3 Tips To Backup Messages From Windows 10 Mail App

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When it comes to emails, most of us prefer web email clients over default services offered by the system. Same goes for emails on Smartphones! We often tend to rely on web email services like Gmail or AOL, rather than stick to the default mail app offered by software.

Gone are the days when Outlook was the only email application known. With passing years, the number of options have increased for users to pick from. Talking of Windows, only a minor proportion of users happen to know about the default mail app offered by Windows 10. The reason being that previous versions of Windows didn’t offer to backup or email, files and settings. Let us look at what Windows 10 has to offer.

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So, here a few things you can do to make sure your mail is backed up.

1. Always Prefer IMAP Not POP3

Add microsoft account

This is one of the most basic things to take care of, while setting up your email account. As soon as you launch default mail app of Windows 10, you need to link it with any one of your existing accounts. While setting up your email account make sure that you have picked the IMAP option rather than outdated POP3 to avoid any hassle. IMAP ensures that all your email messages are synced onto server so that you can access it from any machine.

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2. Give Special Attention To Important Emails

As soon as an important email lands in your inbox just make sure you create an immediate backup. For this you need to create a print copy of the mail message. Don’t worry you won’t require a printer to do this! We’ll create a smart backup instead, by using Windows 10 built-in print to PDF function. Just click the three-dot menu button on the upper right-hand corner and click “Print”.

Important emails

Now select Microsoft Print to PDF option from the menu.

Microsoft print to pdf

And finally, save the PDF file at a cloud location to keep it safe and secure.

3. Backup Windows Regularly

Backup Windows Regularly

Last but not the least, make it a habit to take regular backups of your system. Windows default mail app might not have a built-in backup option, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take the backup of entire system. To create a backup of Windows system, go to Windows settings> Backup. If you have a reliable backup of your Windows installation, you will be able to recover all your mails anytime. If you have a habit of taking regular backup of your system, you never have to fear about losing data.

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Here was a quick guide on keeping your mails safe and secure on Windows mail app. Backup is always the right thing to do, far better than losing data, right? So, follow these tips and do share with us, your emailing experience on Windows 10.

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