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Looking for the best video player apps for your Android device in 2023?

Since, not all video players are the same, as they differ in format support, features, and user-friendliness. This article reviews some of the most popular and highly rated video player apps for Android like MX Player, VLC, AllCast, and more. We have considered several factors while choosing a video player app, including format support, playback quality, decoding options, subtitle support, streaming capabilities, user interface, and extra features.

By the end, you’ll know which Android video player app suits your needs. Let’s dive in!

What Are the Essential Features to Look for in an Android Video Player App?

To elevate your video-watching experience, here are some features to look for:

  • Comprehensive format support
  • Smooth playback of high-resolution videos
  • Hardware and software decoding options
  • Robust subtitle support
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Additional features like:
  • Adjustable aspect ratio
  • Screen lock
  • Gesture controls
  • A pop-up window for multitasking.
  • Customization options

Enhance Your Watching Experience With The Best Android Video Players (2023)

Deciding on the best video player among a sea of options can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, in my opinion, and considering user reviews, MX Player stands out as an exceptional choice for playing a wide range of file formats. Its free version offers a remarkable blend of features and performance that make it well worth trying. However, don’t just take my word for it! Feel free to explore the following video players and share your personal favorite in the comments below.

1. MX Player

MX Player

Your search for the best video player Android for 2023 should end with MX Player. Download MX Player APK on your device to enjoy the whole new video viewing experience. You can apply hardware acceleration to more videos with the help of a new HW+ decoder.

Features of MX Player

  • It offers advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support to help you enjoy different language videos.
  • MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding to offer better device performance.
  • In other features, it offers subtitle gestures, MX file sharing, kids lock, and more.

2. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

The next best mobile video player is VLC for Android. Being one of the best video players for Android, it plays most local audio and video files. This media player also works well with network streams, including adaptive streaming. With VLC Player for Android, you can explore DVD ISOs such as the desktop version of VLC with disk share support.

Features of VLC for Android

  • Use this best video player Android app to explore tons of features, including multi-track audio and subtitles.
  • It supports all major file formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, FLAC, and more. It also works as an MKV player for Android.
  • In other features, it offers support for audio headsets controls, widget for audio control, comprehensive audio media library, aspect-ration adjustments, and more.

3. Kodi


Kodi is a multi-platform free video player app that works seamlessly on any device it supports. It works as an entertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Home theatre PCs) and mobile devices. It helps YouTube player for Android and for all other major apps.

Features of Kodi

  • It uses a 10-foot user interface designed meticulously to work as an advanced media player for the living room.
  • Its GUI allows users to easily browse and view media and content, including videos, podcasts, photos, music, and more.
  • To enjoy video content on Kodi, users need to provide their own content or install one of the third-party plug-ins.

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4. KMPlayer


KMPlayer is the best free video player app for Android that is free of annoying ads. It is a perfect video player that supports all formats. Using this advanced playback tool, you can play all types of videos with subtitles. Download KM Player APK to customize your video player in an effortless manner.

Features of KMPlayer

  • It supports high definition video playback, including 4K, HD, 8k, UHD, and full HD.
  • With the timer function, you can explore music and video timer function.
  • In other functions, it offers color adjustments, zoom in video, section repeat, popup play, equalizer, speed control, and more.

Download Here

5. XPlayer


XPlayer for Android is a professional video playback tool that supports all video formats. It works seamlessly on Android smartphones and tablets. With advanced security features, it protects your private video from being deleted or viewed by other users when they use your device. This powerful mobile video player offers easy and quick buttons to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Features of XPlayer for Android

  • Keeps your videos safe with a private folder.
  • It allows you to adjust subtitles and audio. It also supports subtitle downloader.
  • In other features, this advanced video player Android app support all major video files, offers multi playback option, aspect-ratio, autorotation, and more.

Download Here

6. Video Player

Video Player

Download Video Player APK on your Android device to enjoy the best video streaming experience. This powerful media player app supports all major video file formats. Video Player for Android is available for free to use. It not only works as an advanced video player, but it also offers features of a music player. You can use the video player app to enjoy local video and audio files, access local media library, and browse folders directly.

Features of Video Player

  • It performs automatic identification of all audio and video files on your phone.
  • It supports multi-core decoding for a seamless video viewing experience.
  • In other features, it offers multiple subtitles tracks support, recent playlist, thumbnail display, quick browser, pause the music option and more.

