Some Of The Dangers That Make Mobile Phone Tracking A Creepy Nightmare

If asked why do you use mobile phone tracking, you might as well answer “To locate my phone that’s lost” simple, right?. True, it is a technology that has made it easy for us to search for our lost cell phone, whenever it is lost. Maybe as a parent, you use mobile phone tracking to locate your child.

Yet, there are times when mobile phone tracking can be proved to be more harmful than beneficial. Here, we shall be enlisting those instances when mobile phone tracking can prove to be very dangerous. Also, we shall also be mentioning ways using which you will be able to use mobile phone tracking without falling prey to security vulnerabilities.

Instances/ Scenarios When Mobile Phone Tracking Can Prove To Be Dangerous –

You Shall Also Read About What Possibly Can Be Done To Avoid Danger

1. Mobile Phone Tracking Apps Can Collect Your Data

Mobile Phone Tracking App

Phone tracker apps use a lot of geolocation data which can be an invasion into your privacy. You might be wondering how? Whether it is a phone tracker app or mobile phone tracking system, companies owning the mobiles devices or apps can use your geolocation information and get a peek into your personal lives.

Although, majority of the companies promise to keep our information confidential, what if the server of the company is hacked, or some glitch exposes this information to potential attackers?

What Can Be Done?

First of all, if you don’t trust an app or feel that the app doesn’t need to access your location, it’s better to deny location permissions for that app. Here’s how you can manage location permissions in your Android device, follow the path mentioned below (this can differ from mobile model to mobile model) –

Settings > Apps > App Permissions > Location > App name (For e.g. Instagram)

Now, choose from one of the three radio buttons mentioned below


App Permissions


2. Retrieving Phone From An Unknown Location

Kudos to you! if you have been successful in tracking your mobile phone using a phone tracker app but here’s a piece of advice – think twice before going after the phone and its location. You never know who has your device or more so what dangers lie.

Then, How Can I Track My Phone Safely?

You should immediately inform the police about the lost phone and the location of the phone. The least you should do is, inform the local authorities for investigation or assistance.

3. Using Mobile Phone Tracker Can Have Legal Consequences

Whether or not mobile phone tracking is legal is a matter of debate. Generally, it is illegal to access or even track someone’s location. Using a phone tracker to track a friend, family member or your child can be a different scenario but if you track the location of someone without that person knowing, that person can file a lawsuit against you.

What is legal?

Cell phone tracking laws differ by state. So, in the first place, it is advisable to go through the cell phone laws of your state or country. In a general case, if your cell phone tracker only tells you the location of the number or the place in the world where the number is registered, you would not get into legal issues.

4. Mobile Phone Tracking Is Attached With Security Vulnerabilities

When you use a phone tracker app, your phone gets exposed to a lot many security vulnerabilities which potential attackers can use to their advantage. By using these vulnerabilities present on a phone tracker app, an attacker can easily –

  • Read your text messages and chats
  • Generate movement profiles
  • Access the images in your phone

This is certainly not the end of the list; an attacker can do several other things too. What’s even scarier is the fact that attackers don’t need to attack phones individually, they can attack all those devices that have a phone tracker app installed.

Recently, scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology conducted an analysis of some of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. The results were shocking, it was found that none of them was secure and all displayed serious security flaws. “   

Wisdom Is The Key

We are not completely against mobile phone tracking neither we condemn phone tracking apps, the aim of this blog is just to impart some wisdom so that in desperation to find your phone, you don’t end up causing yourself more harm. Do let us know if there are more points that are needed to be kept in mind when using mobile phone tracking.

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