App Review: Call Recorder- Cube ACR

We need call recording apps for several reasons. It can be for keeping a record of what your contact told you on call, as it helps you listen to the conversation again, in case you missed out on anything. In other cases, someone might be giving instructions for assistance, and you can not make notes at that time, so you rather record the telephone conversation. The reason for keeping a call recording app on your phone arises due to any of these reasons. One such app is  Call Recorder – Cube ACR for Android,  and it is one of the best ways to record a conversation over the call.

We have discussed this smart call recording app for Android, and how it helps you in keeping records of calls to never miss important things mentioned over the call. –

Without further ado, let’s get started with the features it offers and how it helps the Android users.

What Is The Call Recorder App- ACR?

Call Recorder from Cube ACR is a wonderful app, which will make the call recording on your phone easier. The app comes with multiple features as it can record the voice call on your Android device. This will not only record the call made on your phone number but the ones over WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Skype, WeChat and Line.

Note: As WeChat is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

As the app is sufficiently good to record the calls on the VoIP services, this maximizes its usage.


  • Record incoming and outgoing calls on your phone number.
  • Record the VoIP calls on other apps.
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Audio quality of the recording can be set.
  • Auto recording available.

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How does the call recording app work?

Step 1. To get the app on your phone, you need to find the app on the Google Play Store and download it. Check the download button below.


Once you have downloaded it, you give permissions to the app for the call recording.

Note: Not all of the Android devices allow the call recording of the VoIP calls. Therefore, it might not work along with your device, please check the phone list to look for your phone model.

Step 2. As you set up the app for use, you get multiple options for phone call recording. One of the most essential features is Automatic Call Recording. Just set this feature and get back with your usual work, as the Call recorder – Cube ACR will turn on recording itself each time you are on a call. Though the option to start the recording each time you receive a call by tapping on the recording button is also available. The app is reliable as it works every time and does not miss any recording.

Step 3. Another feature is to customize the contacts to be added in the list, so their call is always recorded. This relieves you from remembering that you must record the call when talking to someone on the phone. Similarly, the list can be formed for all the contacts you do not wish to record. This is called an Exclusion list and will let you keep your private affair under wraps.

Step 4. The app keeps receiving updates regularly to keep it up to date and to make improvements. The app can play all your recording in the app itself, and you can easily manage them. The recordings can be directly removed from the app, and it will be removed permanently.

Other features:

  • Smart Speaker will let you listen to your recordings privately as soon as you put it near your ear. This app will make your loudspeaker mode turn to earphones on sensing the movement.
  • Start Call Recording at any time during the call, and it will function smoothly.
  • Call back from within the app as you tap on the phone number or contact.

The Premium version of the app comes with more features. Take a look at them as listed below:

  • Save your call recordings on Google Drive from the app and share them with ease.
  • Hide the Call Recording App along with its widget, so no one gets to know about the use.
  • Locate on a map where your calls have been recorded to keep track.
  • Set the location on your phone to save your recorded files automatically.
  • Automatically deletes the non-starred old call recordings to free up
  • Set the action for what needs to be done with the call recording such as immediately share and send or delete.


We believe that the call recorder app from Cube ACR is most importantly, good for use with other apps. This can prove to be a good option for all Android users looking for a recorder app for basic needs. We find the premium version features to be more versatile. One must try the basic version first and then switch to the premium/

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  • Paridhi dhamani
    In Cube ACR call recording feature is easy to use and can be set up in just minutes. I really found browsing details feature of the app is quite impressive

    2 years ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat
      Yes, we believe it is a good option to be used for recording calls on your phone.

      2 years ago Reply
  • Harry Dingel
    Is the app safe ?
    Who developed it ? The Chinese ? Is it connected to the Chinese government or any other malicious body ?

    1 year ago Reply

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