How Can You Archive App Files (Apks) on Android?

Android Operating System is quite different from the regular computer operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux.  All computer operating systems have an installation file which, when executed, installs the application on your computer. The installation process includes entering details in the Windows Registry, placing shortcuts on Desktop and Start menu and creating a lot of files and folders. In case, you lose the installation file; you can never reverse the process and create an installation file from all the files on your computer’s hard drive. However, Android OS does provide an opportunity for its users to create an installation file or APK and store it for later use.

This reverse installation is known as creating an archive app into APK installed on your system. Most of us download apps from the Google Play Store, which means we do not have the APK file with us. If for any reason, the application is no longer available on the Play Store, then there is no way to install unless you get the APK from a third-party website. Sometimes these APKS are laden with malicious software like spyware or trackers, thus making it unsafe to install. However, creating an archive app APK on your device is safe and secure.

How To Create Archive App Files (Apks) On Android?

Creating an Archive App File or APK on Android requires a specialized software like Smart Phone Cleaner. This is a fantastic multi-utility app with a lot of features that can accomplish a lot of different tasks, including creating archive app APKS by the following steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Smart Phone Cleaner from the Google Play Store or by clicking on the link below

Step 2: Tap on the newly created app shortcut to open the application.

Step 3: Once the app open, scroll down on the main screen until you locate the App Manager. Tap on it once to view the list of applications installed in your Android device.


smart phone cleaner


Step 4: The first tab labelled as Installed will list all the applications on your system. You can scroll down and Tap on Archive button to create an APK file from the installed application.

create an APK file from the installed application

Step 5: Click on OK on the prompt that pops out. You will also notice the location of the newly created APK file, which is hidden in your smartphone.

Step 6: Tap on the Archived Tab on the top, and you will see a list of all the archived applications in your phone. You can either choose to restore the application or delete the archive.

Archive App Files (Apks) on Android?

Note: The Restore app button only works if the application selected has been uninstalled from your smartphone.

That was the final step to create archive app for APK installed in your device. You can maintain a collection of these APKs and share them with your friends or install it on another device. Most of you might think that creating archive apps for APK installed would not be necessary as every app is installed in Google Play Store. However, some apps are not available or removed from the Play Store. This is very important to save an archive app got the APK installed. The created APKs can also be transferred and installed on an Android device without internet.

Why Choose Smart Phone Cleaner Over Other Similar Software?

The question posted above is valid for it is important to know what other features can Smart Phone Cleaner offer. This application is a multi-utility tool and could replace a dozen apps installed on your phone. It would be like carrying one Swiss Army Knife instead of multiple tools. Here are some of its interesting features:

Protection from Malware. Smart Phone Cleaner protects your Smartphone from all malicious software, infections and threats. With this app installed, you can remove your existing antivirus app.

Secure & Private Browser. This app also includes a browser in incognito mode and does not store any records like caches, cookies and most importantly, your browsing history.

Advanced File Explorer. All android devices do have a default file explorer that can help you browse through your files and folders on your smartphone. However, with advanced file explorer, you can categorize all the files on your Android smartphone and sort them into Video, Audio files, Images, and more.

Game Optimization. This feature is most popular among gamers who would like to clear up all the memory resources and optimize their phone before they start playing on the Android device.

Duplicate files. One of the main reasons for your storage space appears over-consumed is because of the duplicate files stored in our phone. Smart Phone Cleaner helps scan all the files in the device and identify and delete the duplicate ones with user consent.

Junk Remover. Speaking of saving storage space, this app also allows users to delete all the unwanted, obsolete, junk and temporary files from your phone.

The Final Word On How Can You Archive App Files (Apks) On Android?


smart phone cleaner

Finally, it is important to create archive app for APKs installed on your phone and store the installation file on google drive or anywhere safe. This can be done mostly for those apps that have been created personally or for office use. Certain apps are not available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from other stores and saved as APK for installation on other devices.

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