How To Fake GPS Location in Android

You would definitely not share your GPS coordinates with someone who’s a complete stranger to you, right? Then why are you constantly allowing apps to access your location data? Do you have any idea where your data is stored? Do you believe in the security of systems storing data?

We come across to dozens of apps that needs your location in order to function properly, and to be honest- just to bombard you with targeted ads.

However, there’s no doubt that introduction of GPS was really a revolutionary move which changed the way we use our phone. Whether we want to locate positions, mapping, tracking people, things or want to get weather updates. GPS systems helped in every way out!

But there are plenty of reasons as well to GPS spoof and you do not want your exact location to be accessed. In this blog we’ll see why we want to fake our location (sometimes!) & how we can do it?

Fake GPS Location
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Why Do You Want To Fake GPS Location?

Here we are listing several situations where you might want to fake location (maybe for fun or may be for other reasons):

  • Maybe your parents are using GPS Trackers to keep an eye on you.
GPS Trackers
Source: myschoolportal
  • Maybe you want to install a very trending application, but it doesn’t work or available in the country you’re living.
trending application
Source: techflix
  • To trick your friends about your real location and making them think that you’re on an extravagant vacation.
trick your friends real location
  • Most people search about GPS Spoof when they are playing a location-based games. It’s a way to trick your device about reaching to a particular destination, instead of physically going there.
GPS Spoof
Source: MobileARnews
  • Another reason could be to get rid of those targeted ads, which are based on your location access.

Do remember, altering your fake location will probably not help you if you want to access a geo-restricted site. For that you have to use VPN services.

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How To GPS Spoof?

Let’s look at the step-by-step process to fake GPS Location in Android:

Step 1- You Have To Install A GPS Spoofing App

You can find plethora of fake GPS apps on Play Store, while we recommend using Fake GPS Location app, as it’s one of the highest rated GPS Spoofing app available right now.

You can download Fake GPS Location app right here!

Step 2- Activate Developer Options

To do so, head towards your Settings Menu > Scroll Down and look for System option > Tap on About Phone and reach to ‘Build Number’, here you have to tap this option at least 5-7 times till you get a message “You are now a Developer!”.

Activate Developer Options

Step 3- Enable Your Mock Location App

Now you have unlocked the Developers Option on your Device. Tap on it and under Debugging head, click on ‘Select Mock Location App’. A pop-up box will appear > Choose ‘Fake GPS Location’ app.

Enable Your Mock Location App

Step 4- Time To Spoof Your Location

Next, you have to go back and launch the GPS Spoofing App- Fake GPS Location > It will ask you to allow certain permissions. Tap Continue > Allow the app to access device’s location.

Once you’ve grant the permission, you are ready to GPS Spoof. Drag, pan, zoom in the map and choose your new location. Once you find your desired location > ‘Click to Teleport Here’.

Time To Spoof Your Location


Step 5- Verify Your New Location

Track your new location from your parent’s GPS tracking app-  You will see that you have successfully changed your location!

Points To Remember:

-In case you are hiding GPS location from your parents. Make sure you deactivate your spoofed location, when you’re done hiding & faking. Otherwise a trouble may come, when their GPS tracking app shows you at school while you are sitting in from of them.

-To stop spoofing GPS Location: Launch the app > Tap Stop Button!

-Be clever and make sure that you have no proof of running Fake GPS Location app on your phone. So, go on Settings Menu > Head towards Apps option > Select ‘Fake GPS Location’ app from the list > Choose Notifications option > Disable

GPS Spoofing
source: anonymster

Ending Note:

So, this is the way how you can prevent your parents, fool your friends and different apps on your device from tracking you. Enjoy Fake GPS Location!

Before proceeding with the aforementioned method, we would like to mention that choose wisely whether you actually want to spoof your location or not, sometimes things can get worse when no one can track where you are, so be careful!

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