Top 12 Best Call Blocker Apps for iOS and Android

These days smartphones can do lots of things for us but still the basic purpose of a phone is to make and to receive calls. While talking about different applications that make our smartphones really useful, we cannot skip some applications to make calling easier for us.

In our daily routine we receive and make lots of calls but sometimes it becomes annoying when we continuously get calls which are not important to us. If you are annoyed by such calls, then having a best call blocker application is must for you. On the App store and Play store you will find plenty of such applications.

First let’s understand how a call blocker App Works and then our list of best call blocker apps will help you to choose the best one for your smartphone.

How Best Call Blocker Apps work :

A call blocking app already has the data of spam callers when you receive a call some of the apps shows it as a spam caller and give you an option to straight away block these callers. You can also manually manage the list of blocked callers by adding numbers to the black list from your contacts.

To make the selection of Best call blocker app easier for you here is the list of applications which are found to be best suited for this purpose.

1.Black list Plus

Black list plus

Blacklist plus is an efficient call blocker application which not only blocks unwanted calls, but it also blocks unwanted messages. The application gives you full control over what you want to block and when you want to block. There are two basic ways of blocking a call using this application one is by rejecting all the calls and the other one is placing ringer on mute for unnecessary calls. You can set a time limit such as a time frame in which you do not want to receive unnecessary calls.

2.Call Blocker Free:
Call blocker free

If you are looking for an application which is effective and with no ads at the same time, then you should go for Call Blocker Free. The application is having own airplane mode to block all callers, you can also set up your blacklist and whitelist. Call reminders and call back alert notifications is what makes application different from other apps in this category.

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3. Call Controls:

Call Controls

Call controls is a free application for iPhone users which is absolutely free. The application comes with an ability to block private numbers, unknown numbers and you can also customize this list as per your convenience. With the latest update call controls can now identify spam callers and can automatically block them using your carrier’s caller ID system. Smart blocking feature blocks spam calls automatically which makes the functioning of the application absolutely effortless.

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4. Truecaller


True caller app is available for both android and iOS users and certainly we cannot forget to include this app while talking about applications which helps you to identify and block spam callers. Truecaller comes with an add on which is known as true dialer. It is not compulsory to install this dialer. If you are dialing a number which is not saved in your contacts, then true dialer can tell you the name of the person you are dialing to. True caller is a broadly used call blocker or identifier app and this is the reason it is supposed to have a big data base of spammers.

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5. Number:

Mr Number

Mr. number is another call blocker utility for both iOS and Android devices. If you do not have any of your friends or relatives leaving overseas and you are annoyed by international calls, then with this application you can configure settings to only accept calls from your home country. You can easily choose to block SMS and calls from a specific number and even from a specific area code. The best part about the app is that if you have it installed on your device it will automatically block spammers and potential fraud.

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6. Avast call blocker:

Avast call blocker

When it comes to cyber security Avast is the best name we know from a long time. Avast also provides security suite for smartphone and its call blocker apps really works well. For android users call blocker is a feature of Avast security suite for android and on iPhone app store you will find a dedicated app of call blocker. Call blocker works perfectly it is having two different tabs one is for viewing the history from blocked callers and another one for adding numbers to block calls from them.
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7. Master Call ID blocker:

Master Call ID blocker

Master Call ID blocker is a perfect solution to block calls. The application comes with different permutation combinations you can add numbers manually or you can set application to block callers from spammers based on global directory. The application comes with an easy to use interface you can either go by whitelist approach or by blacklist approach. You can set to get notifications if you get a call from blocked callers or you can even mute notifications. On a particular time if you do not want to receive no calls at a time then you can block all the numbers and can enable do not disturb mode. If you are annoyed by unwanted calls and searching how to block calls on android then it is  a must try app.

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8. Show caller:

Show caller

Show caller app is similar to Truecaller. To block unknown callers first you need to identify them and show callers help you in this. When you get a call show caller searches from shared database and give you the best possible details of callers then you can block them easily as the interface of the application is easy to understand and easy to use. The best part about the application is that it is available for both Android and iOS users. Data base of the application is having millions of numbers which helps the app to give you reliable information about callers.

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9. Hiya:


Another application to enhance your smartphone experience is Hiya the application is having option to report each and every number individually. Others can view such reports about a number and then they can decide either they want to pick a call or not. You can also see reports mentioned by others. The application is available for both android and iPhone users and this is the reason it is having a bigger database, and this makes it one of the best call blocker for iPhone.

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10. Should I Answer:

Should I Answer

As you can understand by the name itself Should I answer filters calls for you and with the help of application it becomes very easy for you to decide that which calls you should answer and which you should not. The application works on rating-based model which means it shows you the rating of a caller as soon as your phone starts ringing. Like other application this tool can also help you in blocking calls from foreign countries. You can also choose to block calls from the numbers which are not in your phonebook. This makes it one of the best call blocker app.

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11.Calls Blacklist:

Calls Blacklist

If you need to block callers for specific time and do not want other to know that you have blocked someone then you can use this app. Blacklist plus will not reveal your block list unless you will enter your password. The best part of the application is that you can even block calls for specific days of the week and between specific time. In this way call blocker app helps you to keep your personal and professional life separated and sorted.

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12. WhosCall:


Here is another application which is available for both iPhone and Android users. Key feature of the application is that it also helps you to identify callers even when you are offline. In some other features the application allows you to hang up and block calls in just one swipe. In the free version of application, you may find some adds but the premium version is absolutely free from adds. So, if you are wondering how to block calls on iPhone then this application will be the easiest way.

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So, these were the applications which can help you to use your smartphone more smartly. Nothing is precious then your time and a best call blocker App can help you to save it. Pick anyone for you and start saving your time.

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