transfer app that facilitates transferring files of any size, no matter how big or small they are.


  • Superfast speed for transferring files (At an average, users have reported speeds of 20-40 Mbps, and if you have a speedy device, the speeds can shoot 75 Mbps too!)
  • Supports practically all versions of Android
  • Light and dark-colored themes
  • Even with the free version, you can transfer any number of files

  • The free version contains ads that can be annoying at times
  • Sending and receiving files from PC is only available in the Pro version

Get SuperBeam For Various Platforms

3. File By Google

Features At A Glance:

  • You can share documents, videos, music and even apps
  • Can work even without an active internet connection
  • Shares files in a speedy manner and is highly reliable
  • Free of bloatware and adware
  • Also helps sort your files in a better manner and even cleans up your storage

transfer File offline By Google, apps like shareit
fast transfer in Trusted And A Reliable Alternative, shareit alternatives

You hear the name Google and trust appear automatically, isn’t it? If you are looking for a reliable SHAREit alternative, Files by Google can be a great option. It provides you with encrypted file sharing secured by WPA2 encryption. This mighty app uses Bluetooth and a fast Wi-Fi connection for transferring large files. File transfer takes place in seconds safely and securely.


  • You can share files even in the absence of internet connection
  • Speed can reach 480 Mbps
  • Files are encrypted before sharing

  • As of now the Files by Google is only available for Android

Get It On Android

4. ShareAll

Features At A Glance:

  • Various files can be transferred – images, documents, music, videos, APK files, etc.
  • Speed exceeding 300 times more than Bluetooth which means you can share files in seconds
  • No need for mobile data or Wi-Fi required
  • ShareAll is an app like SHAREit that allows you to view files from within the app
  • High security because password sharing is reinforced
  • It even lets you check games and apps for updates

ShareAll, Packed Fast SHAREit Alternative For Transfering Files


  • Simplistic interface
  • Fast speed (300 times the Bluetooth)
  • Supports 15 different languages globally
  • ShareAll also plays the role of a software updater and junk cleaner
  • Also contains DND settings

  • The ads can be annoying
  • As of now the app is available for Android devices only but is soon going to be released for iOS and Web

5. Feem V4 – Another Great App Like SHAREit

Features At A Glance:

  • It auto-detects other Feem devices which are on the same Wi-Fi router
  • The interface is engaging and simple
  • 50 times faster speed than Bluetooth when it comes to transferring files
  • Local transfers are securely packed using transport layer security more commonly termed as TLC

Feem V4 faster transfer file
auto detect in Feem V4, Another Great App Like SHAREit

If USB cables still entangle you for transferring files or look for Wi-Fi or mobile data to share files with friends, Feem V4 will change everything for you. Be it file data transfer from phone to phone to phone to computer or even the other way round, Feem V4 has it all sorted for you. Feem though, doesn’t require an active internet connection but requires the devices to be connected to the same hotspot or router.


  • Inbuilt feature to chat
  • It is available for all platforms – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Robust security protocols
  • Integrated messenger like chat feature for sending and receiving transfer links

  • It can prove to be a little glitchy across some platforms
  • Presence of ads in the free version can bug you
  • You might be forced to change path of received files

Get It For A Variety Of Platforms

6. Windows Nearby Sharing – A Decent SHAREit Alternative For Windows Users

Features At A Glance:

  • You can easily share photos, documents, links to websites and other files with nearby devices
  • Windows 10 native file sharing app
  • Works on Windows 10 version 1803 or later

Windows Nearby Sharing, Decent SHAREit Alternative For Windows Users

If you don’t want to depend on third-party apps like SHAREit for sharing files on Windows devices, you needn’t go anywhere as you can make use of an inbuilt feature called Nearby Sharing. Here’s how you can transfer files using Nearby Sharing.


  • You won’t find any issues with file transferring
  • Smooth, fast and consistent file sharing
  • Easily accessible. All you have to do is type nearby sharing in the search box and then click open Nearby Sharing

  • It may not be as speedy as compared to SHAREit
  • It is only available for Windows devices

7. Portal – Wi-Fi File Transfers

Features At A Glance:

  • You can transfer single or multiple files or even entire folders from your computer onto your phone
  • Even files larger than 1 GB can be transferred over the Wi-Fi which means you can save up on your mobile data
  • Pictures transferred are directly sent to your phone’s gallery

Portal Wi-Fi File Transfers, alternative to shareit

This is not exactly an alternative like SHAREit because you cannot transfer or share files with another person. In a way, if there are files on your PC and the other person wants them, he can simply fire up the app and the web portal and take files quickly.


  • Secure file transfer from computer to mobile
  • The app allows transferring big files (even if they are over 1 GB)
  • Easy setup
  • Available for both iOS and Android

  • You cannot share files with another person
  • Connection establishment depends entirely on your Wi-Fi speed. If it’s low, it may take time to establish a connection or even transfer files

Get It For Android And iOS

Did You Find Your Ultimate Alternative To SHAREit?

If you share files a lot, you need a file sharing app like SHAREit. We are so sure that after you have tried the above SHAREit alternatives, you’ll have a better app to transfer files across friends, family, and colleagues no matter what device you have or what device they have. Do give these file transferring apps a try and tell us which has been your absolute favorite in the comments section below. If you have a favorite of your own, an app that didn’t make it to the list, do let us know, and we’ll have another app to explore!

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