Time Saving Apps and Tech Tips For Smartphone Users

We are on a quest for something better. Something that upgrades our lifestyle. Indulgence in matters of luxury is a vice we can’t seem to break out of.  Hence, for that something more, that something better we walk on a tightrope in which we have nothing to show in hands, we have squandered away our money for a few moments of bliss and also lost our precious time. Money can be earned again, but, time once gone can never be brought back. The big deal about time management is, everyone needs a little help. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, there are many time saving apps and tech tips that can help smartphone users save time.

Time Saving Apps And Tech Tips For Smartphone Users

Mentioned below are some time saving apps and tech tips for smartphone users to help save time and manage it better.

1. Google Maps:

Check Out Everywhere You’ve Been on Google Maps

Before leaving check restaurant wait times via Google Maps. This application covers basic details of the venue one is visiting.  No matter if you own an android phone or iOS, all you have to do is enter the name of place and tap on it. It will let you know the average time that you need to wait. By getting a rough idea of the wait time one can make other arrangements and save precious time.

2. SwiftKey:


One can attach macros on to their smartphone keyboard with SwiftKey. Marcos are a single instruction that expands. Simply put, they are phrases and words that are commonly used. One can only imagine how much time will be saved each day if they are at one’s disposal. The best and the most popular application available is the SwiftKey. Although it is being designed for both Android and iOS users, this third-party application has gained popularity in short span.

3. Dropbox:

dropbox Best Cloud Storage Services

One can digitize documents with the help of Dropbox. Substituting piles of paper for a scanned copy of the same saves one plenty of time. Just remember to name the files right. The free version will help one declutter and the pro version further enhances one’s documentation process for addition professionalism. A key feature is that Dropbox recognizes the type of document that is being scanned and hence turns it into a readable monochrome format. Assuming one deals with a lot of documents in personal as well as professional lives, this is sure to become a very handy app.

4. Pocket:


Make one’s reading list, read aloud through Pocket. Many of us have the habit of collecting articles from the web, just so we can read them later. While this is a good habit we rarely have the time to sit back and actually read them. So, why not listen to the articles when on the go instead of having to sit down for reading them? One can just play them like an audiobook while multitasking. An app named Pocket, easily available on the Play Store, delivers the same. One needs to simply open the article that one wishes to explore, click on the three-dot menu and tap Listen (TTS). The speed of the reading is adjustable. There are many other onscreen controls in the app. Another app that can help with the same is Instapaper.


ifthisthanthat app

Locate your family through IFTTT. No more wishing for Mrs. Weasley’s family clock to know the whereabout about one’s near and dear ones. Avoid coordination chaos with the IFTTT (If This Then That) app. Easily available on Android and iOS platforms. One needs to sign up along with their family. This way one can get real time updates of their whereabouts. It is a big help in case of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

6. Brewster:


Manage your address book via Brewster. If one has a hectic lifestyle wherein there are many meetings or individual meet and greets, one needs help remembering names and the other finer details. Brewster manages the exchanged contact information, and wrangles all the contacts that are synchronized from different platforms. It then arranges the same in a more accessible manner!

7. WunWun:


Get your groceries delivered via WunWun app. No, not Jon Snow’s gentle giant WunWun. This app helps not in fighting white walkers but in purchasing one’s groceries. Many a times, we forget to buy things or need something urgently. In such a scenario, this app is miracle worker. Currently, its services are only available in San Francisco and New York, plans are in motion to expand and help people all over the world with similar delivery issues.

8. Snowball:


Silence your notifications using Snowball. Here too, we are not talking about the Simpson’s adopted cat Snowball. That cat can solve a murder but is no help in managing social media. These days, every social networking website has a messenger and all of them create unnecessary notifications to market their product. This results in a torrential downfall of notifications on one’s smartphone. On an average, one spends quite a considerate amount of time, checking and discarding these notifications. With the Snowball app, one can customize and prioritize one’s notification list.

There you have it folks. While this can no way be the complete list of apps and tech tips that can help one out in time management, it does list the key features that can help you get started. Which time saving apps and tech tips do you want to see in the future list? Do mention them in the comments section below!

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