Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

Android is simply a bundle of features, that serves innumerable uses. Eventuated with simple regular handsets that were used for just making calls have now evolved into a plethora of functionalities that just makes the OS most popular among any others.

Today we are talking about one such feature that serves users with a robotic assistant that works virtually anytime & anywhere. puzzled? We are discussing about the best Android sound/audio recording apps that record conversations that later can be used for various purposes.

Imagine you got the golden opportunity to take a once in a lifetime interview with a celebrity of your choice? He is after all your secret crush. The one you have been idolizing since the time you were a pimply teen. You wouldn’t want any technical hassles to be a spanner in the works, would you? What you need handy at such times is the perfect Voice Recorder Android Apps.

With easy transfer options, one can easily upload the data recorded from the Applications. They even record lectures or speeches and make for easy communication. Without further delay, let’s check out the list for the best top 10 Android high-quality voice recorder apps.

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10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

Here we are highlighting the top 10 best Android voice recorder apps that are simple to use & allows easy recording anywhere & anytime.

1. Easy Voice Recorder

It is the best audio recorder app which aids in creating voice notes, music and record lectures or meeting notes and more. It quickly switches between meetings, music, voice notes and raw sound with simple settings and presets.

  • Download Here
  • Record high-quality MP4 & PCM
  • Start a recording directly from shortcuts and record in the background.
  • Share recordings via email or app.
  • Comes with Android Wear support
  • Set a recording as a ringtone

easy voice recorder
With its Pro version, you can upload your recordings to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. It allows you to record via a Bluetooth microphone. With this voice recorder app for Android, you can also edit or trim a recording

2. Voice Recorder

This easy to use App records voice files in High Quality. The recorded voice file can be exported into MP3 formats. It records data in the background (even when display is off) and hence saves battery of the device. It sends and shares a recording through multiple media outlets such as email, SMS, mms, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, etc.

voice recorder app for android


  • Download: Here
  • Supports file formats: OGG & MP3.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • High quality Audio Recorder
  • Easy to use controls: Resume/Pause/Save/Cancel
  • Requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

It ranks number second on our list of best Android voice recorder apps for its easy to use recordings list. Do download this best voice recorder app for those never ending voice recording.

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3. Smart Voice Recorder

As the name suggests, Smart Voice recorder uses compression method which uses less memory in the phone and increases battery life. Offers Storage option in SD Card and Phone memory. The live audio spectrum analyzer helps one get the best audio input.

Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder


  • Download: Here
  • Not a Call Recorder unlike many other Apps.
  • Supports live audio spectrum analyzer.
  • Proffers Wave Lock feature, that prevents device from sleeping.
  • Share recordings via Email, Dropbox, WhatsApp & other platforms.
  • Requires Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above.

This app come as a close second on our list as it allows one to set the recordings as default system alarms, ringtones and notifications. It’s a must download high-quality voice recorder app for Android.

4. RecForge II

Perfect free voice recorder app for the music lovers, the head bangers, for the music makers and those who love to sing. This app flawlessly records, all the live recording or the band rehearsals.

RecForge II - Audio Recorder


  • Download: Here
  • Music speed changer: Adjust tempo, pitch, playing rate.
  • Allows you to enable/disable AGC (Automatic Gain Control).
  • Supports formats such as mp3, ogg, wma, opus, flac, m4a, wav codec and counting.
  • Runs in background, so less battery consumption.
  • Requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

Supports multiple file formats and shares them through traditional formats and via Cloud too. This simple voice recorder app easily manages & organizes your files and folders according to your requirements.

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5 Parrot

This Android sound recorder app has multiple uses. It doesn’t just record voice files, it even sends out recorded phone calls. With Android wear support, it is the best option for professionals who want to record meetings and offers multiple combinations for customizations.

playback waveform


  • Easily compatible with Android Wear.
  • Offers scheduled recording option.
  • Offers plethora of effects to eliminate ambience sounds, echo and unwanted noises.
  • Provides volume booster, to enhance the tracker for better listening.
  • Requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

It’s a free voice recorder app but offers in-app purchases for more upgradations. Do download this high-quality audio recording app for live & buttery audio recordings.

6. Snipback

Claims as one of the good voice recorder app, and we truly agree to it. Though this free voice recorder app is little sneaky. As it secretly records audio from phone and hence makes it easier for recalling past conversations. It even breaks down the audio files into multiple sessions.

Voice Recorder - SnipBack


  • Offers noise cancellation for flawless quality of audio.
  • Easy and Quick to set up & recording.
  • Gives an ability to alter the audio quality.
  • Comes with Night Mode functionality, that secretly records sounds & enables secret listening.
  • Requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) and up.

This high-quality audio recording app may feature half way through our list of the top 10 voice recorder Android apps, but it boasts of single click recording. Doesn’t get easier than that folks! Get this free voice recorder app right now!

7. Call Recorder

This is another best voice recorder app that allows automatic call recordings and helps filter which number calls are whitelisted or blacklisted and hence recorded by default.

call recorder


    • Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts.
    • Has an ability to record all telephone conversations.
  • Provides options such as: Black List, White List, Favorite, Search and much more.
  • Share files via SMS, Google, Skype, Dropbox etc.
  • Ideal professional voice recorder Android app.
  • Requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up.

A must use app for marketing professionals and those who do not want to miss a call. It also has the option of set password to protect personal and corporate privacy.

8. Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

There are many apps that claim to record audio, but, Cogi is on an entire different plain. This great phone voice recorder app saves your time, keeps your recording & notes organised.

Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder


  • Download: NA
  • Save everything in the Cogi Cloud.
  • High quality audio recorder.
  • Unlimited recording durations.
  • Record both sides of phone calls.
  • Requires Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up

With the support of hashtags and text notes along with images and whiteboard screen grabs, one can increase productivity and rake in more revenue from their businesses. Even if one is in the middle of a call, they can start recording with a single click. How easy can it get?

9. Titanium Voice Recorder with Number ID

Records files in a compressed format of 3GP and ACC. Scans and records unknown calls when on the speaker. While this feature increases security it does not stop the normal use of the phone.

titanium voice recorder app


  • Records in HD quality with no file size limit.
  • Ideal professional voice recorder Android app.
  • Has an embedded player to instantly play your audio recordings.
  • Has an inbuilt file manager to organize your files.
  • Requires Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above

An excellent high quality voice recorder app for those who want that extra dash of safety feature on their phone. So, we reach the halfway mark on our list of the top 10 cell phone voice recorder apps. Let’s see which more apps manage to make it on our list.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

10. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This good voice recorder takes mobile sound recording to the next level. With multiple customization options, this application supports Widgets which makes file transfer easy. The files are also easily upload onto Dropbox. With Mic option one can get the best quality of sound with the minimum effort.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)


  • Offers Easy WIFI transfer without generation loss.
  • Does not support Phone calls.
  • Manage audio quality settings.
  • Supports automatic uploads to clouds such as Google Drive & Dropbox.
  • Best voice recorder for lectures.
  • Android requirement varies from device to device.

This simple voice recorder app records up to 10 minutes per clip. To get unlimited recording length, user can buy upgradations (in-app purchases).

Note: This app has been discontinued.

Final Words: Best Apps To Record High-Quality Audio on Your Mobile

We always remain in a hurry. We require such technologies that match our fast lifestyle. Business people or anyone who always needs to take voice notes & recordings so that they never miss a single important detail.

With this, we conclude our list of the Top 10 Voice Recording Apps for Android. Do drop a line and let us know what app suits your needs the best. Also, do suggest which apps you think deserve a mention in our lists.

Till then, Happy recording! 🙂

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