Download Here

7. MoboPlayer


MoboPlayer is a flexible and easy-to-use video player app that works with many different video formats and supports subtitles, streaming, and pop-up windows. It’s a feature-rich audio and video player for Android that can handle various formats and allows for customization. With MoboPlayer, you can stream videos from network devices or online sources like DLNA, Chromecast, Roku, and more. It’s undoubtedly one of the best video players for Android without ads.

Features of MoboPlayer:

  • Plays a wide range of audio & video file formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, FLAC.
  • Supports various subtitle formats like SRT, SUB, ASS, etc.
  • Enjoy smooth playback of ultra-HD and 4K videos without lag or crashes, making it the best 4K player for Android.
  • Can retrieve information from sites like IMDb and themoviedb.org for the played videos.
  • Customize screen size, and prevent accidental touches with a screen lock.
  • Control playback through gestures & fine-tune sound settings.

Download Here

8. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player

Use this best free video player app for Android to play, watch, stream, repeat video content, audio content and movies. It also works as an online streaming player where it supports content from multiple streaming services. This free media player app supports all major audio & video file formats. This cross-platform video player app ensures the best user experience with tons of exciting features.

Features of PlayerXtreme Media Player

  • You can use this advanced video player Android app to enjoy all media files without conversion and access direct playback.
  • It supports all popular formats of subtitles.
  • In other features, it offers hardware acceleration, 4k Ultra HD playback support, stream directly from PC, files & folder access, easy sync option and more.

Download Here

9. SR Player (Video Player)

SR Player (Video Player)

SR Player offers the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies and videos. This advanced free video player app for Android provides smart features to enhance user experience. You can use this video player to enjoy videos in the background as audio-only files. It offers easy volume and brightness control through gestures for easy control.

Features of SR Player (Video Player)

  • It allows you to play videos in small popup mode while doing other activities on the screen of your device.
  • It helps you create your playlist of videos.
  • In other options, it offers smooth online streaming, bookmarks, favorites option, night mode, and more.

Download Here

10. 4K Video Player

4K Video Player

Last in the list of the best video player for Android is 4K Video Player. This is a simple, lightweight and powerful media player for Android that is packed with tons of useful features. You can use a 4K Video Player to play all formats and file types on your device. It allows you to control payback from the app and the notification area.

Features of 4K Video Player

  • This MP4 and media player offers smooth scrolling over the list of videos and helps you play audio & videos in the background.
  • You can use this advanced video player for Android to play all video formats including 4K Ultra HD video 2160p when the hardware is compatible.
  • In other features, it offers night mode, list + grid view, gesture controls, share video option, and more.

Download Here

11. FX Player

FX Player

FX Player is a modern and advanced video player for Android that comes with a range of exciting features. This HD video player for Android supports playing ultra-HD and 4K videos, allowing you to enjoy high-quality playback. With hardware acceleration, FX Player optimizes performance and extends battery life. It also offers network streaming capabilities, subtitle support, and the ability to mirror your screen.

Features of FX Player:

  • Stream videos from network devices or online sources like DLNA, Chromecast, Roku, etc.
  • Cast videos to smart TVs or other devices for a bigger screen experience.
  • Display subtitles in multiple languages and formats (SRT, SUB, ASS).
  • Mirror device screen to another device via Wi-Fi or USB cable.
  • This top video player for Android customizes subtitle size, color, position, and timing.

Download Here

12. ADV Player

ADV Player

ADV Player is a user-friendly and good video player for Android that supports various formats like MP4, MPK, and 3GP. It can play videos from online streaming sites and comes with a built-in equalizer and gesture control for an enhanced playback experience. Best of all, ADV Player is the best free video player that supports different formats and even allows downloading video links.

Features of ADV Player:

  • Plays various video formats like mkv, mp4, 2k, 4k, and loads srt subtitle files.
  • Customize playback speed to suit your preference.
  • Scans your device and SD card for videos, presenting them in a folder view.
  • Zoom in or out effortlessly by pinching the screen.
  • With powerful gesture functionality, adjust brightness and volume by swiping the screen.

Download Here


Here comes the end to best video player Android apps you should try now. While we have reviewed free & paid versions of these video player apps, these apps also work as a media player, YouTube player, audio & music player apps. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below.


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