What To Do When You Get a File Record Segment is Unreadable?

Have you ever encountered the “File record segment is unreadable” error? Yes, then do not make the mistake of ignoring it. It can cause some severe problems like hard drive failure leading to data loss. Generally, the error appears when you check the disk for error or boot Windows.

Note: If you encounter the File record segment is unreadable, error during system startup, you will need to boot into Safe Mode. To find out how to boot in Safe Mode, read this guide, and follow on-screen instructions.

Now, let’s learn how to troubleshoot the File record segment is unreadable. But before that, let’s understand quickly what is File Record Segment.

What is a File Record Segment?

File Record Segment known as (FRS) refers to the information stored on file systems – NTFS and FAT. The details about the files comprise name, date, size, type, and physical address stored on an internal or external drive or SSD, etc.

Where, NTFS records this data in a Master File Table (MFT) that is usually 1KB in size, FAT saves data in File Allocation Table (FAT). To access these files, the OS scans the file system table, check the physical address, and then heads to the actual location to read the stored data.

Why Do You Encounter ‘File Record Segment is Unreadable’ Error Message on Windows 10?

The error message ‘File Record Segments is Unreadable’ occurs when bad sectors are detected during a CHKDSK scan. Usually, to check the disk for error using CHKDSK users to run the command. But when Windows detects an inconsistency of the disk, it runs CHKDSK automatically.

What is the bad sector?

As the name implies, a bad sector means the group of storage blocks on which data is saved is not responding to read/write operations. This means when you try to access data saved on a damaged sector, you will not be able to access it instead will see the segment is unreadable, error message.

Note: Anyone using any type of storage device be it HDD, SSD, internal or external storage can encounter the CHKDSK file record segment is unreadable.

What are the consequences of File Record Segment becomes Unreadable message?

When Windows shows a file record segment error message, the stored data becomes inaccessible. However, by using CHKDSK, we can try to retrieve data from faulty sectors. But there’s a risk involved; it can corrupt the other readable data.

Therefore, the best way to recover data from a disk with bad sectors showing File Record Segment error messages is to use a data recovery software. Alongside this, if you get a complete optimization and PC cleaning tool, then things get easy. So, if you are looking for a complete solution that can run CHKDSK, recover data, and perform other essential operations on Windows 10, we’ve got it covered.

How to Fix a File Record Segment is Unreadable?

Note: There’s no way to repair or fix bad sectors. However, if you are ready to take the risk of losing readable data, you can use the CHKDSK command and try retrieving information from bad sectors.

But if you don’t want that and are looking for a safe way to recover data lost due to File Record Segment is Unreadable issue, you need to use a Windows data recovery software. For this, we will use Advanced System Optimizer, an all in one tool that offers a recovery tool, junk cleaner, privacy protector, driver updater, and a lot more.

Cautionary Note: Before using the steps explained below to take a complete backup of your data.

After this, follow the steps and learn how to recover data using the Undelete module of Advanced System Optimizer.

1. Download and Install the Advanced System Optimizer software on your Windows PC. Now, connect an external drive to the computer.

Advanced System Optimizer

Note: Since the hard disk is corrupt, we will not save data on any of its partitions. Therefore, we will be saving recovered data on the external drive. If you get a Format hard Drive’ option, click ‘No’. However, if you want to use the internal drive, skip this step.

2. Now, open Advanced System Optimizer.

3. Select the disk partition to scan

4. Once done click Start Scan Now.

5. You’ll now be prompted to select the type of scan you wish to perform. We suggest going with Deep Scan >Scan now as it is more thorough.

6. Let the scan run; upon completion, you will see the list of files you can recover.

7. Select the file you want to recover and click Recover button

8. Once done, you will be able to get the inaccessible data.

9. That’s it, using these simple steps, you will be able to recover data lost due to the CHKDSK file record segment is unreadable.

Moreover, you can also run Disk Optimizer to defrag the hard disk. To do so, head to Advanced System Optimizer’s home screen. Here in the left pane, click Disk cleaners & Optimizers > Disk Optimizer> Start Scan Now. Let it finish, and you will now be able to use the disk properly.

Using these simple steps, you can quickly recover data even when the file record segment is unreadable error message appears, hope you find the article useful. If there’s anything that we missed and you would like to share feel free. If you find it helpful, share it with your friends and family.


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