Why You Need a Cleaner App for Your Android

When it comes to smartphone users, Android OS surpasses all others. As per recent data on Statista, in the first quarter of 2016 Android phones acquired around 84% of smartphone market share. Having said that, the portal also expected Android to maintain its supremacy until 2020 with around 85% users worldwide.

While Android is leading the way and will continue to do so, its users are concerned about many facets. Let’s say, its battery backup, RAM usage, speed of the phone and even memory utilization. Newer versions of Android are smart enough to take care of many of these issues. Android as an Operating System is designed with a smart-manager to assign RAM to apps and use it in the most appropriate way. Likewise, it also takes charge of background apps on its own. However, when it comes to data storage and memory utilization, it all comes down to user handling of device.

Do you really need a cleaner for your Android?

More often than not, an average user stores redundant and obsolete data more on their phone than valuable ones. Certainly this becomes the culprit to slow down and lag your phone more than you’d expect it. It also raises the need of a cleaner app on your Android. Well, when we say ‘cleaner app’ we mean a moderate one. Also, if you are amongst those vigilant users who maintain your phone well, you shouldn’t go for a cleaner android app.

What such apps do to your Android phone…

We’d say, if your Android version is an outdated one then a cleaner for your Android is required. But if you’ve switched to any of the latest versions, you must read this before you download a top rated Android cleaner app.

As we mentioned above, newer Android versions are designed with smart RAM manager, they purposefully load RAM with some apps for better performance. However, when you install any app that claims to boost your Android’s performance, enhance its memory or such promises, they actually kill the applications that are much need for smooth processing. When scanned and killed apps multiple times on your phone, they actually turn out to harm your phone then to benefit it. They considerably lower down its performance and launch the apps again and again, thereby increase the battery usage.

So, we’d recommend you not rely on a cleaner app for enhanced performance of your Android. But when it comes to keep track of your data, applications, memory usage and similar issues, you can actually install an app like Smart Phone Cleaner.

Smart Phone Cleaner is a well-equipped app to help you get away with junk files, unwanted apps and data. The app also has a battery manager and One-tap Optimization that will allow you to manage your phone proficiently.

Manage your Phone Data with Smart Phone Cleaner

As the name suggest, Smart Phone Cleaner will help you clean anything that doesn’t seem good to you on your Android Phone. The app is designed with a striking interface and some intuitive features like One-tap Optimizer, Junk Files, Game SpeedUp, Storage Manager, App Manager and Battery Saver.

With Junk Files, Storage Manager and App Manager, you’ll be able to release abundant memory on your phone. These features let you preview files and delete them thereafter. When it comes to One-tap Optimizer, Game SpeedUp and Battery Saver, Smart Phone Cleaner preforms smarter than any other similar app. It doesn’t run itself unnecessary and harm your phone in no way (as we have mentioned about Android’s and cleaner app’s processing). It will release releasable RAM and memory when you command so. With that been said, we’d recommend users to rely on an app like Smart Phone Cleaner and must also look into the features before installing any cleaner app.

You can install Smart Phone Cleaner anyway!

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