Fix: Cellular Data Not Working?

If your mobile data is turned on, but you are not able to connect to the internet, there might be a few reasons behind it. In the digital world, we require an internet connection for various tasks. We need internet connectivity on a daily basis. On the go, we need it for entertainment, payments, and most commonly navigation. Gone are the days, when we had to ask directions to reach a destination. Now, all we need is a Maps app on our smartphones. The social media which keep our minds busy 24X7 and that is also not enough to consume all that is available on the internet. Although there are negative effects of smartphone addiction, we refuse to leave the devices from our sides. For all of this, we need to stay online, but what if your cellular data is not working. We can lose a lot of important work from not being online. Some of tasks which are important for performing everyday are interrupted due to this.

Let’s find answers to the question that you ask yourself:  my mobile data is on but not working. First, we need to find out what causes it, there can be a few possibilities-

  • Out of Network area or low connectivity.
  • Software error.
  • Hardware issue.

How Do I Fix My Mobile Data Not Working?

Some of the common fixes, which can be useful if you are not able to connect to the internet.

Hardware Issue-

To eliminate the common reasons which are easily fixable, we look at the phone. A damaged phone can cause cellular data not working, as it is not able to receive any signal. There can be a possible case of internal damage while inserting SIM card. The slot of the smartphone is placed directly on the PCB, and that once damaged will show such signs. Other damages can be done to the receiving antenna which no longer works.

Network Issue-

network issue Cellular data not working

Out of the range of the network service provider will no longer provide you with the cellular data. It is still a case that some people face at a certain area. Just the kind of problems which are temporary, and they are easily resolved once you that particular area. Check again if your ‘cellular data not working’ issue persists. One does not have to worry about it as this is not a problem of your smartphone. Sometimes, a network issue can trouble you in your regular space too, that is another reason from the network providers. You cannot do much about it but wait for it to be resolved.Check again if your ‘cellular data not working’ issue persists. The most you can do is report the problem as it can be a common problem faced by others around you.

Software Issue-

For the smartphone is filled with a lot of software, and the technical errors can create this problem of cellular data not working. If you find yourself in such a problem, then you must start with the primary step to solve it. The most you can rely on is to restart your phone once you see that your mobile data is not working.

  • For most phones, the Restart option appears once you long-press the Power button. For others, you can turn off the phone with the Power Off option and then press again to restart. If this helps you regain the network and connect you to the cellular data, it was a minor glitch.
  • Check for any App Locker restricting you to use the cellular data. There are many app locks which come with settings to lock the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data connection. This is to provide safety to your phone but at times it an app becomes dysfunctional, it might cause the data connection problem in your phones. Uninstall any such app locker and try again to connect with the cellular data.
  • Check the Network connection, it is possible that if you have brought a new phone or updated it recently. This might come as handy because checking the network settings manually will reveal the actual problem. You need to go to Settings, check the mobile data network settings and select the Network mode. Here you can see the various options available, choose the one which is available for your network provider.
  • Also, check for the additional settings, one might have turned on the Cellular data settings for a different number. For most phones use two SIM cards, and this can be a reason for the data connection problem in Android mobile. If this is the case, please change it back to the desired network and try to connect to the internet with cellular data.
  • A mobile limit is set for the cellular data on most phones automatically. You might need to check for this if you are still not able to connect to the internet via mobile data. This appears in the SIM cards and mobile networks section in Settings. You have to go to the Set limit to the data usage and uncheck the limit. Also, you can increase the time to the maximum and enjoy the data plan.

Mobile Data Android

  • Exceeded mobile data is also an issue which sometimes we skip while looking for solutions. There is a set data plan which will not provide you with any service after its maximum limit is exceeded.


These are the common fixes for the cellular data not working for your smartphones. It can be as trivial as a network coverage issue to the hardware not able to connect. Sometimes, this can be resolved manually on your own and other times we need technical help.

Please let us know about which methods you have tried and that worked for you and share in the comments section below. If you have used any other multi-level software and found it useful please share with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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