What Is An eSIM And How To Use It ?

Embedded SIM or eSIM is a form of SIM which is directly integrated on the devices. It frees the device from the method of pulling out the cart to put in the SIM card. The future of the SIM cards is now reduced to the integration as the eSIM will be inbuilt on your device. Now, you must be thinking about how to change the network carrier if the SIM is inbuilt. Well, there is a solution to all of it with the use of eSIM, and we discuss it in this post.

So, let’s begin with the basic definition of the eSIM along with its pros and cons. Users also get to know that one might already have an eSIM facility in their smart devices. If yes, how to use eSIM and also how to convert the SIM to eSIM?

What is eSIM?

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) contains all the information for an individual to be identified by the carrier. The services simply would be failing to acknowledge you if you do not have your SIM. Without it, the carriers can not identify you, and thus you are not allowed to use any of the services they offer. By knowing you are subscribed to their networks, it will be allowing you to use the network on different locations as well.

what is eSIM

So, traditionally we buy a SIM card and get it authorized and insert it in our smart devices. This needs a different slot for each phone and tablet. Some might use the standard-sized SIM card, & others, on the other hand, accept the Micro or nano-sized SIM cards. If you are someone who loves to keep changing their gadgets from time to time, then you are required to remove the SIM from old and insert in a new device. This can be a painstaking task as it involves precision as the wrongful practice might damage the SIM card.

So, to change this whole procedure of keeping the SIM card safe, eSIM is introduced. So, if you are wondering what eSIM is- it is an embedded SIM or eUICC (embedded universal integrated circuit card). The new eSIM technology can be widely used with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other devices used for video surveillance.

eSIM is just a suitable replacement for the physical counterpart of the SIM to make life easier for you. This is produced while manufacturing smart devices and can be activated, once the user gets a connection of any carriers. So, during the manufacturing process, a SIM card is soldered into the circuit board of the mobile devices. They are made according to the GSMA specifications and are called to be the future technology as the remote SIM provisions enable the mobile devices.

Which Phones are Using eSIM?

You get a new set of settings in your phone with the eSIM technology. All the devices equipped with the technology can be seen with the ability to switch mobile carriers and networks within the devices. This makes it very easy for the user to make the necessary changes without having to wait for the replacement of the SIM cards. Currently Google Pixel 2, 3, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung S20, Samsung S20+ Samsung Z Flip are the few phones which come with eSIM feature. Other brands are to be seen with this technology shortly as it is understood that both Android and iPhone are making their way to eSIM. The iPhone released compatibility with eSIM long ago in the iOS12.1 update, and Android comes with the eSIM option.too.

Which Networks Support eSIM?

networks support eSIM

All over the world, eSIM is now supported largely with various mobile carriers, namely in the US, T Mobile eSIM, Verizon eSIM and AT&T eSIM is common. In Australia, Vodafone eSIM, Telstra eSIM, Optus eSIM are seen. In the UK, Vodafone supports eSIM for limited devices, i.e. Apple Watch and Samsung smartphones. You can check with your local mobile network provider on the official website if they are working with the eSIM technology in your area or not. Since the data on the eSIM is easily rewritable, one can move to different carriers and make the changes easily.


  • It makes space for more ports.
  • Gives the choice of making the device slimmer.
  • Flexible devices can be used easily.
  • Device manhandling is stopped.
  • Computers can use mobile networks.


  • Switching phones can be tricky.
  • Prone to hacking.

How do I Convert My SIM to eSIM?

Well, most phones presently come with both of the technologies equipped in them. They provide you with the port to insert the SIM card and also have integrated eSIM on them. Once you are ready to use the eSIM as the main carrier, you can contact the support of your network. They will direct you with the necessities, and you can start using the eSIM after that.


Now that you know what eSIM is, it will be the future of cell phone networks. eSIM is going to be better in every way as they do not require the extra connector port on the device. If any of you are already using the eSIM, we would love our readers to hear the experience so far.

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