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Blog Summary – If there is a simpler way to uninstall applications from Mac, it is to use an app remover. The best app remover on Mac is Advanced Uninstall Manager with its powerful features.

Have you ever tried to clean up your computer by removing unnecessary files, folders, and applications? It is not easy to get rid of the Mac applications as the associated files might still be laying in the storage. To completely uninstall applications on Mac, you need to find the right app remover for Mac. In this blog, we would help you choose the best Mac app cleaner. We suggest you use Advanced Uninstall Manager which can easily delete apps on Mac.

Best App recommendation for app uninstaller for Mac-

We recommend the best app to uninstall programs on Mac i.e. Advanced Uninstall Manager. It keeps all your worries at bay and solves the problem in minutes. Advanced Uninstall Manager is an easy-to-use application for complete app removal. It can efficiently delete apps on Mac along with all related files. It also comes with a feature to show the App history to find out if you have deleted an application. Other important features to manage applications by protecting important apps by adding them to a list of Favourite apps. These Mac applications will be safe from situations to be deleted accidentally.

Key Features of Advanced Uninstall Manager include-

  • Easy to use app uninstaller for Mac.
  • Quick detection of all data for the application on Mac.
  • Lists out all Startup programs
  • Exclude Favourite apps and restrict them from getting removed.
  • Check the history for the removed applications. 

Advanced Uninstall Manager is available for macOS 10.11 and higher. It comes with multiple language support and all at a very reasonable price of $4.99. 

How to uninstall applications on Mac using Advanced Uninstall Manager?

We have discussed the features of this powerful application used for removing apps on Mac. Now, in this section, we will tell you more about how the intuitive interface of the application works. So, let’s begin with the steps given below –

Step 1: Download Advanced Uninstall Manager from the Mac App Store link given below –

Step 2: Launch Advanced Uninstall Manager. On the home screen, go to Uninstall

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Step 3: Click on the Start Scan and this will start and show you all the applications which are installed on your Mac. 

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the app you wish to remove in the circle as shown in the image.


Advanced Uninstall Manager


Step 4: Select the application you wish to delete from the list present in the scan. 

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Step 5: Now, go to the Delete Files section and click on the Select All button after reviewing the content for the application on Mac.

Step 6:  Click on Delete Button. 

Step 7: Confirmation message will show up in the pop-up window, with the message – Are you sure you want to remove selected items. 

Click on Yes. 

That’s all, this is how easy it is to clear a Mac application along with its related files using Advanced Uninstall Manager. Removing the unwanted applications on Mac will help you recover storage space on the drive. 

What more you can do with Advanced Uninstall Manager?

Other than uninstalling the applications on Mac and restoring the storage space, Advanced Uninstall Manager can:

a. Secure Important Application with Favourite Apps features:

  1. Launch App and scan for all apps.
  2. Next, go to the Favourite Apps to add the applications to the Favourite list. 
  3. Mark the important applications by clicking on the heart-shaped icon on each application.
  4. This will keep you from uninstalling an important application unintentionally.   

b. A notification will alert you from uninstalling these apps. 

c. Manage Login Items:

  • Launch the app and then go to Login Items in the left panel.
  • Add or remove the login items from the list. 
  • This will manage the boot time for Mac. 


The best app uninstaller for Mac is Advanced Uninstall Manager for giving you the perfect solution to manage Mac applications. This will effectively remove all the related files along with the application in one go. Saves your time and also relieves you from taking extra pain to locate all the associated files on Mac. Moreover, restricting the important application from getting deleted by accident with the Favourite Apps feature. Managing Login Items on Mac has added to the glory of this truly wonderful application. Get it now at an affordable price from the link given below.

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