How To Control Location Permission Of Apps On Android And iOS

When we install an app such as maps, online shopping apps, food delivery apps, they usually ask for certain permissions, including access to your device’s location, camera, and gallery. We allow a number of apps to access our location. But do we know about all the consequences of the location permissions being misused? One of the infamous being, the advertisements misusing your location information to track your movement.

Let’s talk about how to check and modify the Android location permissions and location services on the iPhone.

How To Control Android Location Permissions?

Steps ahead will help you with keeping the location to be seen by certain apps you select on your Android device. Here we provide a general method that works with your Google account. Even though all Android devices do not have the same process to alter the permissions, still you will find the settings to change app permission easily.

Step 1: Let’s begin with removing the location permissions granted to the apps present on the Android device. Start with launching the Settings app.

Step 2: Locate Apps, and tap on it for more options.

Control Location Permission Of Apps

Now look for Permissions and go ahead with the Android permissions list. This includes- camera, microphone, and location to name a few.

Tap on Location to modify location permission for an app.

app permission

Step 3: Now, as you see the apps list which is using the location.

location permission

Toggle switch to turn off the Android location permission for the app one by one.

Each app requires the location permission for its own purposes such as Maps would require basic function. Do not worry, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to allow location access to an app again.  You can always give them permission while using the app again.

Step 4: Location access can be changed for each app by going through the permission list granted.

Step 5:  To turn off location access to all the apps present on your phone, go to Settings and look for Location access. Toggle the switch to disable the access of your location for all apps in one go.

location access

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How To Control Location Settings On iPhone?

You can change the location permission for apps individually on iPhone or turn it off entirely. The section will show you how to control location settings on the iPhone. Changing the location services on iPhone settings is very easy, and it is suggested to keep them turned off. You can selectively choose to turn on the location for a few apps with the Ask for permission option.

Here, we have used the latest iOS 13.3 version on the iPhone to show you the steps to follow to control the app’s permission for the location.

Step 1: To turn off location services on the iPhone, you need to launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Locate Privacy.

Step 3: Scroll down to locate the Location services.

Step 4: Toggle off the switch, which shows in green as it indicates it is presently turned on.

location services

If you wish to change the location services permission for an app, click on it and select Ask Next Time. This ensures you the usage of location services is limited to the app after your permission. For others, you can select Never or While Using The App.

app store

Step 5: Under Location Services.

location service

Step 6: Go to System Services.

system services

Under the section of to Significant location. Tap on it to view more options.

Step 7: Turn off Significant locations, which show your location on the Maps such as home and workplace.

significant locations

Even after you turn off location services, you will be able to use the location for certain apps such as Find My.

Step 8: For more safety measures, turn off the Advertising options available on your iPhone settings.

To access them, go to Privacy, and then scroll down to locate the Advertising option. Turn On the toggle switch for Limit Ad Tracking.


What did we learn?

From this article, it is evident that we can easily change app permissions on our smartphones. Having the knowledge of which app is allowed to read what information on our device is needed. Android location permission can be limited to the above steps with your Google account. Similarly, the location services on the iPhone can also be modified.

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