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One of the tricky tasks on a Mac is to uninstall applications entirely, i.e., removing all the related files along with it. It is not impossible, but I would instead describe it as inconvenient. I always prefer easy-to-use apps with a simple user interface that would remove or uninstall a program with a few certain clicks. And to accomplish this, I have discovered a fantastic app available on Mac App Store- Advanced Uninstall Manager- that not only uninstall the software from my Mac but executes other optimization tasks as well.

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Advanced Uninstall Manager Review

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Advanced Uninstall Manager Review

Features of Advanced Uninstaller Manager.

Removes/Uninstalls apps entirely with ease.Advanced Uninstaller Manager aids its users to completely uninstall an application and remove any traces of the uninstaller files as well. The process can be accomplished with a simple drag and drop of the application shortcut on to the interface of Advanced Uninstaller Manager.

Facilitates Boost Startup Time.

Advanced Uninstaller Manager allows users to add/remove programs from the startup menu. By removing the autostart of applications, you can reduce the boot time and start your Mac machine faster than before. It also assists users to disable unwanted login items responsible for decreasing your Mac’s performance.

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Scans for Installed Applications.

AUM has provided users with a Scan button that checks the entire system for all the installed apps and creates a list which is then displayed to the user. This list can be used to check the apps installed and also uninstall them if they seem unwanted.

Recover Valuable Storage Space.

When an app installs in Mac, it creates a lot of folders and subfolders and at the same time leaves a lot of shortcuts, traces and files all over the system. Removing an application by dragging it to Trash may not necessarily remove all those traces. I have often found remnants of apps in my system even after the program had been uninstalled. Thus, I recommended professional software to take care of this and Advanced Uninstall Manager seems to be the best one for the job.

Secure Certain Applications

Sometimes, while uninstalling programs you fear the loss of important applications, Advanced Uninstall Manager has got your back in this area as well. When you wish to uninstall one or more applications on your Mac, add them to the Favourite Apps on Advanced Uninstall Manager. This will keep it from uninstalling the specified applications accidently.

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Benefits and Limitations of Advanced Uninstall Manager


  • Simple to use with easy uninstallation
  • Removes every bit of leftovers and unwanted application files
  • Recovers valuable storage space
  • Boosts Startup Time


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How to Use Advanced Uninstaller Manager?

You can download and install Advanced Uninstaller Manager from the link given below:

Step 1: Click on the shortcut to launch the application.

Step 2: Click on the Uninstall option on the left panel and drag an application to the centre of the dotted circle to uninstall.

Advanced Uninstall Manager Review

Note: Alternatively, you can click on the Start Scan button to initiate a complete scan of all the installed programs in your system and choose which one to uninstall.

Step 3: If you wish to delete any file, then you can click on Delete Files below Uninstall on the left panel.

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Step 4: Similarly, click on Login Items and remove unwanted apps to boot Mac faster.

Login Items

That’s it. As I mentioned earlier, Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the easiest applications with a simple and convenient user interface that does not require any training to use.

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Specifications of Advance Uninstall Manager

Advance Uninstall Manager


Size: 7MB

Category: Utilities

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
Languages: English

Age Rating: 4+

Family Sharing: Supported

Price: $2.99

Download Link: macOS

Developer Website:

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The Final Verdict on Advanced Uninstaller Manager.

Advanced Uninstaller Manager is a must-have utility for macOS users which will make uninstalling apps, a much simpler process with a 100% guarantee of removal of residual files and traces.  It also helps the removal of startup apps from the login menu to speed up boot time. With all these features offered, Advanced Uninstaller Manager is something you should grab at once and use to uninstall apps from your Mac machine.

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