SwifDoo PDF Editor Review for Windows 11/10

For most of us who access documents in the form of PDFs, it is important that we have a utility with which we can increase the productivity around PDFs. We need a utility with which we can edit text and images, add annotations, encrypt PDFs with passwords, sign them when needed, and do so much more. Here we are going to discuss in brief one such utility – SwifDoo PDF Editor which is regarded as one of the best PDF viewing and editing tools.

SwifDoo PDF Editor : Review

What Are The Features That You Can Expect From SwifDoo PDF Editor?

SwifDoo PDF Editor is a feature-rich PDF editing tool. While we are going to discuss some of its notable features, let’s quickly have a glance at the kind of features it offers and more importantly why you should consider installing SwifDoo PDF Editor –

  • A variety of viewing modes.
  • Various editing options.
  • Ability to add various annotations to your PDF documents to make them more comprehensive.
  • Read the PDF aloud.
  • OCR feature to make a scanned PDF searchable and editable.
  • Quick Translation.
  • Conceal viewing history using the “Incognito Mode”
  • Search and replace option.
  • Ability to convert PDFs to a variety of file formats.
  • Ability to add images and hyperlinks to images.

What Are The Factors That We’ll Discuss Here?

Here we are going to talk about the following aspects of SwifDoo PDF Editor –

  • Interface – How Easy It Is To Use and Understand
  • Features – A Look At Some of Its Notable Features
  • Pricing – Free Vs Paid – How Much Would It Cost You?

Interface – Ease of Use

SwifDoo PDF has an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and modern interface. The main page enlists all the common or popular tools with which you can perform common tasks like editing PDFs, converting PDFs to Word or Image, merging or splitting PDFs, compressing PDFs, or performing other batch-processing tasks related to PDFs.

Apart from the tools mentioned on the main interface, SwifDoo PDF offers an ocean of tools with which you can view, annotate, edit, protect, share, and perform a host of other tasks. You can see these options on the top. To access sub-options, you can click on each of these options and access the sub-tools. For example, to annotate, here are the various tools you get as shown in the screenshot below.

main interface

Quite like some of the best PDF editors, SwifDoo PDF also shows you all the files that you have opened on it. You can view them in Grid View or List View. But, there is one aspect that you’ll like – the Incognito Mode. By activating this mode, the files you view won’t be listed in the Recent Files section. This can be a great option, if, for instance, you don’t want a legal document you are analyzing to be read by other users.

Notable Features

1. Multiple Editing options

Multiple Editing options

SwifDoo PDF comes with several editing options with which you can edit both text and images. You can change fonts, edit texts, add highlights, replace text, and do so much more. One of the best aspects here is that you can use White-out feature to white out those areas that you don’t want the intended reader to see. Once you save the document after performing edits, the area will be concealed. It is quite like the Search and Redact feature of Systweak PDF Editor that blacks out and hides the area that you don’t want the reader to see.

2. Split Documents Into Separate PDFs

Split Documents Into Separate PDFs

There might be times when you might want to split a PDF into smaller PDF files. SwifDoo PDF makes this easy for you. You can open a document and split it into individual PDFs. Furthermore, you can assign a page range, choose how you want to split, enter how many files you want the PDFs to be split and choose other settings.

3. Merge Several PDFs into One

Merge Several PDFs into One

Contrary to the above feature, SwifDoo PDF Editor is a PDF editing utility that also lets you merge several PDFs into one single file. For example, it could be that you have received individual chapters of a book. And, during your final exam, in order to revise you can quickly merge these into a single comprehensive PDF file. Again, here you can select the page range, add or remove files and choose other such settings.

4. Convert PDFs to Various File Format

Convert PDFs to Various File Format

There are times when you may have to convert a PDF document to a specific file format. For example, it could be that you received a table in a document whose facts need to be corrected. What would you do? Go online to convert PDF to Excel or download a separate converter? You may not have to when you have SwifDoo PDF Editor. The PDF editing software lets you convert PDF to any major format of your choice – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, popular image formats, archive formats, you name it.

5. OCR Functionality

OCR Functionality

SwifDoo PDF Editor also comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality that lets you convert scanned documents or images into editable and searchable text. Here are some other best OCR software to extract text from images.

6. Multitude Options To Protect PDF

Multitude Options To Protect PDF

Once you are done editing or even viewing PDF documents, you may want to secure them or add restrictions so that not everyone can access everything. As is evident from the screenshot above, SwifDoo offers various things with which you can secure your documents.

You can –

  • Batch encrypt your PDF documents.
  • Add signatures and watermarks and if need be.
  • Even flatten PDF documents.

7. Translate Any Document Into Your Target Language

Translate Any Document Into Your Target Language

This is a feature that not even the most advanced PDF editing utilities offer. With Quick Translation feature you can translate up to 400 characters in a PDF document in a language of your choice. In case there is a section in your PDF document that is in a language that is not known to you, you won’t have to copy it and paste it in a separate document translator. Instead, you can use the Quick Translation feature and convert the text in your language then and there.

Pricing – How Much Would SwifDoo PDF Cost Me?

SwifDoo PDF offers a 15-day free trial during which you can test out all the features of this PDF editing utility for free. After the 15-day free trial, you can choose to purchase the premium variant whose pricing starts at $3.3/ month. Here is a screenshot that outlines the various plans –

SwifDoo PDF Cost

How To Get Started With SwifDoo PDF Editor?

Step 1 – Download SwifDoo PDF Editor (you can start with a 15-day free trial).

Click Here to Download SwifDoo PDF Editor

Step 2 – From the home page choose a task. For example, Edit PDF.

Edit PDF

Step3 – Open the document that you want to edit.

Open the document

Step 4 – From the top select an option to perform edits – you can Insert Text, Replace text, Add Images, and do loads of other things.

Step5 – You can open multiple PDFs in the form of tabs and perform separate tasks on each of them. For example, as you can see in this session – we have opened one PDF for editing and another for OCR.

open multiple PDFs

How Good Is SwifDoo PDF At Streamlining PDF Tasks?

To conclude, SwifDoo PDF as a whole is a capable and efficient PDF editing utility. It provides you with all the necessary tools with which you can comprehensively work with your PDF documents. You can edit, annotate, view, convert, and do a multitude of other tasks. Do give this tool a try and let us know if it stands up to your expectations. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. You can also find us on FacebookPinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Flipboard.

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